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The new period cadre personnel system reform in the state-owned enterprises

Author: GuoYingHua From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-17 01:47:47 Read:
Abstract: the state-owned enterprise is the main force in the development of Chinese economy, the state-owned enterprises are state-owned enterprises, the cadre system, use management cadre job specification and code of conduct.Since twenty-first Century, the cadre system reform of the state-owned enterprises have accumulated a lot of experience.Achieved remarkable results.However, in the new situation and the emergence of many new situations, new problems.
Key words: state-owned enterprises; business cadre system; problems and Countermeasures

State-owned enterprises are the main force in the development of Chinese economy, the state-owned enterprises are state-owned enterprises, the cadre system, use management cadre job specification and code of conduct.Strengthen the building of the contingent of cadres of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprise cadres are more revolutionary, younger, educated, professional, guarantee the long-term development of state-owned enterprises, must be complete, scientific cadre system as a guarantee.Since twenty-first Century, the cadre system reform of the state-owned enterprises while in many aspects of the exploration test, and accumulated a lot of experience, has made remarkable achievements.However, we should also clearly see, there are many unsuitable places our work, problems of some long-standing organizational work have not been fundamentally resolved, in the new situation and the emergence of many new situations, new problems.

1 state-owned enterprise personnel system reform in the new period of the problems encountered in

The reform of the personnel system for cadres of state-owned enterprises of
In recent years, the reform of the cadre system not only made great achievements and accumulated a lot of valuable experience to explore, conscientiously sum up the lessons of these experiences, we continue to deep to promote the reform of the cadre system, speed up the pace of reform, has a very important significance.

new problems in the reform of state-owned enterprises 1.2 personnel cadres in the new period
1.2.1 cadre system reform has not yet formed the overall planning, macro guidance efforts need to be further increased
In recent years, the basic direction of the reform of the cadre system is completely correct, is in the practice work steadily move forward to explore the reform, and relates to the field and more and more wide range, made a faster and faster pace.But because the reform by gradual way, also because of the complexity, the reform of the cadre system is profound, and the immediate interests of the people and the close correlation, so in a period of quite difficult to make an overall planning, especially in the treatment of some related problems of reform process, still there are many outstanding contradictions and problems.The cadre management system has not completely straighten out the aspects of organization and cadres staff management problem of the lack of stability, in some systems and measures in some localities and units is still quite serious new long-term relationship, Organization Department of macroeconomic regulation and control ability is not strong, lack of a set of strict guidance, coordination, supervision, control measures and effective control means.
1.2.2 cadre system reform cannot keep up with the pace of economic reform, and economic construction of the link to further enhance
On the one hand, the deepening of economic system reform, from the objective requirements of follow-up is synchronized with the reform of the political system, especially the openness, equality, competition of market economy, need to reform the current system of cadre management, classification management system and carry out scientific, break the cadres "all department", to achieve optimal allocation of talent, and establish the one mechanism open, equal, competition, preferred candidate.On the other hand, the reform of the cadre system influenced by political, economic, traditional restricted to many factors such as economic system reform, to make snap to it.Especially enterprise cadre system, has clearly and enterprise restructuring does not adapt.
1.2.3 cadre system reform measures are not complete, the pace of system to further strengthen the construction of
The reform of the cadre system and other reform is not complete, such as the organization reform, position management and finance, wage system is not supporting the implementation of cadre withdrawal system and allowed within the system of priority job recruit stem contradictory implement the exchange of cadres, because of differences in the reform of the housing system and the different regions and departments cadre welfare treatment, increasing the difficulty of the work to promote the cadre, resignation and dismissal system, and does not match with the cadres policy and social security system, etc..The reform of the cadre system abolished some unreasonable system, set up some of the new system, however, some of the new system operation is poor in the actual implementation, needs to be further improved.
1.2.4 cadre selection and appointment on old ideas is deep, ideas for further transformation of
Especially be promoted according to status, demand perfection, balance care old ideas, old ideas, is still a serious obstacle to deepen reform of the cadre system, need to overcome.
These problems, we must further emancipate the mind, renew ideas, abandon the bound us hand and foot, old old stereotypes of condoms, the old times, the bold exploration breakthrough.Open up a new way, find a new way, seriously sum up experience, and improve the system of innovation, the courage to reform of the cadre system be inopportune or inappropriate, adhere to the principle of the party's leading cadres, improved method, and gradually establish a set to conform to the characteristics of state-owned enterprises, and in reform and opening up and modernization construction suited to the needs of the cadre management system.

2 further deepening the reform of personnel system in state-owned enterprises and the new idea of

2.1 to get a good job of training and selecting young cadres / > A considerable portion of the current leadership of young cadre is less, the irrational structure of the problem, must continue to pay close attention to the training and selection of outstanding young cadres, and in-depth research from the system and mechanism.Culture is the basis of selection.Some places in the selection of young cadres, always feel talent refractory, an important reason for this is that usually does not attach importance to the training of young cadres.The training of young cadres as a focus topic, through research, the cultivation of young cadres from the strategic height.Focus on the entire leadership and cadre team construction, cultivate long-term objectives and tasks of young cadres.
Growth law to further study of young cadres, to enhance the effectiveness of training learning theory and practice, and actively explore new ways and methods of training.To strengthen the research on the construction of reserve cadres, and establish a sufficient quantity, quality assurance, vibrant mothball cadre team, to provide back-up candidate sufficient for the selection of a large number of outstanding young cadres into the leading bodies at all levels.2.2 to strengthen the cadre selection and appointment of cadres supervision
Supervision of cadre selection and appointment of cadres work, is an important part of the cadre work.Lost the power of supervision will lead to corruption, without supervision, good man may go bad.Some cadres mistakes of course first reason is his own, but the organization is lax, lax oversight is also an important cause of.Establish and perfect the mechanism to supervise the leading cadres, adhere to the positive education, giving priority to prevention, based on prior supervision, the supervision of cadres throughout every link in the cadre training, selection, use, management.Uphold and improve the leadership of periodic analysis system, leading cadres personal major matters reporting system, regularly with cadre talk and chengmian system.
To improve the cadre examination, inspection work, not only fully understand the work of cadres, and should understand the cadres of the ideological and political performance and self-discipline, not only to understand the cadres in the unit's performance, but also understand the cadres in the "circle", "life" is not only through the evaluation of democracy; democratic recommendation, to understand the cadre's view, but also through various channels to grasp the insider advice, give full play to the comprehensive function of survey work in the identification, education, motivation, supervision of cadres etc..Get rid of old ideas, in accordance with the inner requirement of socialist market economy, in order to improve the inner quality of cadres, and create a competitive incentive cadres dare to explore, dare pioneering, in order to effectively by the management system and discipline.Establish and improve the supervision of cadres in particular the normal mechanism of Party and government leaders supervision, increase the daily education and supervision, strengthen the organization and discipline inspection, supervision departments working relationship, broaden the channels of supervision by the masses.

In order to solve the problem of 2.3 can be to focus on promoting the state-owned enterprise personnel cadre system reform of
A cadre of meaning, from two broad and narrow sense.From the strict sense, is usually referred to the cadre "phenomenon can not", is mainly refers to the adjustment of incompetent cadres and some found in fine cadres.In a broad sense, the so-called down, including "on", including "".From "on" point of view, it is not a certain individual or a person how promoted, but simply to the formation of a mechanism for the healthy growth of talent showing itself, and a set of measures.From the "lower" point of view, is the
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