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Problems encountered in the process of integration of coal resources and recommendations

Author: ZuoXiaoXu From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-15 13:59:16 Read:
Abstract: serious constraints given the pace of integration of resources exist in the process of integration of coal resources set forth recommendations proposed to solve the problem.
Keywords: integration of coal resources; healthy and steady development of the

Integration of resources, the level of strategic thinking, the way of thinking of the system on; level of tactical choice, is the optimal allocation of decision-making.
Integration of coal resources as a complex system engineering involved in more than a dozen provinces, is related to the strategic layout of the industrial structure of China's coal industry and sustainable development. Around the implementation of the State policy, in accordance with the requirements of the industrial production of coal intensive, business professional, management science, safety of long-term and sustainable development, the introduction of a large state-owned coal enterprises, the advantage of the Group management, technology, equipment, team sales, through resource integration, corporate restructuring, leasing hosting, deepening the mine reform, to improve the level of production technology and equipment to improve its management, adjust and optimize industrial structure, change the mode of economic growth, reasonable configuration to optimize the mine layout and enhance the overall development level of resources, coal enterprises industrial concentration, and security capabilities to effectively solve the coal production objectively exist, small, scattered, chaotic, and other outstanding issues.

1 problem

1.1 integration rule variable, integration cycle
Since 2004, the National balanced trot improve mine safety standards for admittance, keep the size of the mine and the reform of the mining method standard. Integration of resources, infrastructure, the number of technical innovation of mine, a long time technical innovation, combined with some mine funding is not in place, the integrated mine investors between views differences or geological conditions change caused by design changes also affect the technological transformation progress. Technological transformation has not yet been completed, the government has introduced a new integration standards, the original integrated mine-scale and far below the new standards, the integration of mine to re-enter the complex process of integration and restructuring, the original rectification program had to re-design has ended or under construction in the project had to be scrapped or halt.

The 1.2 resource integration concepts and the lack of knowledge
Lack of knowledge not yet integrated mine miners policy of integration of national resources, the chances of surviving passively stand; miners integration, investment in new enterprises, there are differences of opinion, communication with the miners, take some pain run-in period. More generally, the over-exploitation of small coal mines have been destroyed on the coal seam, and large enterprises in order to integrate the difficulty of mining. In fact, those who have been integrated closed off miners, by virtue of the hands of millions or even billions of excess wealth, more urgently looking for new capital investment.

1.3 production safety accountability system side effects at work
The national security impact of the production of the accountability system, the work of local government "rather to his post, not the coal mines open" parochialism thinking seriously restricts the development of the local economy. The main body of the coal mine safety production of the original coal mines territorial supervision departmentalized, resulting in "concerted efforts" situation of the provincial, city, county, township, village, and the relevant functional departments. Village enterprises do hold high-sounding regulatory power under mine safety hidden danger or supervision, often a piece of paper Discontinuance Notice accompanied closed wellhead treatment decisions trouble. The hidden dangers must be a deadline for rectification, but in fact they do not provide the necessary rectification conditions, resulting in more and more, and more serious enterprise security risks of insecurity. This paradoxical style, often make business difficult, dumbfounding, unconsciously harmed the interests of the state, enterprises and local people. Security is to ensure that the official positions of officials at all levels to keep the enterprise downtime can businesses how to survive, how local economic development, what more important, on balance, officials often shirk responsibility, prefer the former, with the passage of time, they The stumbling block has become the de facto resource integration process.

1.4 old concept system suppression enterprise development
Local governments, especially the functional departments, habit patterns or rules dealing with miners to carry out their functions and to follow firmly entrenched management thinking, and find it difficult to adapt the business model in the large group holding or custodian, the day-to-day operations in a large group , there is a generation gap phenomenon, is not conducive to the normal development of enterprises.

1.5 mine real grasp not allowed
The lack of integrated coal mine considerable portion of reserves, the potential for development, the surrounding coal mines more layers to the serious cross-border phenomena, not piercing eyes or supporting means of detection, within a short time the research, in order to accurately grasp the mine's reserves and other basic situation is very difficult. Moreover, the miners do not mine the true information sincerely conceal the real situation of the mine, has completed the restructuring of the coal mine, the real situation can only be like squeezing toothpaste like squeeze out a little, which gives the resource integration bring a great deal of inconvenience and potential pitfalls and the difficulty of the harmonious development of the sustainable development strategy, mine production safety, internal to the integrated coal enterprises.

1.6 audit and assessment of operability is not strong
Audit and evaluation work, because the integration time is too tight, is often a lack to integrate corporate objective and fair assessment, if the audit and evaluation work, and then mixed with corruption, victims probably is the integration of the main. Localities did not establish the coal resources specialized storage, price and other statutory assessment agencies, therefore, in the integration process of the coal resources, operability is not strong, subjective and arbitrary, the dispute continued to impede integration smooth progress. The relevant departments of the State and no the statutory compensation mechanism introduced statutory compensation standards exit of small and medium-sized coal mines.

1.7 disinterested intricate
With coal the main industry base trans-regional, inter-provincial and cross-border transfers, local external relations intricate tax in the distribution of benefits, large and small benefits, even between villages are contradictory. Former coal mining legacy issues are more integrated, all kinds of conflicts have appeared so overwhelmed by the weight of new enterprises. Integration of the main, enter a whole new society, new relationships, and it takes great effort to adapt to the social integration into the network of relationships. Most local governments rely entirely on negotiated solution to the conflicts arising in the process of integration of resources, has become a major issue for the coal enterprises can not be avoided. Handle bad regional economic relations, it is difficult to optimize the economic operating environment, it is impossible to achieve sustained, healthy and stable and harmonious development. 1.8 resource integration unbalanced development
Around the resource reserves, mine production can range, integration situation imbalance, the pattern of industrial development. Some local integrated solutions from the local realities, across-the-board approach to bring about instability, but the poor counties of the local employment and social, will bring pressure to the environment and green. Actually existing resources fragmented form scale, integrated enterprise lacks enthusiasm no longer willing to increase the cost of doing nothing. Part of the integrated coal enterprise integration initiative in the integration process, the miners lack the overall concept, resulting in a self-contained coalfield fragmented. There are some places to take government action, the leaders stood before the map of the mandatory integration of planning and integration, but does not respect the objective facts, but not conducive to the rational exploitation of the resources.

1.9 integration of the examination and approval procedures for too long, the documents for the tedious
Integration difficult, slow building steps, resulting in a complicated examination and approval procedures for too long. Coal production enterprises set documents the necessary documents, in addition to the documents for a short cycle, the approval process is complex, often prove just run down another card need to start handling, affecting the normal working of the enterprise.

1.10 integrated high cost
Countries in the integration of the resources in the circulation of revenue, local governments and coal competent authorities and other relevant stakeholders and some of the miners by the integration of coal resources of the machine, and took the opportunity to profit from, the increase of the large state-owned coal enterprises in the integration process of small coal mines input costs; addition, the integration of small coal mines due to years of excessive and disordered mining seam occurrence conditions, hydrogeological conditions are very complex, goaf series the goaf, water, gas, gob old empty stagnant water and other geological problems brought many new difficulties and security risks to the technological transformation of large-scale coal mines, increase the cost of inputs. Before put into production a year the high price of resources still have to pay, this problem is also seriously restricting the development of enterprises. Large coal mining enterprises merger, reorganization involves the transfer of property rights in the legal issues, but the scope of the Government of the integration of coal resources, measures the relationship between ownership change and the system of paid use are not clearly defined, therefore, in the integration process, a lot of places often excessive reliance on administrative means.
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