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Misunderstanding the incentive mechanism for employees in private enterprises and its improvement

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Abstract: human resources are the strategic resources of modern enterprises, but also the key factor affecting the development of enterprises, and the incentive is an important content of human resource management.At present, many private enterprises lack of vitality, poor management, low efficiency.An important reason is that these enterprises can not form an effective incentive mechanism to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff.The employee's work efficiency and the degree of effort is generally not high, and even lead to enterprise talents job-hopping, reduces the enterprise's core competitiveness.
Keywords: private enterprises; incentive mechanism; staff of

Incentive of 1 employees of private enterprises in the zone

Many private enterprises due to the lack of correct understanding of staff motivation, in stimulating the process often fall into confusion.Only grasp the incentive regulation, out of the misunderstanding to the effective use of incentive, incentive, give full play to its positive role.
1.1 "cost" light ", the"
In the final analysis of enterprise management is the management of people, how to make employees work full of passion, confidence, and promote each employee's work performance, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market is the core of management.Although some private entrepreneurs recognize human resource is the first resource, also often put "people-oriented" hang in mouth edge, but not to think about the investment income of "employee" from the deep human resources incentive system.Many managers will still be the employee's salary, bonus, training, incentive measures just as increased costs, while ignoring the staff to create far more than the cost of human resource value.In reality, labor conflicts that buckle employee wages and cause occurs, due to the lack of core staff to meet the eye everywhere "incentive to quit" phenomenon, and thus brings to the enterprise is more difficult to make up for the loss.
1.2 introduction of heavy, light
Employees because of its mastery of the necessary skills and knowledge to become the talents.As the first resource of enterprises "".Many private enterprises have been aware of the role of talent and spared no expense to attract talents, but because they do not understand the laws of talent development and ignore the cultivation and development of talents, lack of "talent" of the system and the environment.Some introduction of heavy, light use, do not trust people in important positions, does not give people space to display their talent, difficult to achieve "give full scope to the talents, use"; and some heavy use, light development, ignoring the follow-up development of employees, so that employees not long-term knowledge and skills upgrading, the excessive use of the original talents with knowledge of aging and "jianglangcaijin".Because of the lack of talents stage and occupation career development environment, employee's satisfaction and loyalty is greatly reduced, the enthusiasm of the loss.
1.3 common personality, light
Need motivation, motivation determines behavior.Meeting the needs of staff is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, people's need into physiological, safety, belonging, respect, self realization of 5 levels.Different employees have differences in demand during the same period, even if the same employee in dominant needs in different period will be different.Incentive measures of employee needs to the staff, can play the desired effect.On the one hand, various incentives targeted their.On the other hand, different employee responses to the same stimulus will often show different characteristics.In reality, we often focus on general incentive to neglect staff's individual needs.Many companies ignore the communication with employees, do not pay attention to employee feedback, no investigation, analysis of staff requirement, incentive measures "make it rigidly uniform", using the same incentives, all the staff of the results run counter to one's desire, twice.
The 1.4 "single".Light "integrated"

The staff demand personalized determines the diversity of incentive means.Many private enterprises incentive means showing features of a single, one-sided, lack of comprehensive use of a variety of incentives and organic complexes.Some excessive value physical stimulation, as the staff for the "economic man", ignoring the other social and psychological needs other than employee material benefits, contributed to the utilitarian tendency of employee, reduce their sense of belonging; some one-sided use spirit incentive, only stay in various awards, awarded the title of "", the neglect of all employees material interests, if things go on like this, will become empty fatigue; excessive use and the level of appreciation, have certain contribution employees frequently give promotion reward, while ignoring the job objective requirements of knowledge and ability, makes the job just became a kind of honor, but lost the responsibility of its own.All in all, are the excessive use of single means of incentive, incentive once excessive, will be difficult to continue.
1.5 techniques,
light system
In the process of the implementation of incentives, some private enterprises have also draw attention to the use of advanced methods and incentives, incentives are also very rich.But often rely too heavily on the incentive skills, and ignore the incentive system construction.Many business owners used to rely on personal likes and dislikes and values arbitrarily "clap" incentives for employees, random rather than lack of fairness.On the one hand, due to the same before and after the event and not a, varying degrees, make the staff lack a sense of fairness and satisfaction; on the other hand, due to the lack of standardized, rational incentive system and staff performance appraisal system, enterprises can not be based on performance evaluation results of objective justice of the corresponding incentive, the staff lack of stable behavior the expected.This lack of fair incentive mode tends to make employees in low spirits, or find another job.

2, establish a "people-oriented" concept of incentive

There is no right idea is not correct action.Many private enterprises are unable to go out the various excitation errors, the source is not really establish "people-oriented" concept.Only to change the idea, correctly understand and handle the relationship between enterprise and employee, can produce ideal incentive effect.
2.1 from the "means" to "objective"

The staff is the enterprise development, but also the development of the enterprise.The staff is "cost" view is one-sided emphasis on people-oriented, employee "tool" and ignore the "purpose of employee".Its starting point is low wages, low welfare, even to save manpower cost, at the right damage staff.But as the staff now popular "capital" concept is also questionable.Compared with the "cost" thinking, "capital" thinking to the employee as capital, as can create more value resources, fully affirmed the staff as "the first resource", this is undoubtedly a progressive ideas and crossing.
"People-oriented" is the essence of human fundamental purpose, in order to realize the all-round development as the goal.The implementation of the "people-oriented" concept in the management of enterprises, is the requirement of private enterprise management activities and incentive measures must be to meet staff's needs as the starting point and the center, arouse staff's initiative, enthusiasm, creativity is the main management; respect employee awareness, fully affirmed the employees in enterprise the production and business operation activities in the main role, and strive to create conditions, make staff fully aware of its work on their own, to enterprise, to society, to make every employee feel body consciousness to obtain the respect, can give full play to their ability and realize their value, and thus stimulate strong "master" consciousness and lasting enthusiasm.
2.2 from the "zero" to "win-win"

How to coordinate and integrate enterprise interests and the interests of employees is one of many private enterprises concerned are also very confused problem.This problem is not properly handled, any incentive measures will lost its basis and premise of action.Some private enterprises have business interests and the interests of employees in opposition, think that resources are limited, increase employee benefits directly lead to increased costs, the interests of employees fully meet the maximum will damage corporate profits.This is a narrow, rigid "zero-sum" thinking.Enterprises in the pursuit of profit maximization motives of course no ground for blame, but the realization of this goal is a minority business elite wishful thinking, is derived from the joint efforts of all staff and creative work.Managers and employees of private enterprises with business airline passengers, conflicts of interest is bound to the boat over, all of.From this perspective, the interests of employees is the enterprise benefit, the two is not irreconcilable, framework which can common identity in enterprises and employees in a reasonable solution to conflicts of interest, share the development achievements, in order to achieve "win-win".Practice shows that, the enterprise only respect and safeguard the legitimate interests of staff, to give the contribution they make to the recognition and reward, with employees together the "cake" bigger, and ultimately achieve common development of enterprises and employees interests interests.From this point of view, close
Love the staff, to achieve "win-win", constructs the enterprise and the staff of the interests of the community, is one of the most important human engineering, harmonious engineering, which not only is the inherent requirement of the healthy development of private enterprises, but also embodies the social value of private enterprises.Is the essence of "people-oriented" concept.
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