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Planting design of city park landscape plants

Author: WangHongJian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-16 15:41:25 Read:
Abstract: the park play an important role in city public green space, is for the masses tour, leisure, culture and entertainment, ornamental, carry out social activities and sports activities in the beautiful place, but also reflect the important window of city landscape level.With the acceleration of China's city development and industrialization process, the concentration of population and the increase of the density and the accelerated pace of life, people demand more and more urgent to the park, the park there are increasingly high requirements.The article starts from the garden planting design principles and planting form, introduces the planting design of city park landscape plants, have important significance to improve the landscape of city park and park various functions.
Keywords: City Park; landscape; landscape planting design:

With beautiful environment in city park, it allows visitors to enjoy nature's charm, thereby encouraging the spirit, eliminate fatigue, forget their troubles, and promote physical and mental health.Garden plants is the main park landscape, is the main material of life in the garden, the reasonable configuration of garden plants can fully display the ornamental characteristics of its own, to create the effect of environment art beautiful.Different shapes of trees, after reasonable configuration, change the height, size, shape, color will produce a sense of rhythm, sense of hierarchy, the environmental landscape effect plays a huge role, but also can foil other gardening formation of subject matter and lively images, create a deep open different artistic conception far.Planting design is scientific, rational decision ornamental effect and park various functions of park landscape to a great extent, fully understand the science, art, selection of planting green plants, to improve the level of Green Park, improve the quality of city environment, maintain ecological balance, creating a significant park beautiful landscape.

1 landscape plants design principles of

1.1 follow the harmonious integration of man and nature of the principle of
To people-oriented, follow the principle of ecology, from the consideration of visual landscape, ecological environment, public behavior, the creation of a return to nature, into the natural artistic conception, to achieve harmony between man and nature.

1.2 the overall artistic layout to coordinate
General rules garden, plants based on plant, row planting, layout, and in the natural garden, the asymmetry of the natural layout, fully embodies the plant material natural stance.Different environment requires different planting patterns, such as around the building, the main road and gate, the use of rules of implant, and small building in the natural landscape, the ups and downs of lawn and asymmetric nearby, the natural type planting, attention should be paid to plant space structure of rhythm, harmony in order to achieve the overall layout.

1.3 plant configuration must prioritize, density of
Many trees planting, mixed planting can be one or two, do not divide.Evergreen the four seasons evergreen, solemn and grave, but the lack of change; deciduous tree of rich colors, more lively, but the winter leaves desolate.Evergreen and deciduous tree of each configuration can compensate both disadvantages and advantages.In order to highlight the distinctive tone of deciduous trees, evergreen trees to lower or higher than the deciduous tree.Bush can use of natural terrain, contour line to form a well-proportioned.Trees, shrubs, composed of trees, open space should have closed the local; closed space to open the perspective line, to form a contrast.

1.4 plant configuration should pay attention to changes in
Plant configuration to achieve "the four seasons evergreen, flowers in three seasons", but also pay attention to the changes of the four seasons scenery.Each region to highlight a seasonal plants, key areas should make the four seasons scenery.In a season of landscape location should also be decorated in other seasons, otherwise a season later, will become monotonous.

1.5 fully consider the ornamental characteristics of
Plant material itself has the ornamental features, have view leaf, flower, fruit, enjoy the posture, smell and hearing.Make full use of its features can enhance ornamental.To improve the landscape effect, increase interest.

1.6 plant configuration and building harmonious
Plant configuration according to the size, structure, the building of the overall consideration, seasonal change of rational plant disposition can not only make the four seasons, can also enhance and enrich the landscape.Near the larger, facade solemn, the vast field of vision building, to choose the main high crude, crown open tree.Tall trees to configure slightly far in building.Around the structure of delicate, exquisite, beautiful buildings, to the plant leaves, branches slender, some small dense tree canopy.Consider the perspective of need, should be planted some low shrubs, flowers, so as not to seem too monotonous.The shore water tree planting should be sparse, Bush also shoulds not be too close, so as not to interfere with the.

2 landscape plants in the form of

2.1 trees of the configuration of
There are isolated planting, planting, planting, group planting and group planting etc..

2.2 shrub planting
Shrubs lush foliage, can increase the canopy level.Many shrubs having showy flowers.Planting pattern, can make the scene more variations.Layout in the tall trees suitable shrub, give a person rich administrative levels feeling.Fully empty place, shrubs, there must be a certain height.Street planting shrubs, close to the roadside, to deep nature, away from the road remote, should be smooth and cheerful.Layout a grass verge large bushes, can increase the space a sense of quiet.

The configuration of
2.3 flowers
The flower is rich in color, can produce a thriving atmosphere.Rule type generally use the flower bed, flower beds, glasses, with flowers and other forms, its characteristic is to focus the rich a local scene, give a person with strong, bright, cheerful feeling.The natural use of sparse transplanting form, very natural.In the flower bed configuration flower, must be clear.Color coordination, blossom.Flower configuration with contrast color combinations, it can produce a strong color effect.As with purple pansy and orange Calendula, blue and yellow cosmos contrast Huoxiang perch.On the grass planting red canna, red flowers can receive contrast effect is very good.

The configuration of
2.4 climbing plants
Climbing plants grow quickly, with luxuriant foliage, bright colors, the wall, roof, wall, a flower gallery can be planted.Such as rose, wisteria, ivy, grape, revitalization and buckwheat, can play a shade, dustproof, sound insulation, heat insulation and decoration effects, can also be used for decorative lamp posts, door frames, rich landscape, is a special form of modern landscape.3 park landscape planting design

3.1 park greening tree species selection for
Since the area of the park, site conditions and ecological environment is complex, activities of the project, so the choice of greening tree species not only to master the general rules, but also combined with the special requirement, suit one's measures to local conditions, dominated by native species, supplemented by field precious acclimation to stable growth of tree species; make full use of the original trees and seedlings, the bacteria, the appropriate dense; mainly in the fast-growing species, the combination of fast-growing tree species and longevity.To select the ornamental value, and strong resistance, fewer pests species, not the berries and vermin species, in order to facilitate the management.

3.2 Park planting layout
Rational layout according to the natural and geographical conditions, the local city, public interests are characteristics of trees, shrubs, grass, to create a beautiful landscape.It is necessary to achieve the full green, sun, wind, you have to meet the needs of tourists sunbathing.
(1) with 2 ~ 3 tree, form a unified tone.Generally speaking, the North accounted for 30% ~ 50% of evergreen trees, deciduous trees accounted for 70% ~ 50% Southern evergreen accounted for 70% ~ 90%.In a population, around the building, children's activities area and garden greening should be full of change.
(2) in children's entertainment district, District, can choose red, orange, yellow, warm plants and flowers to create a warm atmosphere; in the rest area or monument, can choose green, purple, blue and cold colors of plants to ensure natural solemn atmosphere; in the tour recreation area, to form changes four seasons, seasonal dynamic spring flowers, summer shade, autumn foliage, green landscape effect in winter, in order to attract tourists
(3) the park near green environment can choose a strong contrast color, in order to eye-catching; vision green can choose simple color, in order to summarize.

3.3 park facilities environment greening and planting design
(1) the design of planting population.The door to the park the main population, mostly for the main.Green should be paid attention to when rich street and coordinated with the gate building phase, but also to highlight the characteristic park.If the door is the rule type building, it should be used in symmetrical arrangement of greening; if the door is the asymmetric architecture, should use natural layout of green.The parking lot in front of the gate, Joe, shrub available around the green, so that around shading and isolated environment in summer; the door flower beds, flower beds, internal available shrubs and sculpture or guide map matching, but also laid the lawn, planting flowers, shrubs, but should not hinder sight, and be convenient traffic and tourists.
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