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Integration of resources to promote circular economy

Author: HuangRuiJuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-16 11:39:53 Read:
Abstract: Through the integration of non-coal mines resources, basically solved the mining enterprises, small, scattered, chaotic layout unreasonable phenomenon, mine production concentration and the degree of security, intensive, large-scale development, the ecological environment has been further protection and restoration, to promote the development of the economic cycle, so that the sustained, healthy and coordinated development of the national economy.
Key words: integration of resources; circulation; economic

Mineral resources is an important material for China's economy, society and people's living resources, since the reform and opening up, with the market economy continues to promote the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for resources continues to increase, a large number of small and medium-sized mining rush the sky, plus legal policy is not perfect, the people's ideology is relatively thin, in some places only the pursuit of economic efficiency, ignoring the non-renewable mining resources, resulting in the mines without mining the phenomenon, greatly damaged the ecology of the mine balance, a serious impact on the local environment, causing environmental pollution and exploitation of resources has led to some local resources become depleted, ignited from geological disasters, has seriously hampered the sustained, healthy, coordinated development. Yicheng County especially iron ore mostly imminent integration of non-coal mining resources and environmental governance.

Mineral resources development and utilization of

Yicheng County in the province throughout the southwest, bar, Taiyue between two mountains, Yicheng total area of ??the 1163 km 2 , very rich in mineral resources, iron ore mine 12 reserves of nearly 100 000 000 1. Detailed investigation has proven reserves of gold, silver, copper, lead, tin, aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous metals and a lot of granite, quartz, marble, dolomite, barite, silica, foreign crucible, cinnabar, sulfur other non-metallic mineral deposits and contain a variety of rare element mineral deposits of more than 30 species.
Yicheng County 93 existing non-coal mining enterprises, of which 38 iron ore, quarry 21, Block l, barite ore, brick clay Enterprise 33.

2 Problem Analysis

A large number of iron ore mines, near the local iron and steel enterprises to provide a low-cost high-quality iron ore raw materials, but because of number of mine Luancailuanwa, event after another. Brought a series of mine safety, waste of resources and environmental pollution problems.

(1) mine and mine lack the necessary safety distance between the overall resource planning, resource utilization is relatively low.

(2) mining and small-scale, relatively backward technology, poor equipment, production safety conditions are very poor, there is a serious security risk.

(3) the lack of mining practitioners mining knowledge, skill level and safety awareness is not strong. The consequent production safety accidents constantly.

(4) Due to the large number of small mines, mining activities in order confusion, ore resources are digging Luancai and a waste of resources and environmental pollution.

3 non-coal mine resource integration

Compliance adhere to government guidance and market operation; adhere to the scientific planning, step-by-step implementation; insist on the protection of resources and environmental management; adhere to an integrated, open and fair; adhere to the large and small: superior and inferior; insist on compensation for the use, optimize the allocation of resources principle . Guided by the government to promote and strengthen the integration of departmental basis for field transfer mode rational planning, market allocation of the principle of separation of factories and mines, supporting policies backed by the smooth progress of the non-coal mining enterprise resource integration. (1)-led government in charge of the leadership, as a mineral resource development and optimization of the configuration work group leader, the development of mining resources integration principle, the relevant departments of the job duties, the various stages of the tasks and the time made clear requirements promote the integration of mineral resources and orderly.

(2) set by the Land and Resources Bureau of Yicheng County under the jurisdiction of mine development and mining rights to conduct field research and to examine; according to mine the distribution of resources, geomorphological features and existing mining enterprises of mining rights set reasonable division of and set up new mines mining rights, mining scale and transfer period.

(3) the allocation of resources according to market principles, those who have a certain scale and technology can participate in the bidding of the mining rights by qualified more than three joint ventures, cooperation and the formation of independent mining companies for mining, mining enterprises must ore supply agreement signed with the mining companies.

(4) a reasonable balance between the interests of all parties, the county finance businesses to adopt new technologies to give some financial support to encourage new mining enterprises to optimize the mining method to improve mining efficiency, rational arrangement of mining technology and resources.

4 resource integration effect

(1) mining enterprises through the integration of large-scale, intensive levels were significantly increased, significantly reduced the number of mining enterprises, in particular, focus on integration of regional basically put an end to small businesses Luancai digging phenomenon.

(2), the integrated exploitation of mineral resources mining and mineral processing recovery capacity has been further improved through the introduction and use of advanced scientific mining methods and beneficiation process; symbiosis, comprehensive development and utilization associated minerals; waste rock, tailings and other mining solid The waste also been safe storage and secondary development.

(3) the integration of non-coal mines resources, strengthen safety awareness. Conscientiously implement the safety laws and regulations, strengthen safety supervision and monitoring, the implementation of the responsibility for production safety of mining enterprises, mining enterprises employing specialized training and examinations, certificates, improved mine safe production level of technical equipment and The quality of the safety of employees, improving the condition of the mine safety production equipment.

(4) has been significantly improved through the integration of mine ecological environment.
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