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Observation of avermectin preparation on the killing effect of sinergasilus major.

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Abstract.  I
Abstract II
The 1 .
.  2 materials and methods; 2
2.1 material.

.  2.1.1 acute toxicity test;

2.1.2 killing effect of avermectin preparation of sinergasilus major on the.

Methods 2.2. 3
.  2.2.1 acute toxicity test; 5
2.2.2 killing effect of avermectin preparation of sinergasilus major on the.
3 results and analysis of. 6
3.1 acute toxicity test results and analysis of. 6
3.2 kill sinergasilus major results and analysis of.  observation of avermectin preparation of grass carp fish gill parasites; 7
Discussion 4. 10
Reference. 12
Acknowledgements. 13



Drug sinergasilus major prevention and cure parasitic main purpose of grass carp, safety and efficacy evaluation of avermectin preparation kill sinergasilus major is.Aquatic products tested drugs on acute toxicity of yellow catfish, catfish, silver carp and the experimental results showed that yellow catfish safe concentration (SC) of 0.0842mg/L, catfish safety concentration was 0.2163 mg/L, silver carp safety concentration was 0.2304 mg/L.Because the safety concentration range of Pelteobagrus fulvidraco is low, so in a pond in the pesticide can do according to its.Under the safe concentration of the drug in the bactericidal effect on in vitro sinergasilus major more significantly, most of the deaths, while in high concentration conditions, can effectively kill sinergasilus major, but also had great influence on the fish.Therefore, the specific application to production, further research is necessary, thus the reasonable development of drug use.

Avermectin preparation; safe concentration; sinergasilus major


The research aims at studying the treatment of Sinergasilus, and evaluating the effect and safety of avermectin preparation on Grass carp. Drugs testes on Pelteobagrus fulvidraco, Silums meridionlis, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix in the acute toxicity shows that the SC for Pelteobagrus fulvidraco is 0.0842mg/L, and for Silums meridionlis is 0.2163 mg/L, and Hypophthalmichthys molitrix is 0.2304 mg/L. As the safe concentration for Pelteobagrus fulvidraco is low, so it can be a basis. Under the safe concentration the killing effect of avermectin is just good, most of them are dead. At SC CoNditions although it could kill Sinergasilus effectively but have a greater bad impact on fishes. Therefore, further studies are necessary for the specific application to the production. So the development of drug use must on the way.

Avermectin; Safe concentration; Sinergasilus;

1 the

The worm disease pathogens and silver and the worm and worm.Chinese Sao dioecious parasitic male, female, camp free life.Sinergasilus major parasitic on gills of females in grass carp, silver carp Chinese Sao parasitic on gills of carp.Females with hook in the fish gill, hung like many little maggot, so the worm disease called "gill maggots disease".The worm parasite on the gills of fish, in addition to its hook broken gill tissue, outside take fish nutrition, it may also secrete a substance, stimulate the gill tissue, the tissue hyperplasia, disease of fish gills end bloated, deformation, serious when, the gill filaments swollen pale, even fester so, the death of fish.5 to September each year for the popular stage (Liu Guoyong, 2008).Sinergasilus major damage above the age of 2 grass carp, the fish in the water jump nervous disease, loss of appetite or not food, body black; breathing difficulties, serious or complicated with other disease,, travel alone, or stay in coastal water, died shortly.The opercle, visible many with oocysts female worm hanging on the gill filament terminal swelling white, a small white maggot.At present there is no effective method of therapy of sinergasilus major disease, sinergasilus major disease occurs, it is difficult to control, often causing huge economic losses in aquaculture.
Abamectin as a contact, stomach poison, disease drug infiltration.It is a large ring lactone disaccharide compounds.Is a natural product isolated from soil microorganisms.But it has very strong osmosis on leaf epidermis, can kill the pest, and long residual period, it does not kill the eggs (Suzuki K et.al, 1999).It belongs to
In the model, high efficiency and low toxicity, broad-spectrum antibiotic drug resistance of parasites, the parasites in vivo especially nematode and arthropod animal had a good effect.The product of the insect killing effect, is to increase the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA r- worm (GABA) release, as well as open chloride channels in glutamate control, enhance the permeability of nerve membranes on chlorine, thereby blocking the transmission of nerve signals, eventually paralysis, muscle cells lose the ability to contract, resulting in the body death.
Avermectin is having insecticidal, acaricidal, nematicidal activity of sixteen yuan of macrolide compounds of the first developed by Japan and the United States of America Kitasato University Oomura Chikara Merck in 1979, produced by Streptomyces fermentation of Streptomyces griseus.TC is white or yellowish-white crystalline powder, 75%-80%, the content of effective components, room temperature is not easy to decompose, <? No decomposition solution of 25 , pH6-9.Mainly through the stomach and contact toxicity to kill pests.Effect of Abamectin on insects, mites were inferior to some nerve poison so fast, but it can paralyze the pests, which rarely feeding, to make the crops from pests purposes (Wang Guangcheng, 2006).The production of avermectins prices since 2001 after the large fluctuation.In 2009 the avermectin prices, avermectin oil market price from 2008 December to 2009 May 700 yuan / kg / kg 1050 yuan, rising by about 50%.At present, China avermectin production capacity of nearly 2500 t / year, the actual output of about 1800t.Since 2003 the annual demand growth of 50%.Expected 2009 annual demand of about 2300t, the actual production of around 1800t, 500t gap of supply and demand depends on price rises.With avermectin prices, many manufacturers have signs of new and expanded, abamectin and will usher in a wave of large amplitude of the expansion wave.Is expected to 2010 June of avermectin production capacity will reach more than 6000t, oversupply situation.In 2010 the avermectin market demand is expected to be 2500 ~ 2800t.Avermectin is expected in the second half of 2010 once again hit a new low price of 600 yuan / K below g, and maintain low prices in the longer period of time.Estimates of Avermectin in recent years there will be a short supply situation, domestic and international market will be fully entered the mature period, raw materials prices will tend to smooth (Sun Juan, Meng water strong, 2009).
Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) belongs to Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Leuciscus subfamily Ctenopharyngodon, inhabits plains of rivers and lakes, and coastal areas in the lower reeds in general like water.Grass carp and lively, swim rapidly, often hunt in packs, typical for herbivorous fishes.Because of its fast growth, feed source is wide, is one of the four Chinese freshwater cultured fish.The training process will be infected sinergasilus major disease, killing effect of this experiment of abamectin to parasitize fish sinergasilus major, and the presetting safe concentration on the fish itself, in order to facilitate the use of drugs in the body under the safe concentration and that ultimately killing effect.

2 materials and methods


Experimental acute toxicity of

The experimental fish fry hatching a week, provided by the Wuhan Dongxihu aquatic breeding base, the average length of 1.47 0.20 cm, the average weight of 22.75 mg.Experimental drugs for the Beijing marine science and technology products Co. ltd..The experimental container is size 30 30 50 cm glass aquarium.Test water for fully aerated water, water temperature 25 1 , pH for 6.70~7.00, dissolved oxygen for 5.00~7.50 mg/L.
Glass cylinder or white foam box: 15, size 30 x 30 x 50 cm, Aquarium: 1, to foster
The experimental drug: avermectin preparation
Equipment: dissecting scissors, tweezers, dissecting needle, label paper, cylinder (10, 100, 1000 mL), embedding device, a beaker (250 mL), anatomical plate
The killing effect of

2.1.2 avermectin preparation on sinergasilus major the observation

The experimental fish pond farming blunt snout bream, catfish and silver carp.
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