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Brain drain question of small and medium-sized enterprises in China

Author: XuHaiRong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-21 03:46:03 Read:
Abstract: This article from the current situation, and impact analysis of the reasons of talent drain of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises to start, explore effective control SMEs brain drain measures, in order to better protect and promote the healthy, fast development of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Keywords: small and medium-sized enterprises; talent; talent management; employee flow

With the development of society, the increasingly fierce market competition, the enterprises of our country, because of its financial, material resources are limited, and not capital than large enterprises, more than strength.So people, especially plays a decisive role in the survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises outstanding talents for our country's.However, due to many factors such as society, history and their own, personnel in China's SMEs are often difficult to play to their talent, a serious brain drain phenomenon, which has brought great losses to the enterprise.

1 of the brain-drain problem our country small and medium-sized enterprise objective and realistic significance of

Since the reform and opening up, China's small and medium enterprises has achieved great development in history.Process in China's economic and social development of various economic types of small and medium enterprises and Reform in the increasingly prominent position.They have become an important force in promoting China's rapid economic development, is the new growth point of China's economy sustained, rapid, healthy development.However, China's small and medium enterprises are also faced with severe challenges, for example, financing difficulties and adverse effects of overcapacity consumption demand, to the small and medium-sized enterprise, backward management, industry barriers.In these difficulties and problems, the brain drain has become the focus of attention.
At the beginning of 2009, "China Youth Daily" the survey shows, the brain drain has been replaced by financing difficulties, and no matching service and become the bottleneck of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in china.The brain drain is not only to the enterprise has brought enormous cost, enterprises must pay the high cost of recruitment and training, but also reduces the quality of products and services, bring inestimable loss to the enterprise.Therefore, how to reduce the rate of brain drain has become an important problem of our country small and medium-sized enterprise faces.Therefore, research status, influence, cause of brain drain of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises, and puts forward countermeasures and so it is of great significance to the small and medium-sized enterprise.Through the discussion of these issues, China's small and medium-sized enterprises to retain talent, effective control of the loss formed a preliminary scheme, how to reduce the brain drain rate, optimize the structure of human resources of enterprises, which is the ultimate goal of this paper.

2 talents of our country small and medium-sized enterprise loss situation of

China's small and medium enterprises due to many aspects of social, historical and their own, so their status, environment, conditions and strength are in a weak position in the competition, talent to play of his ability in enterprises.Thus, the loss of a very serious phenomenon of talent.
According to statistics, the rate has reached a very high level of our country small and medium-sized enterprise talent loss.Above bachelor's degree since 1982 the introduction of private enterprise staff, the loss rate of 18.5%, of which research postgraduate, doctoral student turnover rate, private enterprises has reached 14.7% and 33.3%.A considerable part of these people are flowing into foreign or joint ventures, which, a larger proportion is the management of the personnel and professional and technical personnel, they have unique expertise, management experience, is the main force of king.
At present, our country in the area of human resources management from the deployment of a unified national management system to adapt to market economy management system.Enterprises from the passive acceptance of the national allocation of staff to become truly independent of the employer.Individuals from obedience to the state distribution change passive to be according to the wishes of their own free choice of workers.In this turnover relatively loose system, small and medium-sized enterprises in the rational allocation of human resources at the same time, keep the stability of staff, is to reduce and avoid a series of loss caused by the loss of staff is more important.

> the effect of

(1) the brain drain will cause loss of enterprise technology and experience.A high percentage of the loss of talents, will take away the commercial and technical secrets of enterprises, and these enterprises are after the investment, consume a large amount of manpower, material resources, financial resources to have, or even a business in the advantage position in the competition of the guarantee.
(2) the brain drain will increase the operating costs of enterprises.The brain drain caused by the loss of the final will be reflected to the operating costs of enterprises, resulting in increased operating costs, such as the cost of production loss after the old employees and new staff errors and waste costs etc..At the same time, enterprises to recruitment, training new employees, so the original cost of human resources in enterprises and the replacement cost is bound to rise.
(3) high wastage rate will affect the stability of the workforce.If an enterprise personnel turnover rate is too high, will make the enterprise staff is not stable, so that some employees think companies do not have the ability to attract and retain talent, and that the business has no future, so it is more important to brain drain.
(4) a large number of talent loss affect the continuity of the work.The company is a part of an interrelated whole, so when a large number of employees from the enterprises, between each job of the enterprise must be greatly affected.At the same time, the same work because of personnel turnover, new employees to work must have a process of adaptation, continuity and will also affect the same job.
(5) the brain drain will raise the competitiveness of rival.The brain drain will mostly occur in the industry, they or their own business, keep house, or to competitors.Whatever the case may have enhanced the enterprise competitive power.It made the "enemy" weak I, forming a more competitive contrast.

Reason 4 talents of our country small and medium-sized enterprise loss of

Causes of talent loss of medium-sized and small enterprises in China mainly include social factors, organizational factors and personal factors.The social factors mainly refers to the notion of talent flow update and affected by utilitarian values.Tissue factor is refers to the enterprise because of their own shortcomings and lead to the loss of talent.The individual factors mainly refers to individual requirements of relevant factors, such as personal income, the realization of personal value, housing, family, social security, working conditions, the interpersonal relationship.But these factors generally fall into two categories, namely the internal factors and external factors, internal factors and external causes the brain drain.
The internal reason
4.1 talents of our country small and medium-sized enterprise losses
Employee 4.1.1 SMEs lack the necessary development space and opportunities for growth and
At present, growth opportunities, opportunities for development has gradually become the primary condition of many talents in the choice of enterprise, and small and medium-sized enterprises in China overall, enterprises provide growth opportunities and development space is very limited: main features: on the one hand, the enterprise's development prospects are not clear.Because of the many small and medium-sized enterprises of our country in the business strategy and management methods serious short-term behavior and speculation, there is no strategic goal of long-term development, the development prospect of the enterprise is not clear.And as the enterprise employees, the development prospects of talents are often closely linked with the enterprise development prospects, com.Therefore, some of the pursuit of self-realization employees will choose to leave.On the other hand, enterprises provide growth space co..
4.1.2 enterprise employees incentive management system is not perfect and
The small and medium-sized enterprise performance evaluation mechanism lack of rationality.Mainly displays in: the performance evaluation of the unclear goal, principle of unknown, improper methods, assessment and evaluation standard is single, can not make the performance evaluation system according to different departments, can not be classified personnel of enterprises, can not use different examination and rewards and punishment for different types of talents.This examination system seriously dampened the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of workers, make the talents to fully play its role, resulting in the waste of human resources and the loss of talent.On the other hand,Enterprises can not meet the different needs of employees with scientific theory, it can not be designed for the different needs of employee incentives, separating the salary and working initiative and creativity is stiff, the staff morale and loyalty are affected.
4.1.3 is the lack of good enterprise culture and
Do not pay attention to the building of enterprise culture the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, employees lack of common values, different sense of corporate identity, cause easily
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