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Application of combination of knowledge management and electronic commerce

Author: FengWei From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-20 17:30:11 Read:
Keywords: the knowledge management of electronic business strategy research of technology framework
Abstract: explains the related concepts of knowledge management and electronic commerce, and points out that knowledge management and e-commerce combined application, is conducive to commercial application for enterprises to open up a new way.
The era of knowledge economy, establishing and maintaining highly-efficient circulation of knowledge has become the key to the survival and development of enterprises.The new e-commerce environment with rapid, non-linear and discontinuous change of pose new challenges to the implementation of knowledge management, at the same time, the electronic commerce make full use of fast and diversity advantage of Internet, but also provides a rich source of information for enterprise knowledge management.However, in the process of implementing e-business, if not into the idea of knowledge management, cannot effectively find, organize and utilize knowledge, will lead to a high failure rate.At present, domestic and foreign research in this field generally focus on the following two aspects: Research on related concepts and the relationship between the two; research methods and technical framework for integration of the two.Among them, the former determine the basis for the latter study, the latter is the former theory and technical support.This paper try to knowledge management and e-commerce combined application, hoping to commercial applications for enterprises to open up new path.
1 related concepts and the relationship between the two
1.1 related concepts of knowledge management (KnowledgeManagement, referred to as KM) is a practice, also is a discipline, its development has entered the second ten years.Exciting is: there will be mistakes are not expected in the initial stage, the foundation of theory and practice and the established has become more and more solid, growing.Knowledge management includes all methods and tools to promote the overall core process.The process comprises at least 4 core activities, namely knowledge, stored knowledge, dissemination of knowledge and application of knowledge in all areas and levels of the organization, by centering on the value added business processes to improve organizational performance.
Electronic Commerce (ElectronicCommerce, referred to as EC) is a variety of commercial activities and demand entities to beyond the limits of time and space, improve business efficiency, a form of trade and the use of computer network and digital communication technology and other electronic means trading commodities and services.In e-commerce activities, to master modern information technology and business theory is the core of the people.
As can be seen, there is close relationship between e-commerce and knowledge management.Some experts have proposed a comprehensive knowledge management of electronic commerce definition: e-commerce is that people will technology for knowledge management in order to improve the internal and external value chain activities benefit, making auxiliary value chain activities related to decision, a method to achieve the business target.Electronic trading, collaborative commerce, electronic commerce and knowledge of the relationship as shown in figure 1.

1.2 the relationship between the two e-commerce and knowledge management are different, but closely related, through the analysis of the relationship between the two so as to better guide the organization to survive in the complicated business environment and development.Some scholars through the analysis of the relationship between evolution and development trend of business model in chapter two, analysis of the traditional BPR and ERP enterprises are facing two major problems: the development of A. in business many of the activities of the transfer to the Internet; the importance of B. intangible assets gradually higher than tangible assets.Closely linked to the first problem can be through the electronic commerce and the external organization to solve second problems; can strengthen the internal organization of the information and experience through the management of knowledge collaboration and sharing to solve.The business model must be through the transformation, will integrate knowledge management in e-commerce, eventually forming knowledge Commerce (K - Commerce), as shown in figure 2.Knowledge commerce is based on knowledge product as the transaction object, take the network as the knowledge circulation channels of business activity, is a new business model to create and transfer of knowledge.
2 research and technology policy framework
The 2.1 strategy research under electronic commerce environment, knowledge management strategy is under the condition of knowledge economy, in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprise knowledge resources as the most important resources, integration and planning, a series of strategic management strategies, tactics and methods of management of the.The new era of enterprise business environment has changed, the knowledge of the past as the discontinuous change tool environment prediction, and to decide the future of knowledge management mode of action has not adapt to the future development of the enterprise needs.Therefore, the researchers at home and abroad, discusses related strategies.
The core problem of 2.1.1 KM is to focus on both the subjective knowledge and objective knowledge.The domestic scholars think, knowledge management strategy of e-commerce enterprises can be divided into two aspects of information technology and strategic process.Scholars have different forms according to the knowledge and the requirement of enterprises, knowledge management strategy into coding and personal two kinds of knowledge management strategy mode.Whether starting from what angle, various strategies are not incompatible, enterprises can according to their demand, points and implementation stages.
The specific implementation way of 2.1.2 KM.Generally can be divided into the following several aspects: the realization of knowledge sharing within enterprise; promote the use of external knowledge; strengthen enterprise knowledge network construction; improve the personal knowledge management in the chain effect.Some researchers abroad, this paper puts forward some countermeasures for the implementation of specific analysis based on the business environment changes.
Study 2.2 technology framework technology framework implementation provides a feasible technical solutions for knowledge management in e-commerce.At present, the main technical framework are the following:

Research on 2.2.1 based on knowledge chain.The essence of constructing the technical framework is a method of analysis based on the model of knowledge chain.Every link of enterprise knowledge chain has different characteristics, different types of knowledge have different characteristics, therefore, can follow the knowledge chain, will be the integration of different technologies to each link, processing of various types of knowledge, realize the transformation and upgrade of knowledge.
Research on 2.2.2 based on Intelligent agent.Construction of the technical framework of the main consideration is the problem of schema definition of unstructured data, successfully solve the problem will be conducive to reuse and system knowledge of elasticity.At present, it has some mature technology tools, such as artificial intelligence, neural network, semantic network and intelligent agent, is widely used in the implementation of knowledge management in electronic commerce is the intelligent agent.
Research on Knowledge Portal Based on 2.2.3.Knowledge management technology in recent years EIP has made great progress, B2E EIP quickly became the core of the electronic commerce infrastructure.However, knowledge portal is different from the traditional enterprise information portal, it is a kind of business intelligence and knowledge management of the synthesis of centralized desktop environment, between the user and the business communication is a two-way, not one-way.
Knowledge management in the 3 IBM global company
3.1 introduction knowledge management "competitiveness, profit margins and wise leadership" is to explain how IBM the introduction of knowledge management in several key words.It successfully put knowledge management into LotusDomino application software -- only to support the exchange and communication.This idea is called "knowledge management (intellectualcapitalmaI1 agement, ICM)", "knowledge management" has already been institutionalized, knowledge management in the IBM global Service Corporation and IBM global industrial group is more formal.The solution, IBM knowledge management alone are not separated on the contrary, it is a part of for the optimization of customer relationship CRM plan.The relationship between knowledge and application of knowledge between departments, as shown in figure 3.

Knowledge management 3.2 infrastructure and systems management
3.2.1 sharing network."Sharing network conference" all over the world every year in Europe and North America held a.The meeting for all IBM employees, the participants pay travel and meeting costs, which can automatically filter out those interested participants.The agenda of the meeting is the main participants demonstrate and discuss the latest project experience, results and methods.The organizers also invited some spokesman, customers or scientists from outside, to gain some enlightenment to stimulate innovative thinking outside.The most important meeting but
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