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School-enterprise cooperation training mode, practice of senior technical evaluation model

Author: ZhangFenPing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-17 06:09:09 Read:
Abstract: This paper mainly discusses the three big modules senior technical evaluation model of school-enterprise cooperation mode, clarify and common evaluation, the third party, the three mutual evaluation characteristics.For example on the job training pertinence and high skill talent enough advantage, but also has social universal.
Keywords: school-enterprise cooperation; school evaluation; evaluation of enterprise; enterprise is rated

Jincheng coal industry group technical school affiliated to Jincheng coal group, the coal the main professional for the fist brand, according to the industry, enterprise development, demand for high skilled personnel school-enterprise interaction, the effective mode of cooperation, to cultivate the talents with high skill needed for enterprise and society.Relying on the Jincheng coal industry group is the major branch, level of training the senior technical improvement, evaluation system is scientific, by unit of choose and employ persons.
According to the transfer of high skilled talents by traditional skills to enhance scientific and technological content and complex, need to have superb ability, outstanding creative ability, strong ability to adapt to the requirements, ensure that students not only have advanced technical reality ability of all, but also guarantees have the advantage, the school's senior technician the evaluation system consists of three modules, see figure 1.

1 school self-evaluation

The school teaching administration department under the unified leadership of the separation of teaching and testing mode.By the technical department is responsible for the implementation of theory teaching, practice teaching task division is responsible for implementation, two department for teaching according to occupation orientation course system capacity requirements, timely communication, administration department according to the employers need to develop the training target, organize the quality assessment.Below in order to fully repair electrical senior workers training as an example, analysis of school evaluation 3 steps:

The 1.1 major theories of
In order to adapt to the ability of the enterprise to adapt the requirement of senior technicians, and strive to transform to the composite technology, professional basic theory teaching and assessment fully embody the "wide base, characteristics of fine professional", at the same time to abandon the teaching of specialized course system and course of thought, request the students basic knowledge professional master general, post professional knowledge production the site is targeted, refine on.Comprehensive repair electrical professional "Electrical Engineering", "electronic technology" and so on the basis of professional teaching requirements and mining electrical fitter, electrician and other similar mine repair professional requirements, inspection covers a wide range; "comprehensive electrical equipment", "comprehensive electrical equipment maintenance technology" teaching and examination is close to the production site, taking the typical equipment enterprises real-time use (such as DOZBH-300 / 1140 type flameproof vacuum magnetic starter) structure, working principle, maintenance, maintenance and fault treatment as the main teaching and assessment content, professional theoretical knowledge in order to make students get excellent, to become "hands and brain alliance" of skilled workers and lay a solid foundation.

The 1.2 basic skills of
Basic skills assessment student use of basic tools operating proficiency, school practice factory completed.Mining skills repair electrical professional includes three parts fitter operating basic skills, electrical instrumentation, electrical operation using basic skills, such as the commonly used measuring tool use, commonly used electrical instrument used, common wire connection operation process, Qc83-120 type magnetic starter local control, remote control wiring, for training excellent job ability and to adapt to changes in the workplace, improve professional ability in the vicinity of the conversion between provides powerful guarantee.

1.3 job skills
In the professional post practical ability job skills assessment of students, training base in Lantau Peak.The base is in the enterprise leadership decision, according to the national requirements for coal subject teaching, school and enterprise joint construction.The training base for the student participants assigned training simulation of fully mechanized working face with fully mechanized workface, equipment arrangement close to the work site, the mechanical and electrical equipment can be operated, but also special roadway layout examples of some error operation.Comprehensive repair electrical specialty students familiar with on-site electrical equipment structure in fully mechanized coal face, operation, repair and troubleshooting training, can be seen as "chicken feet, sheep tail, Ming joint" does not conform to such visual expression of wiring requirements.According to the requirements of the post skill in simulating the fully mechanized working face, for the connection of electrical equipment, state the preset troubleshooting skill examination.1.4 physical
Physical examination is to adapt to the working environment of underground coal mine special designed assessment project.Not only requires students to be able to achieve the "national student physical health standard", but also for the corresponding professional posts required for training and assessment.The students of the physical examination is divided into two parts, namely the national standard examination and post physical examination.Requirements for the national physical fitness test instrument by advanced students physical fitness test.Implementation of the health standard of students physique; we must detect the physical fitness of students can be competent the job required.Relying on the powerful support of enterprises, the repair electrical professional mining students.On physical education and teaching, the conveying cable, lift the electrical equipment and other special physical training, and make the corresponding assessment criteria, for the training of a solid theoretical knowledge, professional knowledge, high skills good physical qualified before the good points.

2 the employer evaluation of

During the evaluation of
2.1 post practice
The implementation of the distribution system, the school self-evaluation qualified students, assigned to eight companies counterparts internship, into the future job ahead of time.In the comprehensive quality assessment of the main position during the internship adaptation ability, cognitive ability, cooperation ability.Coal mine production belong to high-risk industry, the technical workers body condition, environment adaptability, hard-working spirit, obey consciousness requirements higher, so this link assessment essential.Boring machine driver 0601 class Shi Pengfei is at this stage because they could not adapt to the high intensity of labor, inspection is not qualified, not qualified for the future job eliminated.

2.2 formal appointment after the evaluation of
Although after the internship, but students still lack practical experience.To cultivate the senior technicians, senior workers learning to the standard in the study period, participate in the occupation skill appraisal times with the professional examination of the intermediate workers at graduation, work with intermediate technical workers post certificate.This avoids even took senior wage certification, but the enterprise is not recognized.In the formal appointment after half a year, by the employer to make evaluation, qualified after attending advanced skill examination.This is the school and enterprises to fully communicate results.During this evaluation focuses on types of style, creative ability, self-learning ability, the internal potential and plasticity.

3 the third party evaluation

Third party for and training unit and unit of choose and employ persons have no interest, the evaluation more objective and fair.

3.1 skills competition
At any stage of students, encourage students to actively participate in various forms of occupation skill contest, job training, technical training and other activities, the third party to evaluate it.At the provincial, city and enterprise competition to get the best ranking and the knowledge, skills of qualified players, can obtain the corresponding occupation level certification in accordance with the relevant provisions.In 2008 2007, Shanxi Provincial Office of labor organization coal technical technology competition, the coal and non-coal major professional has several classmates to award, obtain the corresponding occupation qualification certification.The school awards, stimulate the students' study specialized knowledge, training skill determination, forming a virtuous circle.

3.2 the national occupation ability identification of
Occupation skill appraisal mechanism according to the national occupation standard, combined with the enterprise requirements.To determine the theoretical knowledge and skills to identify the corresponding content.Theory of evaluation: the extraction of the established national or provincial bank papers and a certain proportion of adjustment; skills assessment: in group company place belongs to the mine production site, experts and technical staff assessment group assessment.Assessment of qualified, issued by the senior technical workers qualification certificate.
Practice has proved, school-enterprise cooperation in personnel training mode, senior technicians.
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