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Platycladus orientalis container bag in Yuanqu barren hill afforestation technology

Author: DiWeiPing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-20 09:40:44 Read:
Abstract: the implementation of afforestation project, not only can improve the local ecological environment, promote economic development and improving people's living level effect, but also has important "external" policy, for radical river natural disasters, all has the vital significance.
Keywords: Platycladus orientalis container bag; the greening of barren hills afforestation technology of

Yuanqu county is located in southern Shanxi Province, Kenuchi Yui, Bo Qing, Yun Xi, Xi Yang 4 rivers from north to south into the Yellow River, undulating hills, ravines, complex terrain, land to be reduced to fragments, soil erosion area of 13300 Hm2, the implementation of afforestation project, has not only improved the local ecological environment, promote economic development, improve the local effect the local people's living standards, but also has important "external" policy, the radical 4 rivers, natural disasters, has its important significance.
1 the planting situation of Platycladus orientalis
Platycladus orientalis is a pioneer species in arid, rocky mountain afforestation, popular in the Yuanqu county.These years of Platycladus orientalis in afforestation in Yuanqu County, through the biennial planting bare root planting, the container seedling afforestation -- process large container seedling afforestation mode, two survival rate is low, slow growth, large container seedling afforestation a success, without planting, growth is good, although the first planting a little time delays, but avoids repeatedly replanting, eliminating the replanting seedlings, labor and other costs.In recent years, Yuanqu county with Platycladus orientalis container seedlings every year nearly 5000000 bags, tens of thousands of acres of planting, forestation in 2 years has become history.

2 seedling
It is very important to choose a container bag, too large to afforestation transportation inconvenient, too small to affect the survival, the nursery of Yuanqu County after years of testing, 20 cm กม 15 cm กม 1 silk bags is appropriate, the lower punching bag for drainage.Choose two years Platycladus orientalis a bare root, seedling height 50 cm, diameter 2.5 mm, speed up the speed.
Nutrient soil is mainly used in some nursery soil, humus soil and manure preparation, disinfection and ferrous sulfate.By the water, the soil and the soil potential limit, low bed.In the process, will cut the main root long, so as not to sack occurred nest survival root and seedling.In addition, also can stimulate root fast rooting.Then water, Towa Ni Genbao dilution into paste, will cut the root seedlings were dipped pulp.And in the container bag a little soil, the seedlings in seedling in the bag, the central, and then filled with soil.The loaded container seedling neatly arranged in beds, after discharge gap between the container is filled with soil.
After planting, management is timely irrigation.Firstly, packed bed timely adequate irrigation water, the growth process in the future, irrigation time and irrigation amount according to the weather conditions to determine.In each irrigation to the extra water to eliminate, combined with irrigation fertilization, Platycladus orientalis in the growth process has a slow growth should be timely to urea, to supply the seedling growth required.But weeding, general monthly grass two times.
Determining colonization period and stable period bagging, bagging planting season generally choose in early spring, early March ~4 month.The stable period is generally 4 months, namely, seedling planting, after 4 months, the survival has been stable, can the nursery afforestation.A long time, seedling root length out of the bag, lost the meaning of container seedlings, also reduce the survival rate of forestation, thus planting time not exceeding 1 years.
3 afforestation
The rainy season to September can be carried out, the rainy season.
The lifter should be watered 1 times water.When having a young plant should be arranged according to the order of container seedling bed soil, from one end of the container opens, one by one from the bag, gently into the basket into plantation, careful not to shake off the nutrition soil or damage seedlings.Afforestation in general a year before rainy season, autumn fine soil preparation, planting container seedlings for vesicle.Fish-scale pit soil preparation, should be made with the original hole surface slope surface on the opposite surface, to increase rainfall interception amount.Planting time to dig a little than nutrition bag about deep pit in pit slope at the top 1/3, the container seedlings into the pit, filled with fine soil around, with his feet, planting depth to the container bag top deep pit surface should be 1 cm.Fish scale pit planting bag two nutrition, to grasp the depth of planting and planting hole location, location on the outer edge of the camp too shallow pit unfavorable survival, too deep or planted in the pit bottom and easy to cause rain erosion.
Container seedling afforestation should pay attention to the problem: one is the lifter, should first dig out the container bag around the earth, try not to make the soil loose inside the bag, hand pull seedling lifter should not; two is the planting should be paid attention to when the planting depth, soil depth was 2 higher than the container cm~3 cm, should not the nutrition bag dew on the outside; three is that we must tear the bag bottom before transplanting.
Shanxi province Yuanqu county is often used in the greening of barren hills in recent years afforestation method and seedling afforestation, plastic film mulching planting earth embryo, these methods are as far as possible to maintain soil moisture, improve the survival rate of forestation, good results.At the same time, the application of these afforestation technology has made a great contribution to the greening of barren hills afforestation of arid.
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