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On the innovation and development of enterprises in the era of knowledge economy

Author: LiuZuo QiFeng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-15 16:05:11 Read:
Keywords: the     of knowledge management; enterprise innovation; knowledge economy
Abstract : in the face of the knowledge economy era of brutal competition, enterprises can only continue to improve the ability of knowledge management, to realize the effective management of knowledge resources, in order to provide resources and plenty of power for enterprise innovation, in order to better survive in the competition, and development.

With the development of knowledge economy, "knowledge" into "knowledge", becoming "permanent creativity capital".Knowledge management ability and innovation ability has become the key to the survival and development of enterprises.
Knowledge management, put forward
In 1996, organization for economic cooperation and development consists of the world's 24 most developed countries "" (OECD) released a research report entitled "the knowledge-based economy".It is from the economic point of view, the knowledge as a market-oriented resource, thus the "knowledge economy" is defined as "based on knowledge production, distribution and use of economic"; at the same time it by the knowledge content of scale in the modern economy as a "agricultural economy", "industrial economy" the new social economic form -- knowledge economy.
(a) the new change of
the knowledge economy brings development form of enterprise.
Change the key factors of enterprise development: enterprise is no longer decided to set up the elements of capital, but "knowledge".Factor of production land, labor and capital and other traditional is no longer the main driving force of economic development, knowledge will replace sb. To become the new driving force for enterprise development.
The competitive advantage of enterprises reflect changes: competitive advantage no longer mainly reflects on the traditional factors of production, distribution, possession, production, processing, marketing development ability, which embodies the "knowledge" and "innovation, ability to combine knowledge" and capital.An enterprise can because there is a new "knowledge" and the leading colleague in the original domain, also can because there is a new "knowledge" into a new area.In the knowledge-based enterprises in the era of knowledge economy, "knowledge" of innovation has become a necessary condition for business survival, innovation activities gradually become knowledge enterprise's daily activities.
Enterprise management mode change: innovative alternative control and management become the new competition points.Traditional economic conditions, to obtain an efficient method is based on economies of scale and good management to better control the market and the supply of raw materials, but in the era of knowledge economy, we find out the innovation and the innovation method is the key to improve the efficiency of the.In addition, with the extensive application of computer and network, accelerate the speed of information feedback.Enterprise innovation speed need to improve collaboration among team members, and the communication between team members and communication in the information age more dependent on information systems and web management, Pyramid management instead of the traditional top-down.Every node of a spider's web, may become the source of innovation, may also become a stumbling block of innovation.
(two) the intension of knowledge management and
Knowledge has value ", based on the understanding of knowledge can create value", knowledge management to maximize the use and mastery of knowledge as the key to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.In the era of knowledge economy and high-tech leading, enterprise value has the fixed assets and products, reflected in greater knowledge resources, these resources include goodwill of an enterprise, brand, intellectual property, customer relationship, partnership, the enterprise IT system, enterprise innovation ability and the enterprise own human capital and so, therefore the biggest asset of enterprises should be following the labor capital, talent showing itself after the "third resources" -- knowledge resources.
Knowledge management is knowledge development, collection, storage, analysis, acquisition, transmission, sharing and form a knowledge value chain, and to the effective management, relates to the internal personnel, process, structure, culture, technology, leadership, strategy, change, incentive policies, standards and so on.
Knowledge management includes the following steps:
1 determine the core knowledge.Comprehensive and systematic analysis of the enterprise knowledge capital, to focus on the core of knowledge capital.The core knowledge should have the following characteristics: (1) not easily imitated: it is difficult for competitors to imitate and copy; (2) the durability: life cycle is long, and as the development of core competence of knowledge capital plays the role of time is longer, the greater the value; (3) cannot be replaced the direct action: the core competence, and its role is to other intellectual capital can not substitute; (4) the superiority of competition: compared with similar capital has the competitive advantage.
2 of the investment budget.An important task of cultivating the core competence of enterprises is determined and the investment budget is allocated to its competence.Enterprises will be the capital investment budget allocated to its competence, on the formation of the core competence of the investment budget.At the same time, enterprises should pay attention to comprehensive balance and focus in the process of determining the knowledge capital investment budget.
3 core knowledge capital.After the enterprise core knowledge capital is determined, the enterprise can obtain the knowledge capital through external means, such as through the purchase of patents, the core technology of direct access to relevant field; and through the purchase of other brands, won a wide range of customers.
4 the development of core knowledge.For cannot be directly acquired from outside capital, enterprises need to develop these core knowledge through their own.And, the most core enterprise should rely on their own development, such as enterprise culture, business processes, customer loyalty, this is not possible by external access.
5 use of knowledge.Must translate various intellectual capital to use enterprise get to as the core competence of the corporation.
6 protection knowledge.This is the enterprises to gain competitive advantage, it must protect the obtained knowledge.The positive type, such as many production enterprises attach great importance to the brand image, made the product recovery plan, in order to buy the product malfunctions in the customer, can in time for the customer to provide repair service or product replacement, finally satisfied; also can be used after the reaction, because some of our cause damage to the event with safety and contingency, enterprises can not advance to take protective measures; and some events adverse effects on knowledge often requires a period of time will show, is the so-called "delay" on, the enterprise is very difficult to find.
7 evaluation knowledge.Corporate balance sheets reflect the actual situation of the enterprise has been difficult in the era of knowledge economy, the enterprise value is true is hidden in the balance sheets of the traditional behind this.Only the correct assessment of the knowledge capital, compared to other enterprise knowledge capital, can make the enterprise to determine the core knowledge capital right.How to measure the value of intellectual capital is an important challenge for the enterprise managers and the asset appraisal institution.
As a new management model, knowledge management knowledge as the most important strategic resource of enterprises, will be to improve the ability of individuals or organizations to create value through more efficient use of knowledge.
Two, innovation is the life of enterprise development
(a) the enterprise innovation
2006 National Science and technology conference, to comprehensively implement the scientific outlook on development, to enhance the capability of independent innovation, building the innovative country as an important national strategy.In 2007, the report of the 17th Party Congress, the creativity of the whole society significantly enhanced, innovative country basically built into the construction of socialist harmonious society's strategic goals and tasks.In the national innovation system will be constructed, enterprise as innovation subject, so the enterprise innovation is the important power of social innovation, is the future industrial development of the protagonist.
Enterprises rely on products, products rely on science and technology, products and technology all rely on innovation.Modern enterprises to maintain rapid innovation, has become the key to win in the market.For innovation, many enterprises are often the target value in the innovation of products and markets, but the excellent enterprises in the "knowledge" is the orientation of value of intellectual capital."Knowledge" and "capital" value-added are essentially different, "knowledge" is the acquisition of "capital" permanent creativity."Knowledge" is the basic source of the enterprise technological innovation, increase the wealth of knowledge, but are not consumed in use, can continue to add value through innovation of people, and become a shared resource.
The traditional concept of enterprise innovation is product innovation, innovation of science and technology.The new concept of innovation operation core however outstanding enterprises, the innovation mechanism, innovation as the soul is more important innovation of enterprises.Only innovative mechanism and innovative spirit, in order to play the role of innovation in the soul.Only grasp the "innovative spirit", to seize the core of innovation.
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