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The assimilation of the management of employee

Author: JiangGuoPing,HuAiLi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-21 04:06:09 Read:
Abstract: in the era of knowledge economy, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, enterprise staff understand and agree on the enterprise culture becomes more and more important.Article from the connotation of enterprise culture to start, through the analysis of employee training method group, put forward specific requirements of enterprise culture management.
Keywords: corporate culture; assimilation management; staff training
Abstract: While the competition is becoming more and more intense in the era of the knowledge-based economy, it now assumes even greater importance for employees to be assimilated with the corporate culture. The writers analyze the connotations for a business culture by surveying and examining the employee training system of the Transfar Group, then investigate and probe into the intrinsic factors of the business culture.

Key words: the corporate culture; management of assimilation; employee's training

"What is culture"? Culture is when you walk into an elevator, there are many people, you squeeze, or let others go.The crystallization of culture is a kind of behavior."What is corporate culture"? The enterprise culture is the core value of enterprise, is the soul of an enterprise, is a common and consistent implementation of the law of compliance.Some enterprises in the dining room, studio, restroom are plastered with posters, but there are many things is not to carry out business.Do not cry culture, the enterprise culture is the enterprise in business practices, embodied in civilization to win the group competition consciousness, which includes the value, moral, spiritual pursuit, life custom, thinking mode.
So, how to make the enterprise staff as soon as possible understanding and recognition of enterprise culture (namely the enterprise staff's assimilation) and transformed into productive forces, is the great subject of enterprise managers.
1 the connotation of enterprise culture and
The United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor, Edgar Schein thought that the enterprise culture is formed in the process of enterprise members in interacting, accepted by most of the members, and to a set of value system in the new member education (including common consciousness, value conception, occupation morals, norms and standards.
Scholars think that the enterprise culture is the enterprise in various social activities and business activities, efforts to implement and actual reflected, winning by civilization consciousness of community competition.This includes the values, moral, spiritual pursuit, life custom, thinking mode etc..
The enterprise culture is formed based on the core value system of an enterprise, have a continuity of the common cognitive system and habitual behavior.The cognitive system and the habit of the common behavior among employees can enable enterprises to reach a consensus, the formation of the psychological contract.
The enterprise culture is essentially a produced in the enterprise culture phenomenon, its appearance and development of modern enterprise management in theory and practice are inseparable.From the point of management, corporate culture is applied to achieve management goal management.Therefore, the enterprise culture has not only a cultural phenomenon, has the meaning as a means of management.
First, the enterprise culture is the enterprise management main body consciousness dominated, to pursue and achieve a certain objective of an enterprise culture, enterprise and not a hodgepodge of all personnel's thought, idea and culture.In a certain sense, the enterprise culture is the enterprise management culture.
Secondly, the corporate culture is a kind of organization culture, have a common goal, their group consciousness and organization which adapts with it and the system.Contains the values of corporate culture, behavior criteria, ideology and material forms are enterprise groups agreed, and unorganized individual culture, organizational culture, social culture is different.
Once again, the enterprise culture is a kind of "economic culture".The enterprise culture is the enterprise and employees of enterprises gradually formed in the operation process of the production and management activities, leaving the enterprise's economic activities, it would not have been possible the formation of enterprise culture, not to mention the formation of excellent enterprise culture.
Many forms of enterprise culture, mainly has: business philosophy, the spirit of enterprise, business goals, business ethics, corporate culture, enterprise democracy, corporate image, corporate values, the quality of enterprises, enterprise behavior norms.
Practice 2 Transfar Group employees assimilation management and experience of
Small plant family group from 2000 yuan capital started, development arrives today to become annual tax 1000000000 yuan more than the Chinese well-known diversified private enterprise group, healthy corporate culture, to the essential dynamic role in it.
Transfar Group during the development of fast and robust, attaches great importance to the building of enterprise culture, leading the development of entrepreneurial culture, with a healthy cultural incentive staff, in the enterprise development process gradually formed its own characteristics of the culture system.Transfar Group in the early put forward "break the family, realize socialization" concept, the implementation of the "weekly" training system, put forward the "to do business with a sense of responsibility, do have a sense of responsibility as well as people", forming a "good faith, innovation, development" as the main content enterprise culture.
2.1 social responsibility concept is the core of enterprise culture, mass of
The sense of social responsibility is a great spiritual power transmission of 10 years of success, is the profound summary of historical experience of the mass.The sense of social responsibility, is the fine tradition of the Chinese culture, the social responsibility of transporting advocated sense concept, emphasizing the consistent development of personal goals and business objectives, consistent with corporate goals and objectives of social development.It emphasizes that enterprises should highly responsible for the customer; employees are highly responsible for the work; leaders highly responsible for subordinates, personal responsibility for themselves and their families.
In the enterprise group, every year one or two times larger, diverse forms of "responsibility" concept of learning activities, such as writing, knowledge contest or debate, speech contest, contest.Transfar also set up their own art troupe, the artistic talent and interest of employees, they wrote songs and performances to expounds Transfar responsibility concept.The journal "today", mass propaganda window, blackboard newspaper as a carrier through typical examples and theoretical education combining the propaganda.Therefore, the social responsibility concept has been deeply into mass awareness of each employee's work and life, to guide the mass of employees.In the transformation, every employee feel warm is the enterprise not only for their interest, but also very concerned about the family, the staff a happy event, congratulate cadre door; staff house was ill, union to sympathy; enterprises are still annual funding subsidies to families: at the end of each year will hold an old worker and their families a grand party, they were transporting leaders warmly received as vip.Subtle see the truth, transformation has been deeply branded into the employees of the mind and heart.
Enterprise external, Transfar's sense of social responsibility embodied in: business according to law, the pursuit of healthy development of enterprises; customer interests first, such as are often held "thanksgiving" activity; active participation in community construction, such as the introduction of "clean" tour environmental protection activities; return to the society, benefit the people, transport for social welfare undertakings funds have been over 10 million yuan.Transfar social sense of responsibility to the survival and development of transport with social development closely together, so that the transport enterprises formed a community of destiny with employees, customers, the transformation in the community to establish a good reputation, this year in Zhejiang province was named the first batch of "credit enterprise".
The 2.2 cause of people-oriented, building a new labor relationship between
In recent years, Transfar Group according to the "business people", is committed to building a new labor relations, to achieve "four changes", namely, from behind the employment and the employment idea transformation to establish community of interests, the fate of the community, the business community for enterprise employee's idea
In the interests of the connection point; from labor relations into with emotion as the connection point of labor relations; from the management for the transformation of labor relationship means to encourage the labor relations as the means to maintain to corporate vision; to meet the basic needs of the personnel change that give priority to in order to meet the needs of staff development.Group adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, the ability to transport development access to high-quality personnel to transport the first, the ability to transport cultivate backbone team first, to transport staff occupation quality first, to transport employees released first, rely on the staff to achieve business development.
2.3 "quality evaluation, capacity development, occupation career planning" the Trinity training system of
2.3.1 set up the system of
occupation development and cultivation of talents based on hierarchical classification
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