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How to carry out the training and education of youth in Enterprises

Author: LiuMingZhu From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-17 01:27:13 Read:
Abstract: pay more attention to the training and education of youth, to provide a platform for the development of youth and broader space.Mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity, for the development of enterprises to accumulate strength, provide human resources and intellectual support, to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, this is every enterprise problems can not be ignored.
Keywords: enterprise youth; training; education

Each youth are eager for success, eager to realize their own value, contribution to the enterprise, but because of individual differences (knowledge structure, family atmosphere, work, personal qualities and character), youth's concept, value orientation has diversified situation, individual youth exists empty belief crisis and value the concept of phenomenon.Therefore, mass organizations at all levels and departments must always highly responsible for the future development of enterprises, young spirit, strengthen ideological and political education of the youth, have a definite object in view to carry out the work; in-depth understanding of youth, from the point of view of their practical needs, be concerned about the guide, in the ideological work to support, life, so that it can correctly distinguish between truth and falsehood, gradually improve ourselves, to serve the development of enterprises.

1 coal mining enterprises to youth ideological status of

(1) the political quality is poor.Specifically manifested in the lack of political knowledge, concerned about national policy and the policy is not enough, work is not very good grasp of political direction.

(2) the lack of work hard and perseveringly.Work in the lack of ideals and beliefs of scientific and reasonable as the support power, only to no more suffering and can earn more jobs, team thought work, think well underground work.In a word, only the immediate interests, do not look at the long-term interests.

(3) the post responsibility consciousness.The work shows more mixed gas, exhausted gas, dry gas, resentment and lethargy, can stick to their posts, to fulfill their duties, due diligence requirements gap, such as work off-site, post, not in accordance with the civilized production and quality standard operating procedures, the working area of poor level of such phenomena is a concentrated reflect.

(4) the idea of learning.The overall quality of the young team showed a downward trend, whether the development of cultural knowledge, professional knowledge and social knowledge growth can not catch up with the society, can not very well and keep pace with the times, has also become a stumbling block to the enterprise to implement the scientific outlook on development.

(5) the lack of service, dedication.Some young people especially the authorities can not very well find their coordinates, always put themselves in the position of manager, team staff service attitude is not friendly enough, but from time to time to complain about the low salary, work tired, but never consider themselves beyond their enterprise pay in business for long.

2 should take which measures aiming at the

2.1 unremittingly to carry out ideological and political education
The characteristics of young employees are active thinking, to accept new ideas, new things ability is strong, vulnerable to external influence.At present, due to the reform and opening up, the development of the market economy, the improvement of people's living level, the great wealth of material life, some young people lack the political theory study on the policy of the party, the lack of understanding, resulting in the hedonism, mammonism rise.To establish a correct outlook on life, values, world outlook, we must persistently to carry out various forms of educational activities, build the solid line in thought.At present, various events often happen at home and abroad, these events are political in nature is obvious, it is these events often become the focus of attention of the young employees.We should firmly grasp this point, and guide the young employees continuously improve the political discrimination, let the young worker firstly to set up correct political ideas and political stance.On this basis, we should strengthen the youth political theory, such as Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong thought learning Marxism, Deng Xiaoping theory, the thought of Three Represents, the report of the 17th Party Congress, the sixteen report and so on, to carry out patriotic education, situation and tasks of education, to enrich the activities as the carrier, recreation, education in school, the youth to set up the correct outlook on life, values, world view, determined to go to the party and correct ideal and belief, enhance hardship consciousness, overall situation consciousness, responsibility consciousness, enhance the sense of mission, a sense of urgency, to make progress, right to reputation, status, money, and consciously resist the corrosion of decadent ideas, build up establishment in enterprise development in.2.2 strengthen their technical knowledge and training of
Technology is the first productivity.According to the relevant departments of survey data show: at present the town a total of 140000000 staff, including the technology of about 70000000 people, senior workers was only 3.5%, and the developed countries advanced workers accounted for nearly 40% of the level is far away from.Senior technical workers of enterprises in our country lack, lack of technical strength, caused many adverse consequences.According to the statistics: in all kinds of accidents happened in recent years in the enterprise, with more than half is due to the operation skills are not high or caused by illegal operations.Therefore, to increase investment in employee skill training (funding, training, training of extension efforts) at the same time, pay attention to develop strategic technical training, further improve the training system.Especially for this special group of youth mainstream - industrial army, should strengthen the training, to increase their knowledge, skills, needs to adapt to the post technical, skills development.Therefore, enterprises can not be short-sighted, satisfied with the status quo, should encourage more can the post technical knowledge, scientific and cultural knowledge, giving them time to study, to implement a post training system, the occupation education, occupation training has become a good cultural atmosphere.Here, we might as well learn some foreign practices, continue to carry out special training (can use the spare time), especially the latest domestic and foreign technical knowledge, knowledge of the market economy, modern management theory and so on, so as to enrich the cultural life, but also to meet the young people thirst for knowledge.
In addition, the enterprises should raise the mood of study.Twenty-first Century is a lifelong learning society.Learning to be a lifetime thing.Youth is only active learning, learning, learning throughout his life, the constant pursuit of knowledge often new and perfect, accelerate knowledge update, accelerate the accumulation of knowledge, improve knowledge resource capacity, make learning youth, to keep pace with the times.
It is worth mentioning that, training should be diversified.The construction of popular science education, social practice education, legal education, occupation education, continuing education and education base, youth learning position, room to read, study angle and other places of learning, organization to carry out theoretical study, lectures and other forms of learning activities, guiding the youth to go into the study.

2.3 young people concerned about growth, do young bosom
Youth, facing love, marriage, family and career choice and troubled all the trivia of life, which often makes youth depression, irritability, sadness.Not all people can take the right way to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and these factors affect their normal work and life.There are some young people there are different levels of mental illness, which is not conducive to the healthy development of enterprises.Therefore, mass organizations at all levels and departments responsible person should start from caring for the young mind, thought, life, pay attention to youth development.Do young friends, do people good youth, let the young open their hearts, to help the healthy growth of young in mind and body, starting from the actual needs of young people, really solve the ideological confusion for the youth, to solve the difficulties in life, to further mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the youth, better for the production of service, service to the society.

2.4 optimize the environment, for the youth to build the platform of
Young employees in the enterprise development, to serve the development of enterprises at the same time, also has a strong desire to achieve self.We must take full account of this point, and strive for each young employees erection stage show their value, let them to maximize their potential.At the same time, it needs certain environment, need a good culture atmosphere.Optimize the environment, to encourage young and bold innovation, bold exploration, advocate dare to go beyond tolerance, pay attention to personality, to create a good cultural environment for youth development, promote the majority of young people to develop their potential, active innovation.Establish and perfect the youth innovation mechanism, vigorously develop the youth human resources, actively find, culture, recommend young talent, bold enable young talent, creativity and efficiency for youth activities, so as to encourage the innovation practice more young people engaged in business in the.
Youth is the hope, youth is the backbone of enterprise development; youth is the main force, is the vanguard, youth, youthful vitality
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