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Analysis on the obstacles of tacit knowledge transformation of state-owned enterprises and Countermeasures

Author: LiuZuoZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-16 19:45:43 Read:
Keywords: the     of state-owned enterprises; knowledge management; tacit knowledge conversion disorder
Abstract: this paper to state-owned enterprises as the main research object, the system described the state-owned enterprises in the knowledge management especially encountered by the tacit knowledge management obstacles, and through the analysis on the current situation of knowledge management in state-owned enterprises, improve the management level of state-owned enterprise tacit knowledge strategy.


With the advent of knowledge economy era, the traditional advantage of the industrial age -- the expansion and possession is no longer unique advantage of competition of modern enterprises, the focus of competition has been transferred to the knowledge and information, so as to form the core competitiveness of enterprises.So knowledge is becoming the strategic capital plays a decisive role to the enterprise, especially as the pillar of the national economy, the state-owned enterprises, the industrial age advantage has ceased to exist, the growing foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises are gradually rising impact of state-owned enterprise market main body status of the more intense.The complicated and changeful market environment, fierce competition, forcing state-owned enterprises had to abandon the traditional management mode, to implement more adapt to market demand, it can enhance the market competitiveness of the knowledge management model.This article mainly from the more competitive and can dig tacit knowledge management of the angle, through to the state-owned enterprise knowledge management especially the invisible knowledge management situation analysis, find out the transformation of the existing obstacles and corresponding strategies were put forward to improve the degree of conversion, so as to promote the state-owned enterprises to obtain greater competitive advantage, strengthen the core competitiveness.
1 tacit knowledge and its transformation of
1.1 tacit knowledge of the concept of
Knowledge can be divided into two levels, the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge.Explicit knowledge mainly refers to the ability to use language to express, text, numbers, icon, formula, a part of the exchange of knowledge, the members of this kind of knowledge sharing, easy management, and the management of diversity; but tacit knowledge is mainly refers to is not easy to be expressed through the external mode, unspeakable and imitation, the subjective part of knowledge, this knowledge is difficult to manage, are hidden in the mind of a person, it is difficult to communicate, share, only will be able to manifest to use explicit knowledge management tools for the management, but not all of the tacit knowledge can be dominant, only part of it can use the elicitation method transforms.Both are essentially different, as shown in table 1.
1.2 tacit knowledge conversion of
Now through convenient Internet means to obtain more detailed categories, explicit knowledge is easy.Therefore, competition for the tacit knowledge has become the focus of competition between countries, the importance of knowledge management, tacit knowledge in the increasingly prominent.As early as in 1958, the British physical chemist, philosopher M.Polanyi pointed out that "than to say how we know".Knowledge of the On-Line Company chief executive officer of Ron Yang also proposed: "explicit knowledge can be said to 'just the tip of the iceberg', while the tacit knowledge is hidden in the bottom of the iceberg most.Tacit knowledge is the intellectual capital is to provide nutrition, tree roots, explicit knowledge is the fruit of the tree".Therefore, tacit knowledge conversion for enterprises, especially it is particularly important for the urgent need to open up the market, reversing the decline of state-owned enterprises.
For the conversion of tacit knowledge, scholars have different views, which is particularly well-known Japanese scholar Nonaka Fujiro (Ikujiro Nonaka) and Takeuchi Hirotaka (Hirotaka Takeuchi) in the "The Knowledge-Creating SECI model proposed by Company," a Book of.
In the SECI model, they mainly presents knowledge within the transformation between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge of the four stage theory, they thought, knowledge through four processes of socialization, externalization, and internalization, two kinds of knowledge constantly transformation, eventually forming a continuous development, continuous growth of knowledge spiral.Specifically, the existing tacit knowledge through the transformation of these four processes, and the development of tacit knowledge, go round and begin again, continuous development.
In these four processes, the externalization of knowledge is part of knowledge creation, the transformation process is crucial, tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge transformation process, mainly the tacit knowledge to explicit with some elicitation method, a process to express, exchange of explicit knowledge.
2 analysis of tacit knowledge transformation of state-owned enterprise knowledge management obstacles in
In the whole process of knowledge transformation, the externalization of tacit knowledge is important, but it is also one of the most difficult.For state-owned enterprises, in the promotion process, strengthening the knowledge management of tacit knowledge Explicitation in exist many obstacles affecting transformation.
2.1 organizational institutional barriers and
Because the research in terms of knowledge management in China started late, the application is not deep enough, which leads to the key knowledge management in some state-owned enterprises one-sided, most probably it did not actually happen that focus on knowledge contest is explicit knowledge, neglect the important strategic tacit knowledge of the position, not to their own implicit knowledge resource reservation, mining, excessive focus on competition held by the advantage of knowledge resources, resulting in the development of enterprise system does not take into account the tacit knowledge conversion, the importance of enterprise itself, the amount of the tacit knowledge and individual members which contain abundant tacit knowledge caused loss.
2.2 members of the psychological barrier of
Davenport in the "principles" of knowledge management once said: knowledge sharing and utilization is an unnatural act.This is a one-sided understanding of organizational members knowledge sharing, individuals do not want to let others tacit knowledge of their observation, imitation, sharing, fear effect of [6] on his position, ability, especially now, to seek the competition most state-owned enterprises to comply with the time development, market, let members crisis consciousness, but are not correct guidance, resulting in the decrease of the degree of mutual trust among members of [5], members in the occupation safety considerations, reluctant to share their knowledge, and the tacit knowledge conversion disorder.
At the same time, in addition to tacit knowledge holders of self-protection mental, psychological barriers the knowledge receiver is an obstacle for the transformation of tacit knowledge.Some people think that accept the tacit knowledge from others, is an insult to their ability or status, wrong to think that only their own independent creation of knowledge is embodied the value of the individual, can show a person of outstanding ability to work, instinctive resistance from others knowledge exchange, which also caused the tacit knowledge transformation is not smooth.
2.3 organizational obstacles to understanding
In the past, the state-owned enterprises take it as a great honour of traditional advantage is the manpower and equipment, but now they have not become the dominant advantage, but this equipment mainly concept, leading to knowledge, biased, ignored the modern technology in knowledge management particularly important role tacit knowledge conversion on the.In the sharing of tacit knowledge plays an important role in computer technology, there are a lot of wrong understanding, such as the wrong office management knowledge management understood only by using the office software of the very basic, knowledge storage one-sided understanding of the electronic paper documents, that use some basic software and the realization of paperless is the good management of knowledge.These measures are not fundamentally to turn material resources to good account, what method does not fully understand modern technology and knowledge management combining.
2.4 organizational change brought about by the subsequent
Since thirty years of reform and opening up, the state-owned enterprises have undergone decentralization, the separation of two rights and the system innovation and a series of changes [7], members of the streamlined be imperative, but also caused a large number of individuals are not sharing tacit knowledge loss in streamlining the members at the same time, for example, have many years of work experience, a lot of technical proficiency workers in the post also takes away the tacit knowledge accumulated over the years, this is not a small trauma for the development of enterprises, to make up for the loss of the need to pay a very high price.
3 &nb
Sp; the measures of promoting the ` tacit knowledge converting state-owned enterprises
For state-owned enterprises, the management of tacit knowledge is the essence of Mining Organization members wisdom and use, thus forming the enterprise can use and benefit from the knowledge resources.
3.1 to establish effective mechanism to promote tacit knowledge transformation and
To tacit knowledge sharing in the organization, good circulation, the most basic thing is to have a series of efficient promotion mechanism.To meet the needs of management and employees respectively for different mechanism, the top-down penetration.For the management, needs to have the leadership mechanism, to establish a tacit knowledge sharing channels, the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) is essential for this job settings.For the members of the organization layer, there is need for [4] sound incentive mechanism to return members, to promote the use of shared tacit knowledge contribution.Incentive mechanism includes not only the salary incentive, also should have the spirit incentive.Reasonable compensation to meet the material needs of members, this is the basic motivation.To contribute to the flow of tacit knowledge member award, this not only increases the member's work enthusiasm, learning motivation, but also a recognition of member contributions, and to meet members of certain psychological needs.Of course, after meeting the material needs of members of the low level, the need for higher level is obviously.Honor motivation, achievement motivation, competition motivation, interest incentive, incentive, participation motivation, communication training incentive, incentive, incentive, caring feelings of expectation encouragement belong to the spirit encouragement category.
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