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Chemical knowledge in life

Author: ZhaoXiaoGang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-19 00:09:07 Read:
Abstract: chemistry is closely connected with people's life, from daily life can accumulate a lot of chemical knowledge, so as to enhance the students to master knowledge, improve the interest in learning chemistry.
Keywords: life experience; knowledge of chemistry;
Absrract: Chemistry is closely related to our life. We can learn many chemistry knowledge from our daily life. In this way the students may have a better understanding of what they have learned, and their interests for chemistry will increase
Key words: life; chemistry knowledge; understanding

With the development of productivity, the progress of science and technology, chemical and people's lives more and more closely.Effective guidance to increase student interest in learning.Here is my personal experience in teaching process:

The 1 day accompanying chemicals -- salt, iodine compounds

We know that the main component of salt is sodium chloride, which is one of the most commonly used condiment in people's lives.But the role is not its only increased the taste of food, it is a basic component of human tissue, to ensure the physiological, biochemical activities and normal body function, plays an important role in.Na and Cl- and K elements linked with each other in vivo, perplexing.It's main role is to control the cell, tissue balanced electrolyte solution and blood, to keep the body fluid circulation and control the body's acid-base equilibrium.Na and K , Ca2 , Mg2 also helps maintain the nerve and muscle proper stress level; NaCl and KCl on the appropriate regulating blood viscosity or consistency effect; compound digestive stomach to digest certain foods and other gastric acid, pancreatic juice and bile in the formation, but also by the blood sodium and potassium salts the.In addition, the suitable concentration of Na , K and Cl- in the retina also plays an important role in the physiological process of light reaction.
Potassium iodide, sodium iodide, iodate and iodine compounds, in the laboratory is an important reagent; in food and health, they are also important nutrients and chemicals, plays an important role in maintaining the health of human body.Iodine is an essential trace element in human body, is the important component of thyroid hormone.Normal human were iodine 15 mg ~ 20 mg, of which 70% ~ 80% concentration in the thyroid.The human body exists in the form of compound of iodine, and its main physiological role through the formation of thyroid hormone.Therefore, the physiological effects of thyroid hormone has the important function, have direct relationship with iodine.The human body lacks iodine can lead to a series of biochemical disorders and functional abnormalities, such as the cause of endemic goiter, cause baby, infant growth stagnation, mental retardation.

One of the 2 life of Schisandra chinensis -- vinegar (acid)

Acetic acid vinegar chemical name, molecular formula is CH3COOH.Vinegar is not only a kind of condiment, but also has many uses: in cooking vegetables, put some vinegar is not only delicious, but also to protect the vitamin C in vegetables (due to the role of vitamin C in the acidic environment is not easy to be damaged).The cook pork ribs, chicken, fish, if you add a little vinegar, can make bone calcium and phosphorus were dissolved in the soup, thereby greatly improving
High in calcium, phosphorus absorption rate. with low acid stomach (gastric acid secretion is too small, such as atrophic gastritis) person, if often use a small amount of vinegar as a condiment, can increase appetite, but also make the disease treatment.The fish is not fresh circumstances, add vinegar to cooking can not only lift the smell, but also can kill the bacteria.The vinegar can be used as medicine to prevent diarrhea.Vinegar on a case of dysentery bacteria die, so the dysentery epidemic in the summer season, eat vinegar, can increase the stomach in dysentery bacteria killing effect.The vinegar can prevent influenza.The interior doors and windows closed, the vinegar in the pot to boil man-fire to dry, can play a role in the eradication of bacteria. shoeshine, the drop on a drop of vinegar can make a lasting bright shoes.The copper, aluminum worn, rubbed with vinegar after cleaning, will be able to restore luster.To kill chickens and ducks to chickens and ducks before 20min, poured some vinegar, plucking the easy. clothes stained with fruit juice, vinegar bubble, a rub off.11 scale, with vinegar soak the thermos flask, can achieve the purpose of cleaning.12 summer, towel prone to mildew smell out, with a small amount of vinegar wash towels smell can be eliminated.

3 voluntary smoking cigarettes poison --

This article introduces the structure, properties and harm of harmful components in the process of smoking from a chemical point of view.Lit cigarettes produce harmful substances to human body can be divided into six categories: nitride, aldehydes, alkenes, these substances have a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract.The nicotine, can stimulate the sympathetic nerve, cause vascular intimal injury.The amine, cyanide and heavy metals, which are toxic substances.The benzpyrene, arsenic, cadmium, methyl hydrazine, amino phenol, other radioactive substances.These substances have carcinogenic effects.The phenols and formaldehyde, these substances have a role to accelerate carcinogenesis.The carbon monoxide can reduce the red blood cells carry oxygen to the body to capacity.Recent studies show that Japanese scholars, smoke also contain compounds "by far the most toxic dioxin substance known".4 learning assistant -- pen

4.1 pencil
The pencil core is made of graphite blended proportion of clay, when mixed with clay more pencil hardness increases, the pen is marked with the initials of H Hard.Otherwise, the increasing proportion of graphite, hardness decreases, enhance black pen, marked Black's initials B.

4.2 ball-point pen
Ink is a kind of viscous oil, is the use of linseed oil, synthetic pine nut oil (main containing terpene alcohols), mineral oil (oil and other mineral fractionation is oily), hard rubber into smoke, modulation into.In the use of ball-point pen, don't write in the oil, wax paper, or oil, wax embedded steel ball along the copper bowl of oil but not write words, but also to avoid the impact, exposure pen, not with a pen cap, to avoid bad pen, pen refill oil type and while pollution objects.In the case of cold weather or long home is not used, the pen is not out of oil, can be written into the warm water soak for a moment and then moving on paper pen, you can use.

4.3 pen
With each containing 5% ~ made of Cr, Ni alloy 10% special steel pen.Chromium nickel steel corrosion resistance, not easy to oxidation, is a kind of stainless steel, corrosion resistance of this kind of pen is good, but poor wear resistance.

5 life assistant

5.1 remove the stains on the clothes
The following for you to introduce several common stains simple removal method: perspiration: method one: a sweaty clothes in the salt water soak for 10%, and then wash with soap.Method two: the amount of water by adding a small amount of carbon amine [(NH4) 2CO3] and a small amount of edible alkali [Na2CO3 or NaHCO3], stirring, there will be a sweaty clothes soak for a while inside, and then repeatedly rub. grease: in the oil stains on the drop of gasoline or alcohol, the gasoline (or alcohol) volatile oil stains will disappear after.The blue ink stains: Method: the amount of water by adding a small amount of carbon amine [(NH4) 2CO3] and a small amount of edible alkali [Na2CO3 or NaHCO3], stirring, there will be a blue ink stains on clothes soak for a while inside, and then repeatedly rub.Method two: there will be a blue ink stains. Soak in 2% oxalic acid solution in a few minutes, and then wash with detergent removal. blood: for the blood contains protein, protein heat is not easy to dissolve, therefore, can not use hot water wash bloodstains.Method: there will be blood
Parts with hydrogen peroxide or bleach water soak for a while, and then scrub.Method two: carrot chopped, sprinkle salt mixing, 10min after extrusion radish juice, there will be blood parts with radish juice soak for a while, and then scrub.
5.2 kettle descaling
Empty kettle on the fire, boil dry scale water, see the bottom of the pot scale cracks, the kettle quickly took down in the cold water, the kettle bottom scale due to thermal expansion and contraction and falling down.
Put a cloth masks in the pot boil water, the scale will be cloth masks adsorption, the pot is not easy scaling.
The boiling pot with scale, can add some vinegar, add water, boil for a while, scale can be removed.
Aluminum kettle boil water, put a small spoon of baking soda, boiled 10 min, scale can be removed.
The rapid expansion of
5.3 steamed bread
Adding vinegar to the flour (CH3COOH) and soda (Na2CO3) to produce carbon dioxide gas steamed bread so swollen, soft and delicious.Chemical reactions, please think of?
In addition, by means of theoretical chemistry in high school, and also can identify "silk" and "rayon", true and false identification of gold and silver, preservatives in foods, alcohol and phenol disinfection effect.
In a word, is everywhere in life chemistry.The key lies in whether we observe, learn knowledge in life.In the future, let us continue to "accumulated knowledge in high school chemistry theory application" in life.
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