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Research on the human resource management of private enterprises

Author: MaShaoMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-16 18:04:17 Read:
Abstract: the private enterprises play a decisive role in the national economy, is the key point of growth of economic development.With the deepening of reform and opening up, the private enterprise to obtain rapid development must strengthen the enterprise human resources management in the fierce competition in the market.Based on the development status of private enterprises, make an in-depth analysis on the status of human resource management.
Keywords: private enterprises; human resources

1 private enterprise human resource characteristics of

(1) the age structure is younger.Private enterprise of our country is accompanied by the process of reform and opening up and gradually developed, the majority of private enterprises do not have a long history, more younger, this makes the enterprise full of vitality, open mind, easy to accept new things, often can break a new path in extremely difficult circumstances, this kind of enterprise in the business the early development of faster.But the staff too young will also bring some disadvantages, such as lack of experience, lack of calm, only used Shunfengchefan, not good at sail against the current.
(2) the academic structure of two yuan.On the one hand, in some high-tech private enterprises, occupy the vast proportion of undergraduate and graduate students.Such a high-quality personnel for the development of enterprises a powerful driving force, is the enterprise valuable intellectual resources and intangible wealth.On the other hand, the majority of private enterprises, especially the traditional second, three industries, such as mining, manufacturing, clothing, food, repair and other industries, technical content is low, not high value-added products, the quality of personnel requirements low, private enterprises to employ a large number of cheap foreign labor, mostly high school diploma, such enterprises are very defects in the structure of human resources, lack of sustained development and industry upgrading and transformation ability.
(3) personnel mobility.The organization structure of China's private enterprises are quite flexible, but because of the need, not in order to design some special personnel set up welfare jobs.Employing mechanism of two-way choice is typical, the freedom to come and go.Therefore, the liquidity of private enterprise talent is quite big, can "get".The careful and pragmatic approach is brought to the enterprise vitality, but also objectively caused liquidity enterprise personnel huge, brings to the enterprise relative instability.
(4) the employment of part-time staff, pop out "by the brain".Most of the private enterprises, especially small scale, the enterprise strength is limited.For the general business, "by the brain", popular outward object selected is mainly for college students, or other units to part-time staff.It is cheap and convenient.Part-time as non fixed staff, can pay the reward according to their marginal contribution and scarcity, and the cooperation period can be short or long, very flexible.

2 private enterprise human resources management present situation of

After our country joins WTO, facing the fierce market competition, private enterprises must strengthen the development and management of human resources in enterprises.Human resource is the cornerstone of private enterprises to cultivate core competence, most private entrepreneurs have realized the important role of human resource development and management for enterprise development, but there are some problems in the actual operation.
2.1 introduction of talents lack of reasonable and scientific in method
(1) the lack of recruitment process, enterprises need to go to the talent market recruitment, showing a "characteristics" is to recruit, recruit enterprises often repeatedly to the region's talent market to find the necessary talent.This is time-consuming and laborious, caused the recruitment costs, but also difficult to recruit to the satisfaction of the personnel.
(2) method of selecting talents on single and backward.Scientific selecting talents should be the comprehensive application of multiple methods to take a written test, scene simulation, interview, psychological test and background investigation of.Most of the private enterprises in the recruitment is still single mode using only traditional interview, rarely used several methods to test the ability of science to review candidates.The interview method is simple, intuitive, save time, but it is very difficult to test the actual interview one's ability.While the majority of private enterprise human resources managers own professional quality is low, in the recruitment of only with work experience, heavy degree is not heavy, heavy candidates speech, performance, not the candidates even judge people by outward appearance, it is difficult to guarantee the personnel to enter.
2.2 performance evaluation of strong randomness.The lack of objective criteria
Performance evaluation plays an important role in the enterprise human resources management, and other work closely, but in practice, private enterprises are lack of corresponding standards in performance assessment, optional sex is strong.
(1) the purpose of performance evaluation of single.The main purpose of private enterprise employee performance evaluation is based on the need to pay, to pay bonuses and other personnel decisions, in pursuit of short-term corporate performance improvement, while ignoring the employee development the main purpose, so that the results of evaluation are not and employee training, occupation career planning and development target association, resulting in the enterprise human resources management competition the advantage of greatly reduced.
(2) equal to performance management performance evaluation.This kind of wrong understanding to the evaluation results, light the evaluation process, performance, light stimulation and control of performance behavior.
(3) performance evaluation justice, openness is not high.The family mode of human resource management, performance evaluation is "love", "relationship", "relatives" and other factors, makes the employees the opportunity to exchange for compensation through the political skills and ingratiation means, rather than rely on work performance to win compensation.
(4) the performance management strong randomness.By the paternalistic leadership style influence, in the evaluation of content, specific projects set and weight set arbitrariness prominent, evaluation standard is fuzzy, with a lot of subjective color, and the whole system is lack of science, it is difficult to guarantee sequential consistency policy.
2.8 too much emphasis on the management system, salary incentive mechanism is not perfect and
The enterprise can use salary as a "powerful means to retain talent".However, private enterprises in the initial stage of development or "link" is often a collective or state-owned units; or is evolved from the state or collective units; or to a greater extent rely on family members for help.Therefore, when the completion of primitive accumulation to seek further development, the irrational characteristic of cash and stock ownership plan salary will be further exposed.Some private enterprises to develop without a reasonable and effective salary system.Companies are not in accordance with the scientific theory analysis tool to analyze the different needs of employees, more cannot design a different incentive measures according to the different needs of employees, these will affect the morale and loyalty to a certain extent.More serious are extremely many private enterprises there is a serious down wages, the deduction of wages and wage arrears phenomenon.The growth of human capital in private enterprises, the formation of human capital and traditional capital growth benign interaction mechanism, increasingly shows its negative effects.
2.4 inadequate investment in human capital, training mechanism is not perfect and
Thought on human resources management, due to changes in the internal and external environment, staff skills gap is the development of performance, is a normal phenomenon, so the objective need to retrain new skills, ideas and the quality of education of the employees of enterprises.Many private enterprises often neglect the training work, mainly in two aspects:
(1) do not know the place of training.Many private enterprises do not realize that staff training is an important means of human resource development, often the training funds only as a cost rather than a long-term investment.Some enterprises do not engage in training.Therefore, staff training funds are rarely used in the private enterprise, a few private enterprises have no training funds.
(2) no systematic and scientific training system.The first is not a qualified personnel training plan; the second is not a complete, comprehensive training plan, or training courses are not suitable for employees, or only training senior personnel, ignore the grass-roots staff.The lack of systematic, scientific and forward-looking.

3 private enterprise human resource management strategy analysis of

If the private enterprises want to occupy a space for one person in the fierce market competition, the operators must first pay attention to human resources management from a strategic height, with the goal of enterprise development as the basis for enterprise human resources management.
3.1 to establish a people-oriented management concept of
Enterprise's competition in the final analysis is the competition, private enterprises should establish a "people-oriented" management philosophy, in the new economic era, human is able to create more value resources, to tap the potential of people constantly, make the person
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