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Application of incentive mechanism in the management of school

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Abstract: Based on the characteristics of the school management, use of the incentive mechanism in the process of school management.Through the analysis of the connotation, the incentive mechanism of the principle of education and psychology as well as the related research, combined with the existing incentive mechanism in the school management problems, put forward the basic approaches and strategies.
Keywords: incentive mechanism; School of management and

1 the incentive mechanism of

In school management, key management is the key to improve the quality of teaching staff, the completion of the teaching task, is also on the faculty.But how to give full play to the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity in the teaching staff, how to make their achievement in the school work and a sense of satisfaction, which requires managers according to the staff's demand and motivation to correct and timely implementation of incentive mechanisms, both the solution and do our best to meet the reasonable needs of teaching workers, care about their interests, to maximize the development potential of their school, realize the goal.

The incentive mechanism of the connotation of
The so-called incentive mechanism is to create the meet the individual needs of the conditions, to stimulate their motivation to work, make to achieve organizational goals and their own goal of the specific behavior.In fact, the process of incentive is needed to process, motivation, behavior and the target of four interrelated, interaction.Its starting point is to meet the various needs of the individual, only the individual has some need, can stimulate the motivation, to produce to meet needs and work behavior, finally to achieve the unification of organizational and personal goals.

The theory of
1.2 incentive mechanism
In the past one hundred years, has created a lot of important theory in the field of incentive theory, and many scholars made a lot of achievements in this field.Mainly in 1943 Maslow put forward the theory of hierarchy of needs, Herberger's two-factor theory, Mcclelland's needs theory of motivation.
1.2.1 Mcclelland's needs theory of motivation and
American management expert Mcclelland proposed incentive theory to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory and further development.He stressed, a basic human need has 3 kinds: namely the power need, need for achievement and belonging needs.Also, there is the corresponding performance in school management.
(1) on the need for power.On the need for power is a kind of to make people act in accordance with their wishes, to influence and control the wishes of others or driving force.Mcclelland found, with a higher power to the people, usually like to assume responsibility, tend to seek the competitive and leader orientation work environment, and strive to exert influence on others.In the school, in addition to the president, many others in the staff also has a strong need for power, they like to assert himself in small groups within.
(2) the need for achievement, attribution.Need for achievement is to or more than a series of standard, want to do things better than ever, willing to strive for success is the driving force.In ongoing work, they want to get clear and rapid feedback, timely know whether progress, another is they are willing to accept the challenge, to establish a certain degree of difficulty of the goal, to achieve greater, better performance.They often set a difficult goal for myself, a complete program, within the prescribed time toward the goal of struggle; having a high need for affiliation people get happiness from love often, and always trying to avoid being in a group to bring the pain, just like the school happy and harmonious collective atmosphere.
Other theories of incentive mechanism of
(1) Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory.Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, published in 1943, "human motivation theory" in put forward the theory of hierarchy of needs, the need is divided into 5 levels, from low to high are: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs.Among them, the biological need is the basic need of human self-generated exist, including basic necessities of life, only in the physiological needs are met under the premise, personnel may to get other motives.Once the security is obtained, will not be a motivating factor.Social need is to interact with others, to obtain a sense of belonging.Respect the need to include self-esteem and respect for others, can greatly stimulate individual work enthusiasm, creativity; will fully tap their own potential, and actively create conditions to reach a new stage in the new platform.
(2) the theory of double factors herberger.Dual factors theory of Herberger is actually work motivation theory, he thought at work, individuals feel good factor and tired of feeling is different.While the incentive factors refer to factors associated with work together, such as the sense of achievement, sense of responsibility and so on, these factors improve, often can motivate individuals to realize the goals of the organization to play its creativity, enthusiasm.

2 the importance of incentive mechanisms in
in school management

Application of incentive mechanism in management, is to provide a better means for management, is to achieve the goal better.In school management in the teaching and administrative staff in continuous learning, teaching and a series of activities, from a psychological point of view, the power to engage in activities is the main human needs, the need to include both physiological and low levels of needs, including high levels of social need, motive of human behavior, is a volume the polarity of the source.In fact, the starting point of any human behavior is to satisfy a need, the school in the teaching and administrative staff is no exception.

(1) incentive can overcome the "occupation burnout", promote in a positive state of the work staff, open-minded, quick thinking, creating a strong desire.But the people engaged in the same job, there will be a lack of enthusiasm, lose enthusiasm.Similarly, in the months and years pass by. The staff engaged in education, there will inevitably be "occupation burnout".If in the "occupation burnout" period in the number of staff, the school will be a lack of vitality of the atmosphere, which brings the serious influence on the students grow up healthy and happy and school management.To overcome this weakness in the teaching staff, improve the morale of the incentive mechanism, train and guide to establish a positive state of good in the teaching and administrative staff.

(2) incentives to strengthen school in positive behavior of staff, meet the staff of individual development, the management goals.According to the operation of conditioned reflex theory by American psychologist Skinner, if human behavior results in his favor, this behavior will be after repeated several times, on the contrary, people behave badly for him, this will be weakened or disappeared.In staff's daily work, school management incentive method for timely recognition or reward in the positive behavior of staff, will make this kind of behavior is to consolidate and strengthen the positive behavior, thus strengthening the staff.
In order to realize the harmonious development of the school and the development of these two objectives in the teaching and administrative staff, to stimulate the staff's potential, to mobilize the enthusiasm of people and creativity through the system and management, to get the biggest play in the limited capacity of teaching and administrative staff.In the process of school goals, through effective incentive can not only meet the needs of the staff personal development, but also can arouse their boundless potential, achieve personal development goal, achieve win-win.And the way of incentive methods 3 school management in the

Incentive methods 3.1 school management in the
In school management, there are a lot of incentive methods, how to use requires a flexible.The school is a big collective, many of the staff, their character, temperament, ability, the target of each are not identical, their power, achievement, belongingness needs are not the same.Therefore, only to take to the diversification motivation ways effectively to achieve their potential, to achieve the goal of the school.

3.1.1 target incentive
In management, including mission, objectives, target object, index and time quota.The whole structure can be composed of a target system, including general objective, consistent integration of group and individual goals.Target incentive is by setting a goal to inspire people's motivation, guiding people's behavior, make the school in teaching staff's needs, goals closely together, taking initiative, motivate their enthusiasm and creativity.Theoretical basis of goal incentive is based on the needs of people, and people need to cause the motivation, motivation to act, to achieve a certain goal by behavior.Incentive is the process of people's needs, motivation, behavior, target interrelated, interaction.
3.1.2 material incentive and spirit incentive >
Material incentive is the school the more, the most basic, the most simple method.Material incentives are common prize, bonus, spiritual incentive including trust, honor, reverence and honor, such as every level of the certificate of honor or award the honorary title.To improve the economic benefits are in need of the staff, by encouraging the spirit of the collective consciousness, culture, resulting in a sense of pride and glory.Material incentive often contain spirit inspiring content, such as bonus bonuses to this special, it satisfies people's material needs, but also to meet people's spiritual needs.
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