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On the strength of the e-government construction of the State Administration of Taxation

Author: JinXinJian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-17 08:10:46 Read:
Keywords:   the State Administration of taxation; tax administration e-government
Abstract: introduces the development of e-government construction of the State Administration of Taxation, in view of the existing e-government construction of the State Administration of taxation problems at present, put forward some countermeasures.
Progress and effectiveness of the State Administration of Taxation 1 e-government construction
The development course of 1, 1 of the e-government construction
Tax is the basic source of state revenue, is the fundamental guarantee of promoting the national economic and social development.Application of taxation system informatization construction and e-government development earlier, the State Administration of Taxation e-government can be roughly divided into 3 stages.
The first stage is from the beginning of the 2O century 8O in the early 1990s, electronic tax stage simulation of manual operation (such as GCRS, CRI:'G etc.);
The second stage is from the beginning of 1994, entered the phase of the tax management information system for management (such as value-added tax audit, investigation system.);
The third stage began in 2004, is a full range of tax service system at present is under construction and create tax value, namely the electronic tax construction phase.
1.2 the construction of e-government achievement
The State Administration of Taxation, the use of information technology to improve the level of tax collection and management, lower tax costs, improve the tax revenue environment, to provide quality service to tax the taxpayer and the social from all walks of life.Main show is in: one is to further standardize law enforcement of tax authorities, to speed up the process of taxation by law; two is to effectively curb tax evasion activities carried out by the special VAT invoice, guarantee the tax revenue timely storage; the three is to further standardize the taxation order, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers; four is to help enterprises to strengthen the internal management, improve enterprise ability to guard against financial risks, protect the legitimate economic interests; the five is further enhanced by the tax authorities to use the modern information technology to strengthen tax management awareness, the tax collection management means a fundamental change; six is obviously the tax department to improve work efficiency and quality of tax collection and management; seven is the public information constantly improve the service ability.
There are 2 Circular of the State Administration of Taxation e-government construction problems
2, 1 construction funding sources
Due to the construction of e-government administration mainly by the government to propose and implement.The user is the main macroeconomic management departments and enterprises, the user number limit, the network construction is difficult for a user to drive to development, network is completed is also very difficult to carry out enterprise management, so the market mechanism play the role is not big, construction funds mainly rely on the state to solve, need to increase financial investment.Due to the current tax informationization is still facing many problems and difficulties, the demand for funds is also further expand the tax system, informatization construction of large, need to purchase, construction hardware, network application system and the operation security, increase capital investment.
2, 2 information security problems
Influence factors of tax information security is quite extensive, the main problems are: the lagging construction of basic information database, the original information can be hidden safety problems using; distortion of information manually input leads, reduces the credibility of information; the tax-related information security provided by taxpayers lack of legal norms; the construction of e-government the idea somewhat deviation, paying more attention to hardware equipment and software development, investment, and often look down on the application of the maintenance of the system; the impact of computer virus to tax-related information security problems of information asymmetry; lead to tax information security.
2.3 islands of information
Push factors over the years the tax informationization development is mostly for emergency needs to solve specific business, the lack of unified planning, therefore, throughout the construction of information application systems, repeated development, cross function, and the prevalence of "information isolated island".
2.4 information sharing problem
Data concentration was low, the sharing of information is difficult, it is difficult to make a comprehensive utilization of data.So far, the State Administration of Taxation Collection and management of data in 2, 3 and 3 districts, l, database built in the city level.Software function is a function of the cross, to bring repeat data acquisition, a tax of a table, a lot of sharing of forms to fill out many times.The system software is not unified, the operation environment is not compatible with the.Operating system, database, including middleware, all the company's products have.CTAIS and golden tax project two independently, can not achieve full sharing of information.
3 of e-government construction of the State Administration of Taxation Countermeasures
3.1 optimization of tax collection and management process to form a highly efficient electronic taxation pattern
To optimize the tax collection process to form efficient electronic tax pattern, should do the following aspects of work:
One is to establish the tax collection and management business process suitable for electronic tax, scientific and standardized.The collection authority after the adjustment, must carry on the reorganization and optimization of tax service and work procedures, establish not only meets the requirement of professional management, and suitable for computer management, facilitate the flow of tax service operation.To simplify the business process as the basis, the internal management table, card, single, simplified, merger or partially canceled book.According to the identification, tax management, evaluation, inspection declaration, management, execution and other links, the index system is determined to minimize the.
Two is to optimize the tax service, the implementation of humane management.Optimization of taxpayer service management, should be reflected in the collection management process in various aspects, including channel management, content management, tax analysis, tax consulting, legal aid, etc..The tax authorities shall in the establishment of tax management information transmission mechanism, effective, effective service and management of the taxpayers, and strengthen the monitoring of taxpayer.The tax service of humanity should include: simplification of tax collection procedures; tax management accurately, efficiently; to establish a good tax environment.And the establishment of the link state information, to the taxpayer in customer relationship management and state management principle, the integration of the tax management of business processes, establish a new management system to the tax service as the core.
Three and system reform, improve the efficiency of electronic tax.The focus is on the part of the existing collection and classification. The collection and management of business without approval, the essence of a mere formality, from the "approval system" to "approval system".For example, tax registration, tax registration staff only need to check complete information, documents of approval on the spot can be legal, tax registration, the tax registration certificate, exempt from examination and approval.
3, 2 fully excavate the information resources to strengthen the development and utilization of tax data
Science to promote e-government construction, construction is not only to improve the technology platform, the more important is that good data resources development and utilization.First of all, to strengthen the data acquisition, integration of data acquisition according to application requirements, strengthen the data audit, as far as possible to ensure the quality of data from the source, to ensure the objectivity and authenticity of data.Secondly, should be regularly carried out data cleaning and checking, further put the garbage data cleaning system, to ensure that on the basis of the data processing product authenticity and can provide a reference for the leadership decision-making.Thirdly, the data processing and analysis, the various historical data, various types of financial information, application information and other information management, data mining and data extraction by the technology of data warehouse, analysis forecast and decision through the establishment of mathematical model, and put the data into information, and then make the information into knowledge, eventually to deliver them to the hands of decision and user information, play should be useful.
To strengthen the development and utilization of data resources, can establish the data processing center at the provincial level, through the safe and smooth network, security and tax departments at all levels to realize the sharing of resources; including the realization of industry and commerce, customs, banking, finance, statistics and other departments of the network in the network platform, to achieve the establishment of a shared database information exchange.On this basis, the application of multi-layer system structure of database technology, a joint analysis of centralized and unified for all tax-related data, through the function of data extraction, processing, matching, merging, analysis, integration of heterogeneous, heterogeneous data resources, to form an effective information unified, use of scientific analysis, forecasting model of management decision making process and behavior of the taxpayer support, electronic records, report released by the use, collection quality analysis data products, to provide information services, the data into management information true, give full play to the comprehensive information, fast, efficient function.
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