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On the building of enterprise risk characteristics and prevention of financial management

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Abstract: in this paper, according to the characteristics of financial management of construction enterprises, from the analysis of how to establish the financial risk prevention of financial risk method and construction enterprise content, the reference for the related financial management personnel.
Key words: construction enterprise; financial management; risk characteristics; prevention of
The introduction of
In recent years, reform of China's construction enterprises, construction enterprises for the decision of risk prevention and the loss of state assets increasing attention.How to prevent financial risks of construction enterprises from the system, so that the construction enterprise financial status according to the expected financial target transformation, which is a lot of financial personnel concerned.
1, construction enterprises financial risk and control the
Financial risk is the risk of construction enterprises in the face of fierce market competition, the establishment of a modern enterprise in the face of fierce market competition, the establishment of a modern enterprise system in the process of the inevitable and face problems, reflect the financial risk is also building business situation, has the following characteristics: first, the whole process of financial risk throughout the construction project management from the initial project planning, project, investment benefit analysis to the implementation of the construction, commissioning are related to safety and proper use of funds, to ensure the maximum economic benefit, therefore the financial risk has the characteristics of a comprehensive.Second, the financial risk is accompanied by the market economy under the conditions of competition environment and produce, especially in our country at present the relevant economic system has not yet perfect, the construction enterprise's financial risk is an objective existence, not to the individual and enterprise's subjective will as the shift, deviates from the actual results show that the financial risk of building enterprises in the financial activities is and financial targets.Third, "risk" itself refers to is uncertain to the enterprise the potential loss of possibility.Construction enterprise financial risk uncertainty as well as the loss will occur, on the other hand, for the loss arising under the condition of financial loss amount.
How to make the internal management system of construction enterprises is perfect, how to prevent all aspects of business activities.In recent years, with the development of policies to strengthen supervision, the construction enterprises, especially to strengthen the internal control of more and more attention to the construction of large state-owned enterprises, government departments of internal control construction of state-owned construction enterprises are increasingly strengthening.The state-owned construction enterprise has lost the monopoly system and the two to avoid the risk of the barrier.Therefore, the state-owned construction enterprises only to establish financial risk concept, establish and improve internal control system, through the scientific strategies and methods to effectively prevent and control financial risks, in order to ensure their own survival and development, remain invincible in the competition.
Internal control of construction enterprise management system, which includes the business efficiency, effectiveness and risk management etc..The project of state-owned construction enterprises are often a long time span, large scale, complex technology, the project is far from the headquarters of highly dispersed, enterprises are faced with changes in the external environment and its own characteristics will make its face greater market risk.
With the development of China's construction industry, control and prevention of financial risk are two sides of one thing, the former is the means, the objective, out of internal control, financial risk prevention is impossible.The financial risk of our state-owned construction enterprises in the enterprise are usually: asset liquidity arrears lead to decreased; the lack of operating funds; assets and liabilities rate; heavy debt burden; profitability declined to walk to the edge of bankruptcy and so on, these problems are with the internal control framework of state-owned construction enterprises is directly related to the internal, visible control and prevention of financial risk is closely related to.
2, building the financial risk of enterprise content
The meaning of financial risk of construction enterprises generalized relates to enterprises in the financial activities of the financing risk, investment risk, capital recovery risk and income risk; narrow financial risk, is refers to the enterprise debt financing the risk, it is also known as the financing risk, namely the enterprise operating liabilities faced due unable to repay the financial crisis and the crisis of bankruptcy, unable to pay its debts.Visible in the fund raising, investment, capital accumulation and distribution of financial activities will produce financial risk.3, to establish a method for
the prevention of financial risks
In the actual work, we summarize, building the enterprise internal control and financial risk prevention methods include:
3.1 the financial risk accounting (AUDIT) prevention method of
First, improve the quality of accounting information.To improve the quality of accounting information must first strengthen basic accounting work, strengthen basic accounting work includes improving the quality of accounting personnel, improve the level of accounting, accounting business of construction enterprises to achieve a comprehensive, accurate, timely.Therefore, to improve the quality of accounting information, to strengthen accounting to provide information for the construction enterprise management is a pressing matter of the moment to use financial risk prevention of construction enterprise accounting information.In addition, in practical work, the state-owned construction enterprise decision sometimes feel, rely on relations, so as not to scientific decision-making method undoubtedly exacerbated the financial risk of enterprise, thus improve the status of accounting work in the construction enterprises, to strengthen the accounting work in the management of the construction enterprise plays the role of accounting researchers should be responsibility, but also the prevention of financial risks of construction enterprises.
Second, strengthen accounting system constraints.Construction enterprise as an economic subject in the market, affecting the level of financial risks from market risk, financial operation, to create a stable market environment for the construction enterprises to reduce the financial risk is very important.From this point of view, to strengthen the accounting system constraints to prevent construction enterprises play an indirect role of financial risk.
Third, strengthen the audit supervision.The external audit supervision of construction enterprises can reduce the construction enterprise possible accounting errors and fraud, the construction enterprise accounting information more accurately reflect the actual financial situation of construction enterprises, reduce the financial risks of construction enterprises.Internal audit is the construction enterprise internal control of accounting control, accounting control it through the evaluation to the accounting department to continuously improve and perfect accounting control, which will reduce the error on the building to reflect the financial position of a business to a minimum.

3.2 financial methods to prevent financial risk
With regard to the financial method is mainly the general methods of risk management, to the construction enterprise financial activities of the different aspects of the control of enterprise financial risk control purposes.
Financing risk prevention of enterprise 3.2.1.
An enterprise needs correct selection of a suitable financing way, thereby determining reasonable financial structure.In the capital structure of modern construction enterprises, the proportion of debt capital is high; in the structure of debt, short-term debt ratio is high, the single financing channel, increase the possibility of financial risk.Enterprises in the selection of financing method to consider the feasibility of financing scheme, economy and safety, to determine a reasonable financial structure, namely, to determine a reasonable debt funds and its own funds, short-term financing and long-term capital ratio.
Prevention of 3.2.2 enterprise's investment risk.
Our building enterprise in the production and operation of its characteristics determine the existence of receivable account, which is the necessity of enterprise accounts receivable, to the control of the whole process.In the accounts receivable to achieve control and afterwards control beforehand control, in.The investment cycle is generally longer construction enterprises, which is affected by many uncertain factors, so that the expected effect of investment decision is affected, the enterprises should strengthen the feasibility study on the investment decision, a careful analysis of the investment risk from the macroscopic and the microscopic two aspects.
3.2.3 risk and prevention.
In management of construction enterprises, we must make full use of funds advantage of lower costs, reduce comprehensive capital cost, thus effectively preventing adverse effects of income distribution on the future development of enterprises.
System based
3.3 risks
In the construction enterprise, the financial risk system includes two points: one is the financial operating mechanism of enterprise, the second is the principal-agent relations in enterprises, are of great significance both to the enterprise financial risk prevention.
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