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Challenge and Countermeasure of human resource management of state-owned enterprises

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Abstract: This paper discusses the core of enterprise management is to solve the problem of "people", and analysis of China's state-owned enterprises human resource management concept in the management problems.
Key words: state-owned enterprises; human resource; management of

The core issue of corporate governance is to solve the problem, the history of the British famous entrepreneurs, economists said Parkinson.Enterprise can continue to operate, is the enterprise sustainable innovation; sustainable development talent; continuing to attract, develop, build talent pool of corporate culture; training and selection of core talents can inherit and develop the fine tradition and culture.Modern enterprises need to people-centered management, human factors will be put in the first place.As the enterprise how to attract, retain, develop talent, fully tap their potential, this is human resource management must be the main content of research and innovation.

1 why twenty-first Century market competition is the competition for talent

The competition between enterprises is the key link with the passage of time, transfer from the original factory to the market, and then converted to the customer mind: namely the enterprise operation from a technical guide to demand orientation, competition orientation and to.At present, enterprises go to all lengths to establish cognitive advantages in customer's mind, blue-collar personnel of the enterprise reduce, white-collar workers gradually dominated in number, manufacturing part of many enterprises to adopt outsourcing, almost no blue-collar workers, mainly is people-centered management, human resources management has given rise to the human capital that is condensed in the human body inside, can be materialized as a commodity or service, increasing the utility of goods or services, and to share the value of revenue management.The difference between human capital and human resources: human resource is the enterprise staff's work quality, production skills and knowledge, including not only has been the development of human resources, the knowledge staff is education or training and development, also has not been developed or developing a few human resources, that is engaged in the physical or a simple auxiliary workers; includes not only willing to production activities into the enterprise employees in human resource, but also reluctant to invest the production activity of enterprise staff of human resources.In contrast, people associated with the capital refers to the workers into the general knowledge, technology, innovation and management method.From a quantitative point of view, the former is the gross potential, static, the latter is realistic, dynamic part of the value.Thus in twenty-first Century the market will be the competition of talent competition.The enterprises want to remain invincible must change the management mode of the human resources into human capital, which is the key enterprise to improve economic efficiency and competitiveness.

2 state-owned enterprises human resource management problems of

2.1 the management philosophy behind
The 2.1.1 management philosophy behind
In the human resources management personnel are full-time but not professional management staff.The essence of human capital insufficient awareness and understanding of human resource management method is very little, resulting in human resources management basically is still in the traditional stage of personnel management.So the enterprise human capital of condensation in the human body, can be materialized for goods or services.To increase the utility of goods or services, and to share in the profits of the value of the investment is little, serious loss of technical backbone and technical and the redundancy of human capital with high content of management personnel, too much, more personnel than work available.
2.1.2 human resources management vacancy and key functional loss of
The absence of human resource management the most important reason is that many enterprises lack of a pure, professional, strong human resources director or deputy chief, led directly to the actual location of the human resources department is low, its function can not fully display.In addition, lack of key function of human resource department or disorder, on the one hand, human resources management can not really stand in the top angle, close to the strategy of human resource planning.On the other hand, target system, originally belonging to the human resources department salary design functions, in many state-owned enterprises may belong to the finance department or other departments.
2.1.3 lack of human resources strategic
Due to the lack of human resource strategy, namely, the lack of long-term planning, training planning, promotion planning, salary planning etc..The enterprise human resources management department is to handle the daily administrative operations of traditional enterprise personnel, labor, rarely participate in the enterprise development strategies and development goals, the implementation of activities; it does not systematically, effectively the enterprise all human resource planning, management and development, rather than a passive obedience to other production and business units or departments requirements.
2.1.4 use light training
Only pay attention to the use of existing staff can, and do not pay attention to develop their potential, the use of talent, not only heavy stock incremental manner, like that, will lead to the development of enterprises lack of stamina.

2.2 the selection of personnel problems
The lack of scientific methods of recruitment, generally only the written test and interview recruitment, the lack of other more effective selection methods, it is difficult to guarantee the recruit personnel is the enterprise for personnel.
Personnel selection basically still in the rule of track, personnel selection basically is the leading horses, be promoted according to status, the lack of standardized and scientific procedure.
Disconnect evaluation and use, has not formed a set of scientific and reasonable evaluation methods, the evaluation result is difficult to comprehensively use personnel, or a mere formality, resulting in evaluation and the use of the phenomenon of touch.

2.3 the lack of long-term incentive mechanism of
2.3.1 single and incentives is too rigid
Long-term since, the majority of enterprises to mobilize the enthusiasm of workers on the way, to wage, bonus, welfare, housing and improve substandard in incentive means, mainly rely on the promotion, enhance the bonus and the "model" and "typical" character demonstration and education.This can only make the benefit from a minority, while the majority of workers and cadres can not get effective incentive in their own interests and needs.
2.3.2 the lack of long-term incentive mechanism of
The entrepreneur is the hero of socialist market economy, is an important human capital, is a rare, valuable social resources.How to design and establish a set of effective and able to mobilize the enthusiasm of the operators, especially in the long term incentive.It is an important issue.

2.4 the lack of the construction of the advanced corporate culture and
The enterprise culture is the source of power for the sustainable development of enterprises.Culture is the most durable, most tenacious can play the role of the force, is also a kind of final to win power.Culture is a powerful bond, on the whole, the cultural construction of state-owned enterprises in China has a considerable number of enterprises in charge: lack of awareness of corporate culture; a part of enterprise leaders, two levels only pay attention to enterprise culture after (institutional culture and material culture) construction, while ignoring the main level of enterprise culture (enterprise values and the enterprise spirit) cultivation; inconsistency in the corporate culture and corporate objectives.

3 how to realize the state-owned enterprise human capital management and

3.1 to improve the position of human resource management in
Improve the status of human resources management in the enterprise, the first step is to improve the quality of managers.For example, to accept the relevant professional training.Only in this way, the modern enterprise human resources management idea to start in the industry to establish, in order to raise the level of human resource management.The second is to improve the status of human resources management in the enterprise management in the organization, human resources management is the decision-making departments, from its function to ensure the "enterprise management as the center".3.2 the realization of human resources value chain management
In the era of knowledge economy, the core of human resource management is: how to realize the value of human capital value and the value of the value chain management.In concept to be sure the leading role of knowledge innovators and entrepreneurs in creating enterprise's value, focus of human resource management of enterprises should follow 20 / 80 rules, namely, we must pay attention to those who can create great value for business people, they account for only 20% of the number of personnel, but can create enterprise value of 80%.These people formed the core layer, is the backbone of enterprise.Through the evaluation system and evaluation mechanism, make the enterprises form depending on ability and performance, the selection and appointment of personnel human resources management mechanism.We should establish a reasonable value of the distribution system, to meet the needs of employees, which is
Effectively motivate staff.This needs to provide the value of the distribution system of multiple, including power, ability, opportunity, wages, bonuses, welfare, equity allocation.
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