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The reform of the ideological and political work

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Abstract: the reform of the personnel system, there are also inevitable, it is inevitable for traditional ideas, for the majority of workers of the traditional mode of thinking have a concussion, which impact on the part of the employee's vested interest; will damage the interests of the few.How to face the adjustment of interest pattern after the reform, how to face the difficulties of survival and development, how to face the grim situation of the survival of the fittest, ideological and political work to guide, promote the personnel system reform actively, promote.
Keywords: personnel; reform; ideological work
One, before the reform the ideological work to prepare
China's personnel system, mostly built in the planned economy conditions, staffing, level, wage, welfare and so on are set according to plan, and the socialist market economy, there are many discomfort.Overstaffed personnel structure, low work efficiency, resource waste, traditional thinking frame the fetter and so on are restricting the further development of market economy, has not changed to the point.
1 leading cadres must firstly in theory by Deng Xiaoping theory school, with the "three favorables" to measure all the work, from deep in thought, the understanding of "development is the hard truth" the profound meaning, emancipating the mind, in the face of career, stand on solid ground, seek truth from facts to do every thing, proficient in management, to know the score of the development of unit, to march forward courageously, to forget oneself, selfless dedication and cause for the heavy, adhering to the spirit of struggle.
2 have a definite object in view is the basis of ideological work.Can understand through the discussion, questionnaire, individual talk, read mode, access to information from different levels, different perspectives, different side, careful analysis, to fully estimate the staff know the extent of the forthcoming reform measures and bearing capacity.According to "a key to open a lock" principle, do a good job in the ideological and political work, avoid blindness, reduce errors, provides the important basis for the personnel distribution of new measures introduced, cleared the ideological obstacles.
3 through the form and means of the media and all the publicity and education, build consensus, and guide the masses of workers to correctly treat the reform of personnel system.We must put the relevant policies of the party and the state to speak clearly, so that the majority of workers recognize the reform must break the employment mechanism of the old, will bring the adjustment of interests, correctly handle the relationship between the immediate interests and long-term interests, put themselves in a correct position, and consciously safeguard the reform, development, stability.
4 to help the staff to establish correct view of employment.Guide the staff a clear understanding of the situation, the reform is the means, efficiency is the goal, turn hillock billabong is not Gang, restructuring and development but labor resources, to establish the new concept of career.On the one hand, let the staff understand the environment, eliminate inferiority, establish a sense of responsibility, enhance competition confidence.
Two, political work method innovation of
Ideological and political work is to solve people's thinking, awareness of the problem, in solving the ideological problems, should pay attention to and solve some practical problems, to enhance "the personnel system reform on the ability, light let, Yongzhe" sense of crisis prompted the position consciousness.The reform of distribution system, so that workers are facing the impact of the economic benefits, accompanied with the conflict of various interests.Obviously, the traditional method is not only solve the problem of the innovation, which requires the methods of Ideological and political work.
1 solving the ideological problems and practical problems of.Of concern to the masses, the masses love, do practical things for the masses, and the good things, this is determined by the nature of Ideological and political work.Starting from solving practical problems of the masses, improve people's thinking and understanding, to solve problems with the combination of solving practical problems, the ideological education of the masses and solve the practical problems in the process of unity, to improve the effectiveness of Ideological and political work.If not from the interest motive analysis of ideological problems of the masses, to realize and safeguard the vital interests of the masses, not to care and help solve the practical problems of the masses, as far as possible to meet the reasonable requirements of material interests, only to "treat" in a word, then, the ideological and political work is difficult to meet the cohesion of the people, objective to mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses, and promote people's creative.So, we must try to pay attention to the opinions and demands of the masses of the people, pay attention to solving the actual problem, firmly establish the concern to the masses, the masses love, serving the masses, for the masses to exclude the difficulty and anxiety, and solve the practical problems of the practical consciousness, for those who really belongs to the reasonable requirements and actual problem solution, hurry to do well; practical problems for those belonging to the legitimate demands and difficult to solve, to explain the situation to the masses, a clear solution of the implementation schedule, to get people's understanding and consideration.2 the general call combined with individual coaching.Ideological and political work often give a person a kind of simple feeling "Upload", the superior spirit, policy, often through a written document, assembly instructions, reports and other forms, the masses of workers to carry out universal propaganda, mobilization, education, to understand the situation, raise awareness, arouse the enthusiasm, "face" on effective "point", but the effect is not one, or even run counter to one's desire.So to use non political way indirectly "indoctrination", a silent lubricant, influence character by environment.Ideological and political work to the person, in general calls at the same time, need more individual guidance to an extension of the ideological and political work and concrete.
The 3 leaders and the people making a combination.The more critical period critical stage of reform and development, and more to play the party take advantage of Ideological and political work, and more to play the democratic supervision of the Congress, democratic management and democratic participation.Mobilize the masses, believe in the masses, rely on the masses.In the development of reform, to solicit the opinions of the masses and the suggestion, finally submitted to the Congress discussed by.We must seriously argued, careful consideration, should not copy the laid-off mode, avoid simple and rough operation, contusion in the enthusiasm of the staff and workers, more not necessary or not "make it rigidly uniform".In the implementation of shunt, must be to ensure the normal working condition.
The combination of the 4 ideological work and system construction.The ideological and political work is to respect the human as core, to understand people, help a rising process for outer ring, based on patient education and positive guidance, but it is not a panacea, must also be laws and regulations with the state, unit's rules and regulations and economic management combination, on people's thinking and behavior do restrictions and constraints necessary.On the one hand to establish "measures of triage", build talent reserve, training, job rotation, early retirement, reasonable flow mechanism, determine the good can vacancies diffluence personnel, human resources rationally according to the development and market demand, be impartial, fair, open, so that the job flow gradually standardization, system and scientific, make it become a kind of incentive mechanism within the unit, a means rather than throw a weight.
Three, personnel in place of the ideological and political work of
After the reform of personnel system and personnel in place, does not mean that all the work done, especially does not mean that ideological and political work must do all in place, staff of Ideological and political work in place, so that the whole process of the ideological and political work through to the personnel system, do propaganda flow front, engaged in education flow, flow and work to do.
From the actual situation in recent years, the reform of the personnel system after the official launch, the vast majority of workers thought emotion there will inevitably be different volatility, which requires a lot of Ideological and political work to ensure the smooth progress of reform.The competition for posts of staff, to establish flow consciousness, in order to prevent some comrades believe that be accomplished, produce slacken thought, organization to employment employment success to encourage the workers, to inspiring goal to unite the people, to the masses of workers, made the appointment qualification, just means to begin running in a new starting point, the new job performance is whether qualified basis.Must further emancipate the mind, forge ahead, strive to achieve new goals.
Lapin in competition of cadres, some can calmly towards competition results, with the correct attitude to participate actively in the two-way choice; but others can not face a fact.Then you need to do the ideological and political work in time, help them correct understanding, encourage them to improve the quality, as long as have the ability, can also compete with other jobs.In addition, it is necessary to do the following:
1, to the grass-roots level to understand and grasp the laid-off workers of the living conditions and state of mind, have the misfortune to those original family (such as family members suffering from serious illness, suffering the disaster etc.) is now experiencing difficulties in the lives of workers, the party organizations at all levels and the trade unions should have a genuine and sincere desire to help solve practical problems, to help tide over their difficulties.
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