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Application of agricultural dissemination technology in plant protection engineering.

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Abstract: with the development of the agricultural ecological environment of agriculture industrial structure adjustment, efficient ecological agriculture development and climate warming change, as a plant protection foundation to protect the agricultural production is facing increasing challenges.Agricultural communication and communication is particularly important in plant protection engineering, has become the key to the development of modern agriculture.
Keywords: agricultural dissemination technology; plant protection engineering; application of
Abstract: Along with the agriculture industry restructure, the agriculture ecological environment change which the highly effective ecological agriculture development and the climate warming bring, is facing the enormous challenge as the agricultural production foundation safeguard's plant protection enterprise.

Key words: agricultural dissemination technology; plant protection project; application

Under the condition of socialist market economy, agricultural development is facing new challenges, along with the agricultural ecological environment of agriculture industrial structure adjustment, efficient ecological agriculture development and climate warming change, agricultural pest mutation frequency and harm are aggravating, exotic harmful biological invasion increases the risk of plant protection, as the basis of agricultural production is facing more and more challenges.To establish the new idea of "public protection" and "green plant protection", the agricultural efficiency and farmers income as the goal, focus on the green agricultural transformation, highlighting the safety of agricultural production, agricultural ecological safety and the quality and safety of agricultural products, timely and accurate release of crop diseases and insect pests information, positive work show TV forecast; implementation of the "green plant protection" strategy, green prevention and control technology, crop diseases and pests effectively; strengthening plant quarantine, to prevent the spread of harmful organisms, strengthen pesticide supervision, strictly limit the high toxic pesticide use; give full play to the functions of plant protection of public welfare, and strive to build a new system of plant protection.In this case, the new agriculture needs to master and apply the latest information resources, play the biggest advantage, agricultural communication and communication is very important, how to understand and make good use of agricultural information and communication technology, has become the key to the development of modern agriculture.The application of agricultural dissemination technology in plant protection work in the analysis is as follows:
1 construction of information subject of agricultural market
Lack of market information or distortion, blindness will often bring to generator decisions.In China, only rely on the government function, can be built the authority of the agricultural product market information statistics, analysis and reporting system, to provide timely, comprehensive, accurate market information and reference for the farmers, become the dissemination of the main agricultural market information of the main.However, these methods and related professionals tend to be divided in different departments, can not form a cohesive force, resources have not been effectively integrated and fully utilized, which requires the system reform, change the function and behavior.
Starting stage in agricultural information, the government must increase the input of the foundation of agricultural information, especially in the construction of network infrastructure and public welfare, to give due support and help.After joining the WTO, cannot rely on the agricultural products price subsidies to protect the development of Chinese agriculture, increase agricultural information system construction of infrastructure investment, should be in the range of WTO rules.The national increase in direct investment in the construction of agricultural information system, can be achieved on the indirect subsidies for agricultural products, to enhance the international competitiveness of China agriculture.
2 agricultural media diversification of
2.1 newspapers, magazines and
Advantages: has the characteristics of non mandatory dissemination, readers have greater initiative and the right to choose, so the reader would be willing to consciously understand the concerned information, high reliability, especially the related domestic and party and government organs of the kinds of newspapers and magazines, readers are regarded as the authority.
Disadvantages: high requirements of readers, society culture level, poor timeliness.
Application: Taiyuan plant protection and quarantine station issued annually "grain vegetable and fruit of major plant diseases and insect pests information" were published in the "Taiyuan daily" and "Taiyuan agricultural information", was introduced to the reader to pests, occurrence, control methods.But because of "grain and vegetable and fruit of major plant diseases and insect pests information" mainly for grain, vegetables, fruit, the real "Taiyuan daily" in rural areas and individual farmers in the penetration rate is not high, the newspaper by the township village to farmers, poor timeliness causes information.
2.2 books, pamphlets and
Refers to the agricultural sector printed the dissemination of agricultural technology, planting, breeding information in the township farmers in the material.
Advantages: low cost, it has obvious regional, the coverage is relatively small, but for the majority of farmers, meet the audience needs, the dissemination of information has strong pertinence, adaptability, strong operability in-depth introduction on, significant effect.Compared with other media, repeated reading rate and circulation of the highest, repeated transmission.
Disadvantages: poor timeliness.
Application: in recent years, the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center printed "agricultural technology extension information using manual", "China plant protection manual" series (apple, rice, maize pest control section), "the national plant quarantine pests such as manual", "Shanxi Province printing plant protection practical guide", "plant Quarantine Technology Manual", "management", "Handbook of pesticide monitoring locusts in Shanxi", "no pesticide residue vegetable production technical manual", "no pesticide residue of fruit production technical manual" and other practical agricultural technology books, reference for the majority of farmers and agricultural technology extension personnel.Shanxi province Taiyuan City Plant Protection Station printed "agricultural law of administrative licensing issues", "the work of special rectification publicity materials of", "pay attention to" buy "pesticide use, pesticide technology", "technology", "bromadiolone use pollution-free vegetable production technology" and other promotional single, concise, convenient and practical, the printing cost is low the effect of fast, but.

2.3 broadcast
Advantages: is a simple and efficient means of information dissemination, can accompany the production activities and communication, does not affect the normal work, has the good affinity, the information can not easily be conflict.Radio failure is strong, content in different time and column, mobile and flexible, has very strong pertinence, and in the process of communication with the audience and real-time interaction, produce the effect to get instant results.
Disadvantages: broadcast information in time linear propagation, fleeting, maintain poor, difficult to repeat the cognition of audience.
Application: at the present stage, is mainly agricultural production (seed, fertilizer, pesticide, pharmaceutical) on the radio is introduced to propaganda.

2.4 TV
Advantages: the television media to the new form of agriculture, the depth, the content, convincing reports, elaborate, scientific connotation and social essence to guide people to more deeply understand the modern urban agriculture.
Disadvantages: in Chinese agriculture TV communication process, the spread of television and the rural audience groups, there is a huge imbalance, and the present situation of unequal, causes the Chinese agriculture TV practitioners make agricultural TV programs can not find its audience, at the same time, a large group of farmers viewing China not on TV in the public media, see them like program and obtain valuable information.
Application: the Taiyuan City pest forecast on TV every day fixed columns, fixed time, fixed pattern, fixed structure test launch in Shanxi province Taiyuan city television news channel, program in view of the current agricultural production and the incidence of crop diseases and insect pests, daily play 5 times, first broadcast in the eighteen fifty-four, twenty-two forty-seven and six forty-eight replay on the same day, at seven fifty-nine, each broadcast time, twelve twenty-nine, 30 s.According to statistics, from July 23, 2007 to the end of 161 days, the 46 stage play successfully, 805.Content includes: tomato virus disease, early blight of tomato, tomato late blight, Sorghum Aphid, red spider, Eggplant Verticillium wilt, diamondback moth, mildew, Chinese cabbage, white (and trend forecast
Vegetable downy mildew, soft rot, black rot, virus disease, aphids, diamondback moth, cabbage, cabbage moth), autumn sowing of wheat pest control, autumn greenhouse pests (trend forecast, green leafy vegetables and root knot nematode disease, soft rot, celery leaf spot disease, leaf downy mildew, slug), green control technology of crop diseases and insect pests (frequency vibration-killing lamp trapping and killing pests, insect pest trapping tiny plate, sex attractant for pests, insect nets prevent outside adult into the greenhouse).The development of the work, marks the rise of Shanxi province Taiyuan City pest forecast on TV to a new level, the fixed column information spread fast, wide coverage, large capacity, its broadcast upgrade Taiyuan City plant protection and quarantine station influence, vivid and effective dissemination of information to the masses.
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