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Highway toll from the angle of lean production

Author: ChenNingHui From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-14 00:08:38 Read:
Abstract: through the highway toll system flow analysis, analysis of the weaknesses of the existing toll collection system operation and management, proposed new - toll collection system, and two toll system revenue compared with lean production theory.
Keywords: freeway; lean production; parking

Technology and globalization changed the company to compete in the market. In order to improve the competitive advantage. Increasing emphasis on customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction depends largely on the company based on customer requirements efficiently design, processing and delivery of services, products ability. The highway company's management is generally by financing the construction of the highway. After the completion of the formation of the highway toll collection, maintenance and service management. The company's management of highway operations management, operators accounted for nearly 85% of the corporate profits of the meter. How to improve customer satisfaction is at the core of operations, highway quality, quality of service, cost control and fast by the key elements of customer satisfaction, management of the toll collection system is the end result of all of these management.

A process analysis of China's highway toll system

Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed, for example, from Shanghai Hongmei Road, Xinzhuang Interchange export via the A30. In most cases, the vehicles run congestion at the toll plaza, toll gate to the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed Xinzhuang receive the card, just 1km away tend to go from 10min to 20min. Feng Jing export refund card fees, in most cases, in front of a few dozen vehicles waiting queue. After 10km motorway at the junction of Shanghai and Zhejiang, again in Zhejiang cloud toll gate receive the card, and then exit toll in Hangzhou at the back of the card payment. Parking totaling row 4 times. The driver charges imports receive the card process, as shown in Figure 1.

The 2 existing fee system exists weaknesses

Highway toll system to provide customers with fee-based services, will not lead to the kind of inventory, not elaborate manufacturing lean production theory, but the toll collection system there are a lot of waste, delay in delivery, process planning defects pay operating costs increase and other issues can use the theory of lean production were analyzed and summarized.
Value Stream Mapping:
Analysis of the current toll collection system in the service value-added and non-value-added process: From - to enter the highway bridge approach or connection section - enter the toll entrance - the ramp into the main road fast access from the main road into the exit ramp drawing export into the toll - the bridge approach or connection section - to reach the destination
Every entering or leaving the highway, required the above operation, the process cumbersome. Each step will produce different frequency of human error. And a waste of time, resulting in queuing congestion, parking has become the the highway smooth running of the most important bottleneck.
Real value-added for the entire process of the highway, the main road access, others are around the main road to the speedy passage of the main process and serve. Parking is a value-added process, enjoy the efficient service on the main highway, parking receive the card and the back of the card payment process is an absolute expenditure and emotional burden.

Improved charging method

Highway toll collection system Introduction:
Frequency identification of highway toll collection system (ETC) is the most state-of-the-art bridge toll, Europe and the United States and other developed countries have begun to promote the use of large-scale electronic tag mounted on the windshield of a vehicle at the toll station ETC dedicated short-range communication between the microwave antenna on the lane, the use of computer networking technology with the bank back-office settlement processing, so as to achieve the purpose of the vehicle through the bridge toll station without parking will be able to pay the costs.
ETC particularly suitable for using the highway or heavy traffic, bridge and tunnel environment. Implementation of toll collection, on the one hand, you can allow the vehicle high speed through (30kgh), compared with the traditional manual fee 30 s ticket, no parking greatly speed up the capacity of the highway toll crossing, according to estimates, compared with manual toll lanes , ETC lane capacity will be increased by 4-6 times, can reduce the vehicle at the toll gate payment, give change caused by the action of waiting in line. On the other hand, the highway toll going electronic, can reduce the cost of the toll management, help to improve the operational efficiency of the vehicle, but also significantly reduce the noise level and exhaust emissions of the toll gate, and can eliminate the the toll collectors error with disputes and labor costs and artificial computer charging methods, the implementation of toll collection has obvious advantages, not only greatly improved the environmental pollution caused by intensive vehicles on the road. Reduce vehicle obstruction, driving safer, more important is, will greatly improve the charging efficiency.
In general, the highway toll system, the size and shape of the vehicle, about 4m read range and fast read and write speeds, in accordance with the system UHF frequency band from 902 MHz to 928 MHz. RF card is generally behind the windshield of the car. Now the most realistic solution is a multi-lane toll gate is divided into two parts: automatic toll gate, artificial toll gate. Antenna mounted on the top of the road. When the vehicle passes through the antenna away from the toll gate approximately 50m to 100m at the car radio card antenna at the top of the lane received, discrimination whether the vehicle with the radio frequency card. The access lights indicates that the vehicle into a different lane the manual toll gate still maintain the existing mode of operation, the automatic toll gate vehicle maintenance fee shall be automatically deducted from the user's account, and tell the driver with a light and buzzer charges is complete without parking can pass block cars stopped unfinished automatic toll collection vehicles. The ETc system is a high-reliability systems, automatic identification control subsystem automatically determine the Model subsystem can be divided according to their function, data acquisition subsystem, vehicle detection to the system, the CCTV subsystem and signal control subsystem.
(1) frequency identification toll collection system does not require special toll operation, which uses microwave automatic identification technology, vehicles that charges completely through the device itself.
(2) storage model, license plate number, amount, expiration date information on the RFID tag card is installed on the inside of the windshield in front of the car. When the cardholder vehicles entering the no parking lane, the vehicle sensor coil to drive signal excitation frequency identification reader reads the the vehicle RFID tag card information (model, license plate number, the remaining amount and validity etc.), while the grating height detector, and the number of axes detector models such as identification devices to automatically detect the car models.

(3) the information read from the the vehicle RFID tag card, as well as the collected data models discriminant equipment are sent to the lane control computer analysis and comparison of models and equipment recorded in the electronic card discriminant models, license plate number on the card is not in the blacklist, the amount payable is less than or equal to the remaining amount of the vehicle by the time the card is valid within the scope of the card is valid card; such as the aforementioned four comparisons, there is a they are not, the card is considered invalid card.
(4) If the car held RFID tag card as a valid card, the traffic lights from red to green, partial fork lights were green straight flag, automatic railings lifted; traffic lights change from green to the car left the detection range, red, partial fork lights off, automatically fall over the railing. Departure from the detection range, the traffic lights change from green to red, partial fork lights off automatically fall over the railing.
(5) If the car held RFID tag card the card is invalid, the traffic lights were red the partial fork lights yellow left-turn access flag, automatic fall over the railing; When the fork to the car to leave the vehicle sensor detection range, partial lights off; Tathagata car does not turn to artificial tollway (and in some cases, no steering bypass), while still moving forward when it arrived in the detection range of the vehicle sensor coil, the alarm bells will toll collectors come to labor costs processing, artificial release.
(6) RFID tag card sales and the cost of clearing the toll center (Gouka center). In order to meet the needs of different users, the general issue of two electronic card, a prepaid electronic label cards, electronic tags one credit card.
(7) pre-paid electronic label card, as the name suggests is the electronic access card must pay the card issuer for the entire community. The user only directly to the the Gouka center to buy there is a certain amount of electronic card, you can use the parking lane. In each time it is used, the system will automatically be deducted from the electronic card payable amount of the car. The electronic card can be reused when the remaining amount of the card with little or no user can go to the card purchase center to re-deposit a certain amount of people to the electronic card, in order to ensure its continued effective.
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