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The benefits and disadvantages of the construction of Guangzhou University city Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts

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Abstract: the construction of Guangzhou University city plays an important role for the development of Guangdong University, promote economic and cultural development.The Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts is one of the first in the Guangzhou University City College, its occupancy how the present situation and development of University City? This paper will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts in University City, Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts to give future education management have a cast a brick to attract jade.
Keywords: Guangzhou city; University; Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts; the construction of
Abstract: Guangzhou University city 's construction regarding the Guangdong University' s development inestimable function, has been leading the economic civilization development. But Guangzhou Fine arts academy takes the first batch to enter and be stationed in Guangzhou University city the University, how has it moved in the University City present situation and develops This article will enter the university? City to Guangzhou Fine arts academy the advantage and the shortcoming carries on the analysis, gives Guangzhou aspects and so on Fine arts academy later education administration to have the function which offers a few ordinary introductory remarks so that others may offer their valuable ideas.

Key words: Guangzhou; university city; Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy; constructs

1 Introduction

University City as a kind of higher education phenomenon, in foreign countries is a natural formation.It is accompanied by the development of higher education development, and with the growth of economic and social development demand of education and the expanding and development.Its important characteristics different from the general colleges and universities lies in its larger, schools and local formation of the larger community, population often reach tens of thousands, with teachers and students as the main members, the number of college students accounted for more than a certain percentage of the city population: generally around in a big city, the city has become a "residence satellite city" special scientific research institutions of higher education and the University City, students and local residents, the town enterprise is mixed, so in a sense the University City construction to speed up the pace of urbanization, city of.The whole town to the University as the main body, with educational activities and related technology development activities as the main content, many people in employment in University City, University City services, community service industry basically services for university students, a number of other industries also rely on the development of University, University City directly drives the whole town services, business, tourism industry.
Notable feature: 1. University City has a profound cultural accumulation; 2. It has strong social demand for talents and technology; the spatial layout of industry is reasonable; the good external environment; the one where a region has key influence university support; the "urban diseases" light; the opening and sharing.Therefore, the university city is not a traditional university version, but a new campus aggregation form, have the quality characteristics of out of the ordinary, i.e. facilities, sharing resources, integration of culture, ideology, ecological landscape, environment.

2 Guangzhou University city construction significance of

2.1 Guangzhou University city construction necessity
Guangdong higher education development compared with developed province, city, district also has the obvious disparity, is not adapted to the needs and Guangdong's economic and social development, do not suit with the Guangdong people to accept the higher education requirements, do not suit with the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society and realize basic modernization.The scale is insufficient, is one of the main problems in the development of higher education in guangdong.Specific performance: the lack of extensive impact on the first-class university; college overall strength is not strong; the education idea is relatively old, lack the spirit of innovation.University City is our country from a new educational phenomenon appears at the end of nineteen ninties, its formation is mainly to solve the popular trend of higher education and the higher education resources shortage of reality.The construction of university city one can meet the practical needs of school expanding educational space, on the other hand can also concentrate on the construction, integration of resources, joint development.
The construction of Guangzhou University City Guangdong provincial Party committee, the provincial government is promoting higher education to achieve leapfrog development, important measure to enhance the economic development potential.In accordance with the planning of new educational idea, Guangzhou University city is hitherto unknown not only in the scale, speed and intelligent degree, and became the university professional structural adjustment, the expansion of enrollment scale, improve construction quality, innovation management, the first-class university major opportunities.Guangzhou University City high-level personnel training base, leading scientific research base in Guangzhou and cultural attractions as, Guangzhou University city can greatly promote the economic development of Guangzhou City, science and culture.
2.2 Guangzhou University city construction significance of
The orientation of the development of Guangzhou University city as the national first-class university park, scientific research and communication center, Southern China area senior talent cultivation, science research, development, production integration of the city of new area.Its important mission is not only to resolve the "higher school enrollment" the land problem, but also through the construction of University City and it has brought a series of chain reaction to the essence of Guangzhou city to promote the "south up north who, East into the west" city development strategy.Guangzhou University city's construction and management mechanism is dominant with the government, colleges and universities as the main body, to attract the active participation of social forces.In view of the domestic university city to implement the "socialization", defect and loss of uniqueness of university survival sharing all resources, Guangzhou University city emphasizes "classified sharing of resource", further defined the scope of logistics socialization, the government investment in the construction of infrastructure of large, as a shared resource University, in between University city each university resources sharing voluntarily, by the school to decide whether to share, with whom to share and to share.
2.2.1 promoted the rapid development of
the cause of Higher Education
It expands the space of development of higher education, accelerating the process of popularization of higher education, higher education is its main function, the rapid growth of the scale of higher education mainly in University City, which is the direct effect of the construction of the University city.Due to the hardware structure are designed to take into account sharing and complementary, the traditional education system, management system, training methods need to be adjusted and improved, thus, it can promote the education reform, improving education efficiency, optimize the school environment.
2.2.2 improved the city's academic and cultural grade
University City is relatively independent cultural community.The essence of University City, University Consortium, so its culture belongs to the university culture, is also the academic culture, but also a high quality academic culture.This city (or town) has brought a positive role, its libraries, cultural centers, stadiums and other cultural facilities and rich and colorful cultural activities to meet the needs of people, in material and spiritual aspects of mental and physical pleasure, enrich people's leisure life, improve the quality of life.And through the environment influence, the guidance of public opinion, the example demonstration, contribute to the formation of a climate and atmosphere, the influence character by environment effects on each individual member of the community; it is always advocated positive values and behavior patterns, values and behavior mode and exclude the negative
Type, make people convergence differences, eventually forming the community spirit in common, such as the sense of participation, cooperation consciousness, cooperation consciousness, innovation consciousness, upgrade the city cultural taste.
2.2.3 promotes the economic development of the
To provide tens of thousands of jobs for the community residents, to promote the industrial structure and employment structure adjustment in the community and the city, so as to drive the development of region economy, conducive to the formation of University Science and Technology Park, promote high technology incubator.
2.2.4 to do the city open and sharing of resources, avoid the waste of resources and
The town itself is a university campus, in the city streets in various schools, community service, public transportation can be said to be the school, is also the community, its openness is not only reflected in the absence of walls and doors, more important is to reflect on its talent training, academic research and ideology of the Open University; all kinds of facilities, venues, bookstores, hospitals are all open to the community for sharing, software and hardware resources of the university are also can be shared, such as a library card can be in all libraries within the city in general.
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