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On the based on the the can be refactoring of the main body lost mouth the Summary of knowledge Management System Research about

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Papers Key words: The main body Ontology Evolution reconfigurable a knowledge-management
Papers Abstract: The main body as a one kinds of be able to in the the described in the on the the semantics and the level of knowledge the a conceptual model of of the information system modeling tools, in the application the field of has been a wide range the use of, the change the of the the external environment in the within the enterprise, however,, on the the main body put forward a new the requirements of: ontology must be ever-changing to in in order to to adapt to the new knowledge structure, namely, the achievement the can be reconfigurability of the knowledge management system. Therefore, based on to the the the knowledge modeling of of the main body method, from the the the the angle of of ontology change analysis of the method, techniques and tools of the to achieve can be reconfigurability, Finally, the sums up the current research surviving in of the defects as well as future possible research directions.
1 Introduction
1. I research background introduction.
With the the the the arrival of of the era of knowledge economy, knowledge management subject to more and more and more attention, It has crossed a large number of disciplines, obtained in the the many other fields research and application of, such as: the field of product design, the field of process manufacturing, medicine biological, and other. In the continuous research and in practice,, people designed and developed the a variety of knowledge management systems, knowledge management tools. However, in the enterprises to is at a open-style ended, and constantly changing environment, the Once the environment has undergone the change the, the knowledge structure is necessary to modify the or supplement, nothing more and some systems and tools not meet these requirements, Therefore, how to to achieve the reconfigurable of the knowledge management The system become the the urgent need to address the problem of.
1.2 related definitions
The definition of i: the main body (ontology). Ontology is the shared the the a clear of the of the conceptual model Environments, Formal specification describes the. It includes the conceptual model, it clear, formalized and shared a four-layer the meaning of. The main body by the the classes, attributes (also known as slot) constitute to the and the the relationship between the in the individuals and their.
Definition 2: The main body evolution (ontologyevolution). It refers to that the the in the main body after a change occurs, The main body-managed system will not be lost the data or be able to to to maintain a consistency of the capacity-. Main body evolutionary care about the the effectiveness of the the latest version of.
Definition 3: The main body version (ontologyversioning). It refers to that after the in the the The main body occurrence of change the, The main body-managed system Allow the a the type of the editions in a access. Ontology version processing the effectiveness of, a version of the management from a interoperability and all the previous.
Definition 4: can be reconfigurable the a knowledge-management system. It refers to that the enterprise can work out according to the of their own characteristics to customize the (including to change the and expansion of) the knowledge structure framework, while the corresponding knowledge entry, maintenance, retrieve and display interface, and and so on can automatically adjust the (or allow users to customized) in, in order to to adapt to the new knowledge structure.
2 of ontology changes have with the reconfigurable
of the knowledge management system
A 2.1 of based on ontology the evolution of methods and theories
Due to the the the field of knowledge is frequently changing, so Description the the of the ontology of of these knowledge also need to to make has been a the corresponding change in, in order to achieve the the the needs of of the knowledge management reconfigurability. As mentioned earlier, the ontology evolution with the body focus of the version of the to you and that different, Ontology Evolution concerned about of the is the the the validity of of the main body of the new version of the. How can I find to meet the new knowledge what I structure, of ontology consistency characteristics are will be the the the contents of the has to work on by the ontology evolution.
On the Ontology Evolution, etc., the Germany the research of the University of Karlsruhe many scholars done a the research of the deep-person's. L - Stojanovic et al is combined with in the they have developed the Kaon (Karlsruhe on Ontology and Semantic framework), will the Ontology Evolution process is divided into six stages: capture change the, which means that Alter-, semantic change, performed to change the, extend the change the and the entry into force of change, of the processes system The analyzed the the causes and results of the knowledge to change the, to ensure the implementation of the the ontology after the the change the and its dependencies the the product of is still keep they the consistency of.
In order to to meet the needs of different users, the The study also let the user to to participate in the solve the the the change issues of of the main body, allows the user to to to set the senior evolutionary decision-making, it is recommended that the users to discover the of the ontology of in the latent ontology applications, instances, or the possible changes in of the user behavior. But the the the specific operation of the of the of the research of the L STO-jano ~~ c, and and so on on al. On the the the main body of processing was is not detailed enough, the a description of the on the to change of the there are also defects, Therefore the XIE Qiang, Zhang Lei put forward based on the the method of the the user Custom Change Ontology evolution (the 0E-UDC ), will user self-define the change's converted into atomic change, to achieve a the body changing the formal description of problem.
Zhejiang University may be caused by non-activity on Zhou Mingjian of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and so on., Put forward in the on the the the basis of of the in order to OML as the ontology modeling language the EDOCOM framework, as shown in Figure 1. The the characteristics of of of the framework is to: (1) In the before the the evolutionary is processed, has been on the the that may exist in conflict carried out analyze and solve; (2) For the process of of system evolution, a small amount of can not automatically content that is updated, to take the bulletin management is method to carried out the manually modify the; (3) For the to the version management and evolutionary provides a sufficient information to enable it to restore the to the the state before the the evolutionary. Due to the ontology evolution will be involved in the modify, and the Supplemental of the to the the concept of of the, but the the concept itself will between and other concepts or class there is a complex the relationship between, how to achieve In this regard the modify the of the the concept of, can automatically complete the modify the associated with it He the concept of, is the the One of the key point of the Ontology Evolution, the literature In this regard introduced, is is not specific enough. In addition, the framework-oriented of the is the OML language, is not be able to compatible with the recommended by W3C the OWL language.
The the, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Sun Xiaolin in the his doctoral thesis on put forward method of the based on the 2 a--type fuzzy logic reasoning Ontology evolution, to make up for the research of the ontology system of Ambiguous Information very little the status quo. The method uses 2-year-FSWRL main body storage of Knowledge Base, in order to the data mining in incremental hierarchical clustering algorithm of for the the the basis of, the to construct a based on the 2-year--type fuzzy the the model of the the Ontology evolution of the description logic to to achieve that the 2 a--type fuzzy ontology semi-automatic The Construction and evolution, can not only by the ontology construction in greatly reduce the, the initial of the artificial the participation of the intensity with the workload of, but also to enable the it reaction for ontology to in the the environment has undergone the time for a change to make quick.
2.2 based on method of the main body version of the and theoretical
, In order to completion of the the The main body editions interactive and the shared as features on, the In recent years the Investigator who developed a many is committed to-managed, modify,, evolutionary the of the magnetic tools. Of the main body and system. A lot of ontology editing tool, like prot6g6, the the OntoEdit will there are from a single ontology change log to record the the the the version of changes in of the main body, but the main body change log under quite a number of the case of is are difficult to obtain, such as in the the the Semantic Web, we can only to get the new and old version of the the main body, rather than of the their record of at the when the of the to change. In view of out this, the MichelKlein et al. Create the one. Change the set, with the log the type of is that, that the, it does show transactions recorded the necessary of operating transactions recorded, Operating the do not need to press the the the sequence transactions recorded, as well as the transactions recorded manner is not unique. Since the to change the way is is not unique, then there must be a a unified method to integrate the the this a large number of to change, Therefore, MichelKlein and and so on also filed a an integrated the the framework of of all of the changes, to achieve a the requirements of of the main body consistency.
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