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Research on knowledge management system of engineering project based on the

Author: YangLiFang SuZhenMin WangXia From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-15 05:20:45 Read:
[Key words] knowledge management   project; project blog support system
[Abstract] knowledge management as a management mode, has been widespread attention, knowledge resources is an important component part of enterprise resources.The project of knowledge is an important source of building enterprise knowledge, due to one-off projects characteristics, makes the knowledge in project as the project completion, the dissolution of the project team and erosion, resulting in a tremendous waste of resources.Through analyzing the function target of knowledge management, analysis of the current situation of knowledge loss in engineering projects, the knowledge management in engineering projects, construction of supporting system of knowledge management in engineering projects.

Knowledge loss often occurs in the construction field, the loss of knowledge project is mainly decided by the features of the project, such as project team temporary, serious dependence and project knowledge on the experience of Engineers (Khalfan M.M.A., 2003).At present, the knowledge management in engineering projects have not been paid much attention, only a few of the construction enterprise to management of engineering project management knowledge, but also means a single, the majority concentrated in the project file management.Research on knowledge management related to emerge in an endless stream in the project, the research results mainly concentrated in the engineering projects in the knowledge acquisition (Serkan Kivrak, Gokhan Arslan, 2008), knowledge engineering project integration (bell waves, Ding Lieyun et al., 2005).Temporary project lead to knowledge management in engineering projects is relatively complex, engineering project to obtain, transfer and sharing requires certain information technology, knowledge, culture system.This paper studies knowledge management from the perspective of supporting conditions in engineering project, supporting system construction project knowledge management.

, project knowledge management function of the target

At present, the concept of knowledge management is not unified.Karl Feraboro thinks, knowledge management is the use of collective intelligence to improve ability and innovation ability, is sharing new ways for the enterprise to realize the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge (Karl Ferla Paul, 2003).Bassi thinks, knowledge management is to enhance the organizational performance and to create, access and use knowledge of the process (Bassi, 1997).Knowledge management is actually seek effective ways of knowledge acquisition, knowledge transfer among individuals, reach the process of knowledge sharing in the group within the scope of functions, the goal is to reduce the loss of individual knowledge, promote knowledge exchange, promote knowledge innovation in the delivery process, make full use of knowledge resources, improve enterprise efficiency the core competitiveness of enterprises, guarantee.While the project knowledge management refers to the management of the project, the knowledge as the management object, make full use of the existing technology, the project of external knowledge and internal knowledge integration, promote the knowledge exchange and sharing, and further improve the knowledge innovation, to achieve effective management of the project, the function of the target is knowledge acquisition from the project, implementation of knowledge transfer within the organization and sharing, realize the innovation of knowledge.

Knowledge loss two, projects in the status of

In the process of project construction, all the parties (owners, design, supervision, general contractor and subcontractor) the efficiency of collaborative work between the impact of the project progress and quality to a great extent.The project of knowledge throughout the project life cycle, with the project, knowledge constantly to the project participants.Temporary team project, each participant is individual, team members lack of understanding, lack of trust, forming barriers to communication, is not conducive to the exchange of knowledge, the construction efficiency is low.With the end of the project, project organization temporary abolished, resulting in a project life cycle of knowledge and experience but lost with the end of the project, in the follow-up projects or other projects, when faced with the same problem, people have to start from zero, repeat other researchers have conducted activities, resulting in knowledge of waste phenomenon.

Three, project knowledge management difficulties

(a) the explicit knowledge to share
At present, the knowledge management in engineering projects generally did not get attention, only a few of the construction enterprises to implement knowledge management in projects, these enterprises to implement knowledge management means is single, most is to archive file.The archive file, such as feasibility study, technical report, summary or user manuals and so on, in the compilation is often very shallow, only focus on the business data to grasp the standard or the results of the project are described, the reasons for the failure or how to solve a special issue of the record is often omitted, and only a few people know the file storage location, it takes a long time to find, therefore, these documents are rarely use.In view of the document management mode only pay attention to the knowledge storage, while ignoring the knowledge integration and sharing, basically is the construction enterprises to carry out knowledge management and make a form, there is no real goal of knowledge management.
(two) the tacit knowledge is difficult to manage
In addition to the explicit knowledge and the delivered items of knowledge, knowledge of the project also includes the expertise and experience of this implicit knowledge.And to participate in the project experience to solve the corresponding problems of individuals together, but part of it is often not a project file, implementation period it also rarely transferred to others in the project, these knowledge is difficult to code, saved in the project members of the memory, in the completion of project tasks, project members back to the original function department or transferred to other projects, they will also be new experience took.The end of the project the end is the collective learning, project participants to new projects or return to the original functions.If they have special knowledge about the project is not the direct needs, will produce "forgetful", caused by loss of project knowledge.From the construction enterprise employees, because of the lack of the contribution to knowledge, knowledge innovation incentives, many employees will be reluctant to take out for everyone to share knowledge, lack of collective learning.Due to the lack of learning culture atmosphere, the lack of awareness and sharing of knowledge flow between construction enterprise employees, caused between the enterprise and people, government departments and the monopoly of knowledge, even for some worthless knowledge secrecy, which seriously hindered the implementation of knowledge management.
four, project knowledge management support system

Knowledge management has a series of problems in the project, knowledge management means a single, knowledge diffusion obstacles seriously affected the implementation of project knowledge management.In order to achieve the project goals of knowledge management, need to build the project knowledge management support system.
(a) technical support
Project based organization is according to the project life cycle to work, its life cycle is very long, not repeat, and is focusing on a specific project team and the establishment of the occupation, many of the project team led the breakdown of knowledge, knowledge management difficulties.Although there are some methods for project management knowledge, such as the project summary, will have the know-how to the individual project, best practice guidance, LAN, but their effectiveness is not high.Project management in large scale, complex process, if the project all of the knowledge in the form of document management, not only increase the workload of managers, and when employees to use this document, you need to spend a lot of time to find, reduces staff use of positive knowledge, resulting in knowledge of the low utilization ratio.In addition, only through the document management, knowledge among employees to communicate, is not conducive to the sharing of knowledge.Therefore, knowledge management needs to rely on a more convenient and simple technical system, network system, to accelerate the spread of knowledge, promote knowledge sharing.This paper introduces a knowledge sharing platform -- project blog.
The blog is used to express personal thoughts and users generate their own website, display its contents according to the time sequence.The blog has been considered to be the private media, because it has the potential to knowledge management, timely capture and collection organization scattered in all corners of the skills and knowledge, in recent years has been considered to be one of the effective tool for knowledge management.The blog as a tool for knowledge management, has been applied in many fields, such as IBM, allow its dispersion in the 30 branch
Company employees to discuss the development process and business strategy of software in the blog (Lee J., Kang H., Jung T., Seo J., 2005).
The blog as a human-centric tools, promote social network by the user, the knowledge management method is a democratic, bottom-up, helped lead to elimination of the construction enterprise from the top down to strictly control the disorder.Construction enterprise as a labor-intensive enterprises, in order to succeed must be shared to realize knowledge through formal or informal network means (Mills, 2007).The project blog, is the project knowledge, project knowledge staff will write their own blog, as a personal knowledge base.Between different blog can through the network link to each other, people can visit each other blog, can be explored and comments on the blog knowledge, for mutual learning between different departments and staff.The project blog links to each other based on knowledge.
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