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Strategy analysis of human resource system of small and medium-sized enterprises in the era of knowledge economy

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[Key words] human resource management strategy of   knowledge management; reengineering strategy
[Abstract] at present, China's small and medium enterprises are entering a new era of knowledge economy, human resource management plays a more and more important role in Corporation strategy.Analysis and discussion of knowledge management, human resources, ability-oriented, human resources for the scientific management of reengineering strategy.

Recycling of human resources management is a kind of innovation, is a foundation of the traditional personnel management "abandon", is based on the concept of modern human resources management, explore the characteristics of enterprises in the era of knowledge economy and the managed object nature of a modern human resources management technology, program, system, mode.In order to realize the guiding ideology of human resource management policy of recycling of human resources system flexibility is: compatible with the overall business development strategy; the basic theory of human resource management; and adapt to the needs of employees; and adapt to the human resources management reengineering objectives.

, based on the knowledge management strategy of

In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge is the source of profit maximum, the most basic organizational support factors, organizational knowledge is the core source of profits, and organizational knowledge is the core source of profits in the hands of the staff hands.People, is a main body of knowledge innovation, is also the carrier of knowledge, so that the management of people (i.e., human resource management) is the core content of knowledge management.The human resources management system of knowledge management is not only to support human resource management functions based on, is also very effective to improve the employees' knowledge acquisition, accumulation, the traditional path of innovation, while the enterprise learning ability is enhanced, so the knowledge management and human resources management organically, to carry out knowledge management in human resource management based on will become an important means of the organization to establish and maintain the core competitiveness.
Knowledge management is usually the use of information technology will combine human and knowledge, and create knowledge sharing culture, in order to speed up the staff to learn, create, use of knowledge management methods to improve the organization's core values, the goal is to improve the organization of all knowledge sharing and knowledge innovation ability.Human resources management based on knowledge management is not only the human resources management's responsibility, knowledge management system also depends on the organization.Human resources management department is responsible for according to the need of strategy and development organization, according to the knowledge of internal organization status, research on knowledge demand analysis, through recruitment, training, use and development to meet organizational operation needs, and culture through the establishment of system, the implementation of human resource management, strategy.The main responsibility of knowledge management is to establish and maintain the knowledge sharing platform, technical support for knowledge sharing, the knowledge sharing platform completed summary, analysis, and process knowledge is released, the specific implementation knowledge sharing.
Human resources management scheme based on knowledge management through the work of human resources management, encourage employees through individual learning and team work constantly digestion and absorption of the inside and outside the organization of explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, creating new, enhance the core competitiveness of the organization, to achieve common development and organization and individual development, on the other hand, to provide the necessary environment and conditions, so that employees are willing and able to store knowledge contribution in their heads out, realize the sharing of knowledge within the organization, the individual knowledge into organizational knowledge, and exchange of personal knowledge complement each other, improve communication on each other, to maximize its role, namely the maximum to play the role of knowledge.This requires a human resources management attention to individual employees play, on the other hand, encouraging participation and sharing, advocacy of "team spirit".
Therefore, knowledge management and human resource management integration connotation is through training, evaluation, incentives and other human resource management method to form a kind of mutual learning, exchange organization culture and work environment, create a knowledge sharing working mode and working mechanism, which makes the conducive to organizational culture and knowledge gradually change for the whole organization knowledge, so as to realize the transformation from "tacit knowledge" as "organization dominant" qualitative change, fundamentally for the organization's development strategy.
> human resource management strategy of
two, ability orientation

The era of knowledge economy, human resources management will be working mode based on model transformation based on the ability of the following analysis, decided its inevitable trend.
The first is the changing nature of work.The era of knowledge economy, the traditional industry function is weakened, and in some areas has been transformed into knowledge-intensive work, more mental work instead of manual labor, which originally simple, repetitive work become more complex, more technical, the links are required to thinking, innovation, development of intelligence the business process, it is an intellectual process.It needs to have the rich professional knowledge and skills.Secondly, the changes in working demand.In the era of knowledge economy, man as the social subject demand increased, in the performance of their work is constantly with the development of.Synchronized with the social progress and economic development, people have not only the pursuit of maximum material return as the main target to engage in any work, but more important to get knowledge in the jobs, growth ability, give full play to their potential participation in enterprise management, the business philosophy of individual will and enterprise together, meet their self-esteem and self-actualization demand.In addition, the influence of economic globalization tide.Under this background, enterprises are facing a very difficult to predict and unstable environment, so they need to respond to changes in the environment more quickly.This means, they need to pay more attention to learning new skills, and with new, more complex to improve employee job performance.But want to the capability of the organization as a competitive basis, to make the employees' job performance can be improved, we must emphasize the role of individuals.Therefore, in the knowledge economy to adapt to the global economic competition, their individual can no longer seen as just a simple selection and training can easily fill the work of an organization.They should be regarded as an important resource of the organization.In essence, their ability, skills and knowledge has become an important part of organizational competitive ability.
In the knowledge economy environment, an enterprise wants to obtain the competitive advantage in today's economic environment, it must be the human resources as the competition the most critical and most important resources.This needs to change in human resource management, namely from the work of the management based on the steering ability based management.

Three, the scientific management strategy of

The rapid development of science and technology, brings a hitherto unknown revolution for the management work.China's small and medium enterprises must carry on the scientific appraisal of enterprise talents of advanced technology with modern personnel assessment, establish a scientific evaluation index system, the personnel assessment information acquisition, processing, scientific evaluation, quality inspection technology, the accurate evaluation of personnel, staff appointment, rewards and punishment, to provide a scientific basis for drawing.
The innovation of management theory is combined with many technical conditions of the knowledge economy to promote.Ideas and business philosophy of Human Resource Reengineering of the implementation, application is inseparable from the information technology in the management of human resources.With the emergence and application of Web technology, the flow of information through departmental restrictions and extends to every corner of the inside and outside the enterprise, the human resource management and recycling become possible, operation system of human resources management will therefore break the closed mode, enterprise managers and ordinary employees can also participate in the HR management activity to.It not only makes the management more effective, but also make the human resources department from the complicated affairs of the personnel work, so that the human resources management management functions by the simple to the strategic management of enterprises to become possible, the implementation of strategic human resource management effectively, to respond to come from the challenge of knowledge economy.Human resource management system of electronic (eHR) has brought about a new experience of a scientific human resource management means, broaden the flexibility of human resource ideas, and make human resource reengineering implementation more feasible.
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