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Analysis of the the the tax administration of connection with the planning of the Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum enterprises

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Paper Keywords: Petroleum Geophysical corporate tax administration tax planning
Thesis Abstract: Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum enterprise development strategy Although we have achieved some achievements, but the the development of of of its Geophysical business also encountered a a certain degree of the difficulties and setbacks. Study the problems of their prisoners, the current tax policy, collection and management can not be ignored, in order to better promote the development of the oil prospecting companies, foreign experiences, improve the tax policy, to strengthen the tax administration, good oil prospecting enterprises tax planning and management has great practical significance.
Existing problems of Petroleum Geophysical corporate tax management
1, from the state of the business of petroleum exploration in China, petroleum exploration companies in the contract technical services or the process of exploration and development investment, there is an urgent need to know where to invest in the country's tax policy, tax collection mechanism. Due to the on investment countries taxation policy of the, collection and management mechanism lack of a full-fledged and systematic understanding of, the enterprises in the where the to invest in the the case of of countries to to bear the very high the tax burden frequently occur, and in the the certain extent, affected the economic interests and the the image of of the Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum enterprises. Therefore, petroleum exploration companies urgently need to get the assistance of the Chinese tax authorities to better grasp the knowledge of the investment in national tax policy, collection and management system.
2, oil prospecting companies tax collection system is lagging behind. Recently, how to master the foreign tax policy has become an urgent need to understand the problems of overseas development petroleum exploration companies. In some countries, the tax certificate issued by the tax authorities for petroleum exploration companies, only the tax department in charge of the signature and the signature illegible difficult to distinguish; while in other countries and regions, such as the Middle East, Venezuela and other countries, the levy on oil tax from the energy sector is responsible for the energy sector can not issue a tax invoice. The same time, China Petroleum Geophysical enterprises invest in the development of offshore oil projects to take a more cooperative development mode, investing country tax authorities to tax on the cooperative blocks, the block as a whole to the amount of tax, a block is just a certificate. The Chinese Geophysical enterprises can only get a copy of the tax payment receipt. In this situation, Geophysical enterprises due to China's tax law requires that the original tax payment receipts, with China's tax policy can not be combined.
Second, petroleum exploration companies tax planning content
1, the overall planning of petroleum exploration companies. In order to strengthen the fiscal management of the Petroleum Geophysical employees efforts to achieve a reasonable tax in accordance with the law, pay taxes, petroleum exploration companies need fiscal policy to do the planning system fully. Petroleum exploration companies tax planning is the departure from the business development goals, to reduce the the Petroleum Geophysical overall business tax pressure, after-tax corporate profits increased petroleum exploration and expand strategic planning activities. In this under the system of, the If the the overseas did not use the for the year the Gregorian calendar system, the the overseas Profit for the year of the Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum enterprises on the that may arise the the case of of not yet been assigned.
2, oil prospecting companies also complemented by hierarchical planning method. Group of companies and taxation departments should further strengthen the impact of national macro-control policies and taxation system change on petroleum exploration companies, and propose resolutions; timely and accurate communication and coordination with the country's taxation authorities and reflect the Petroleum Geophysical corporate tax process difficulties encountered; organization to guide the the Petroleum Geophysical corporate taxation management and training, a systematic and rational fiscal policy planning, the development of strict fiscal and taxation of petroleum exploration enterprises management system and management approach, to strengthen internal control and external regulation. The Petroleum Geophysical corporate subsidiaries coordinated with financial and taxation departments in fiscal management to implement the major petroleum exploration enterprise unified system of fiscal management; petroleum exploration firms face tax problems and timely reflect the views and suggestions; accordance with the oil companies unified planning for the operational management and planning work. Petroleum exploration business tax planning should be noted that
1, the tax planning idea in petroleum exploration companies whole process
The Petroleum Geophysical business leaders should pay attention to tax planning. Tax planning as a systematic and meticulous planning activities, support to implement the operators must rely on the leadership of the petroleum exploration companies. Since the department in charge most of the performance appraisal and profits and other indicators linked to the size of the tax efficiency is generally not within the scope of the assessment, petroleum exploration business leaders on tax planning is not enough attention, power is not strong. However, With the the development of enterprises of Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum, the enterprise the leadership of To build "an oil Geophysical and production enterprise of pursuit of the is after-tax-effective the maximization of" of consciousness, without the fascination with As at the The the maximization of in gross profit was. Reasonable tax planning can effectively increase the the Petroleum Geophysical after-tax income, the effect is sometimes more intuitive than improving the management of petroleum exploration business, better able to be reflected. Thus petroleum exploration business leaders in practical work to support tax planning, timely and effective implementation of the corporate finance tax work. Second, oil prospecting companies to train qualified tax planning staff. Tax planning is a highly intelligent and highly profitable financial management, it requires staff with tax administration, accounting, financial and other professional knowledge and understand and are familiar petroleum exploration enterprise tax, management, financing activities, planning different tax options to make the best choice.
2, to strengthen communication with the national tax authorities
At At At present, the our country is in the during the transition period of the socialist market economy, the tax laws, regulations is are not sound enough, the lack of stability at the same time. There are indications that the tax authorities play a decisive role in the effectiveness of the entire corporate tax planning. Because the the imperfect the field of in in the with the Tax build, the tax authorities has a special rights, but also the of the financial, tax of the entire enterprise should have a the the support of of the pay taxes authorities. Especially petroleum exploration companies through continued restructuring, many oil Geophysical corporate behavior is unique, which in some places is inconsistent with the provisions of the tax authorities, oil prospecting corporate tax planning to maintain communication and consultation with tax administration agencies more important. significance.
3, overall consideration, reasonable arrangements for an oil Geophysical and production enterprise of tax planning
Tax planning activity is a dynamic process, cycle, in practice there is no particular pattern and operational processes, oil prospecting corporate tax planning to specific issues, can not be blind operation. In addition, the use of strategic vision to tax planning programs. Some tax planning to temporarily Petroleum Geophysical corporate tax burden can be reduced, but the long-term development of the enterprise, petroleum exploration companies before you carry out the work on a variety of tax programs repeated comparison not only to tax planning
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