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How to make use of state-owned enterprises "talent"

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Abstract: in the spring tide of market economy.State-owned enterprises in the talent selection, use at the same time, but also attaches great importance to anti-corruption work, prevent personnel change, modification, and a new idea to reinterpret the talent, finally in the process of global economic development by attracting talents, training talents, retain talents, using talents, state-owned enterprises will be more brilliant in the all-around competition in twenty-first Century.
Key words: state-owned enterprises; "talent"; use

In today's world economic competition, in the final analysis is the competition of talents, talent concept and talent competition.The development of economy, walks road of the powerful nation, human resources are the strategic resources, the most precious talent, have everything.Those with talents in the world.Especially in China's accession to the WTO, China the breadth and depth of opening will gradually increase, more and more Multi-National Corporation to invest in China, Multi-National Corporation is quickly occupied the Chinese market, improve competitiveness, will follow the principles of talent localization, spare no effort to snatch and private enterprises state-owned enterprises talents, so that the talent competition to enter the white-hot state.In view of this situation, we must seriously study and implement the national talent work conference spirit, but also the scientific talent view to guide the talent work.Specifically, our state-owned enterprises should have done?

1 further deepen state-owend enterprise reform talent view

The past due to the use of state-owned enterprise institutional reasons for talent has a monopoly, thus neglecting the "people-oriented" by the way, there is a high value at low cost using the talent environment.To guide the work of the scientific talent view, is to further emancipate the mind, the liberation of the liberation of productive forces of science and technology, talents, and resolutely get rid of all is not conducive to the concept of talents, reform is not conducive to the talents system, adjustment of all is not conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship policy, a talented mind lively situation, dry.The development of enterprises, to compete, we must proceed from reality, seek truth from facts to select create modern enterprise development "new talent", in the concept must prevent the 3 wrong tendencies.
1.1 to prevent the "heavy to light de" select talents in
In recent years, some state-owned enterprises in the use of problems appeared on the one-sided emphasis on the "only" to the neglect of "de" tendency: speak only capable, no matter what you do; only dare to do, whether foolhardy.The results of the "oblique", "geeks" promoted to positions of leadership, seriously undermined the social atmosphere, damaged the image of the party in power.We should benefit from social, beneficial to people's point of view, establish a have both ability and political integrity, appoint people on their merit of employing the concept.
1.2 prevent "formulary format
" talent
The state-owned enterprises must be established in line with the socialist market economy is the unity of "openness, competition, diversity, mobility" mechanism, to break the "qualifications grid", "identity" lattice ", diploma," lattice "occupation", not to stick to one pattern for the growth of talent to create opportunities, cultivating compound talents.
1.3 to prevent the "loss of talent demand perfection"
The state-owned enterprise personnel must adapt to the new situation of modern enterprise development as soon as possible, to properly handle the talent of "long" and "short" dialectical relationship.Selecting talents should be the "Yin", "can" as a candidate point, focuses on how to give full play to the strengths, the weaknesses, to avoid amplification demand perfection, critical practice, have a global concept, the spirit of "no man is perfect" idea to treat talents.

2, strengthen talent cultivation, introduction and usage of

2.1 personnel training in various forms of
In the enterprise interior to strengthen in-service education, technical training and so gang.The training of the talents to the former training and post training in two steps: the former training according to the task of talent has the energy, energy and ready to be entrusted with, training content, achieved by full-time study and vocational training and other forms; post training according to them in the practical work of the exposure the shortcomings and gaps, to determine the training content, through a variety of conscious form to get exercise and improve.Through actively developing "study group", "Learning Department", "Learning Department" to create activities, establish everyone can be talent concept, establishing learning enterprises, improve the overall quality of workers in state-owned enterprises.
The multi-channel
2.2 talents introduction
To further improve the state-owned enterprise recruitment system, cancel all the restrictions be inopportune or inappropriate talent introduction work, the enlightened policies introduced enterprise talent, use talent, the intermediary market talents and use project in the combination of talents, accelerate the establishment of a sound enterprise personnel information network, improve the operation mechanism of enterprise talents, give full play to the use and management of human resources.Strengthen the construction of enterprise personnel information network, the online recruitment, online recruitment and other forms, so that the talent introduction tentacles deeper, wider range, better.To lead and intelligence, business, cited the project together, can take the project cooperation, technology transfer, technical contract, technology shares in the form of introducing talents.In addition to establish overseas scholars pioneering ring, high-tech incubator, the enterprise post-doctoral research station and mobile station has the condition, high level professional personnel to attract and train the construction of new industrial base required, but also to the domestic and foreign talent concentrated area of entrepreneurship development, set up offices or R & D center, through the post employment, project hire, employ personnel leasing, technology and talents introduction, play the role of talents outside the enterprise.
2.8 personnel using method of
State-owned enterprises to break the barriers existing in talent, talent is the gang, with its, give full scope to the talents, and truly embody the "leave people with business, keep a person with feeling, keep people" with proper treatment, more attention should be paid to the method of using talents:
(1) to be used when the time.Each person has his lifetime best time.State-owned enterprise leaders must cherish every valuable opportunity for people, who have excellent ability to timely use, performance outstanding talents, make full use of the time be full of go, full of wit, make as many as possible contribution to the enterprise.
(2) to use when its position.If the leader is not the best position of talent to fully display their talents, it will greatly influence the talents of the social benefit and economic benefit, state-owned enterprise leaders in the selection of the best location for talent, it should be very careful.Weigh the advantages and disadvantages in many aspects, to consider appropriate levels and position, can play to their strengths to work, thereby providing a grow up as soon as possible to the talent of soil.
(3) to use as the length.With the view of development and changes of the basic factors of scientific talent, then according to the momentum of development of each element, early selection of most likely to become one of the basic elements of the best talent, and this is a talent basis.
(4) to use when it may.To respect personal choice, in the official before making decision by people as fully as possible for selection views of talents.In the individual will be perfectly logical and reasonable, objective and to meet his requirements, the organization shall give satisfy.
(5) to employers do not suspect, delegated to the authority.In the use of talents, and only fully trusted, and bold talent must delegate to the corresponding authority, she'd like to, produce the best psychological, so that the healthy growth of talent.3 to actively create a "respect knowledge, respect talent" atmosphere of

For the establishment of a market economy under the conditions of advanced enterprise culture, now many state-owned enterprises realize that talent treatment, also propose to employ the talents with high salaries.This is all very well, but in addition to pay, the more important thing is to keep people cause.The true meaning of the talent is focused on their growth and their development space is closely related with the business philosophy, namely a sense of belonging to the enterprise.To retain talent, to play talent there, through the guidance of public opinion, reverse some comrades and departments to see things but not people, not the talent as a resource mistake.
3.1 with the party's political superiority of talent pool
To further strengthen the enterprise cadres at all levels, "respect knowledge, respect talent people" education, strengthen the cadres and the masses, "respect knowledge, respect talent" ideology, to establish effective contact personnel work system, master the working talent, respect for talent opinion and the suggestion, play party organizations at all levels of enterprise talent pool the function of all kinds of talents be of one heart and one mind, United career.To increase the news propaganda, the formation of love, but only, only, with only the atmosphere in the state-owned enterprises, as condensation
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