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Knowledge management in electric power enterprises

Author: KouJianTao From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-15 02:57:12 Read:
Keywords: the power knowledge management
Abstract: in the contemporary market economy fast development, the idea of knowledge management to the management of enterprises, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises has become the key to deciding the future destiny.Based on the study and analysis of the concept of knowledge management and its importance, discusses how to carry out effective knowledge management in electric power enterprises.


In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has become the most active factor in social economic activities, the competition among enterprises is mainly from the land, labor, capital material capital competition to the human and intellectual capital competition.The electric power enterprise, facing the national energy strategy, the electric power system reform so that more and more complicated environment, we need to use the new idea of knowledge management of the management and planning of scientific and reasonable enterprise.
The concept of   1 knowledge management;

Knowledge management (Knowledge Management, KM) was gradually on the rise to the knowledge economy, the rapid development of information technology, the era of.The knowledge management and information technology, is a further development of information management, the first generation of information management is the second generation of data, information, knowledge management is the third generation, the management object is knowledge.Combination of knowledge management and information technology closely, to jointly build a business think-tank, become the source of the core competitiveness of enterprises in the future.
In the information age, knowledge has become the main source of wealth, and the knowledge workers are the most vital asset, the most important task for organizations and individuals is the management of knowledge.Knowledge management will make the organization and individual has a strong competitive power, and make better decisions.
In the process of knowledge management, to maximize the hand to play the information processing capacity, the maximum on the other hand, seek the innovation ability of the person, the best combination of the two.The ability to create individual by means of modern information technology and management of communication, to play its due role in the enterprise scope, makes the whole group can share this innovation.
2 why should the implementation of knowledge management in
2.1 is the enterprise survival in the era of knowledge economy requires modern society has developed into the era of knowledge economy, more and more complex and challenging.Knowledge management is to the future development of enterprises, in order to cope with the increasingly complex external environment, a corresponding strategies to solve the problems of collective wisdom.Its purpose is through knowledge sharing, to maximize personal ability, the wisdom of individuals into the collective wisdom, improve the competitiveness of enterprises and sustainable development capacity, so that enterprises can quickly respond to changes in the market calm amidst the winds of change.For the knowledge enterprises, the core elements and ability is human capital, which includes the knowledge and skills, technical system, management system, value system, values and norms in five dimensions.Knowledge management can make the enterprise out of the ordinary, to provide the competitive advantage of enterprises.Employee turnover brings serious loss of enterprise knowledge, for knowledge sharing, establishing organizational memory, avoid the risk of wealth with the people.
2.2 is the enterprise to reduce the cost, improve the efficiency of knowledge management can reduce the cost of enterprise, is to improve the efficiency and improve the decision-making capacity.Training of employees through electronic training materials knowledge resources, saving the cost of basic education in training, cultivate and improve the ability of knowledge ability, external knowledge integration capability, innovative ability, improve the quality of service, so as to reduce duplication of work, to help new employees effectively find professional knowledge required.And the enterprise excellent case to share enterprise all the members, to promote the knowledge sharing between members.
The biggest challenge for any enterprise management is now facing -- execution, construct the execution core is to make the three core business process: strategy, operations and personnel coordinated operation in daily operation, and cultivating in every link of enterprise executive culture.Among them, the strategy process to solve problems do right, operation flow solution to do things the right way, personnel flow is the solution to "the right people apply appropriate capacity to do the right thing" problem, execution culture is to solve the staff "hospitality" problem.While it has a close logical relation between enterprise execution system and knowledge, such as the strategic process execution decision support knowledge; operational process specifications collaborative knowledge; people need to work skills and knowledge; implementation of the enterprise culture atmosphere and cultural knowledge.Knowledge management is closely with the above-mentioned four aspects related, can be combined through and strategic management, process management, human resource management and enterprise culture management elements such as the improvement of enterprise management, implementation ability, improve the efficiency of enterprise management.
3    construction of electric power enterprise; knowledge management;

3.1 change ideas, establish the mechanism of knowledge sharing in enterprise implementation difficulty real knowledge management is the concept of change.So the first emphasizes the concept transformation, but also important is leadership to update the concept, requirement enterprise leadership on the one hand to strengthen knowledge management learning, improve cognition and extension knowledge level and depth; on the other hand, should play an exemplary role, a knowledge of the supplier, the lead writer of management experience, professional technology and knowledge and other aspects of the article sharing in the internal network platform, to the middle-level managers and staff to implement knowledge sharing shape model.

Establishment is to speed up the knowledge sharing mechanism, which is the key to the implementation of knowledge management in enterprises.Power enterprises should according to the structure and character of itself, and the specific measures planning perfect reward mechanism, in order to promote the organizational knowledge sharing.A standard operation process of knowledge capital, including knowledge acquisition, knowledge content approval, filing etc..Two interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral project team.Through the project team to promote team learning, knowledge exchange and sharing; three consider knowledge contribution rate as a measure of standards introduced evaluation system, the situation and effect of knowledge sharing evaluation project for the individual performance; in addition the participate in industry associations, and the corresponding power enterprises became friendly units, to promote the exchange of information between enterprise and knowledge other organizations external environment, and give full play to the role of expert knowledge in the supply of.

3.2 advocate active learning environment, create a learning organization, establish learning platform effective knowledge management, knowledge accumulation and improve must become the central task of the enterprise, reinforcement learning is inevitable.Taking organizational learning as the starting point of knowledge management, knowledge management is an important element in the success of.Must first full learning task as a fixed system, perfect, strict system to guarantee and specification.Second, create a learning organization, establishing the organizational structure of the network.To enhance the quantity and quality of communication between the upper and lower layers, the lower can directly experience the top decision-making ideas and intellectual brilliance, upper also can understand to the underlying dynamic personally, absorb the first-line nutrition.

Effective knowledge management, also need to fully grasp and collection organization personnel's knowledge, and then into organizational knowledge.Personal knowledge to become the organizational knowledge, need to have active and open - minded members, willing to communicate with people of personal knowledge and knowledge exchange; in addition to create a favorable interactive knowledge environment and learning platform, motivate members of open discussion, exchange of experience and observation depth talks, learning way, knowledge creation and extension of organizational knowledge.

3.3 establishment of enterprise knowledge portal and special database reserve experience knowledge of according to the attribute of knowledge into explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge refers to the rules, system, standard, index, documents and so on; tacit knowledge is hidden in the process of data and the management data in the knowledge and experience of employees.Knowledge management with special emphasis on the tacit knowledge is deposited in the system and the operational level, creating a favorable environment conditions of tacit knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing.Through establishing the network of experts, set up internal publications and other means, to strengthen the tacit knowledge management, so that employees can quickly obtain the required expertise.In addition to establish the enterprise internal network, knowledge base system, including case management, work summary report, achievements, experience, post self-study modules.To make every piece of work, each project, have experience, opinions, and report the results of such schemes, the case records into the knowledge base, settling down for share.
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