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Emotional incentive happy work

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Abstract: the emotional incentive is the management idea of a people-oriented, embody the scientific outlook on development requirements.Modern enterprises in the use of the system of tubes, the work by the process at the same time, more and more aware of the importance of employee "emotion".In this paper the culture motivation, cultivating common values; participation motivation, enhance their sense of belonging; talent incentive, improve employee loyalty.The scientific use of emotional encouragement, to share the joy of work, and strive to realize the person and enterprise's full scale development and social harmony and progress.
Keywords: people-oriented; emotional motivation; happy work; scientific development

Abstract: The emotion drive is one humanist thought management, has manifested the scientific development concept request. The modern enterprise in uses the system tube person, according to flow management 's at the same time, realizes the staff more and more "the emotion" the importance. The article proposed that drove by the culture, cultivation common values; Participation drove that strengthens the staff sense of belonging; Matures the drive, enhances the staff loyalty. The science drove using the emotion that shares the joyful work together, makes every effort to realize the person and enterprise' s full scale development and the society progresses harmoniously.

Key words:humanist; emotion drive; joyful work; scientific progress

30 years of reform and opening up, we have made brilliant achievements in various aspects, has the enterprise ideological and political work of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the concept of human resources management gradually formed.Human resource has become the strategic resource of modern enterprises, human resources development and management has become an important issue.Throughout the development of human resources management, from the initial stage of the "physical" requires the development of man's "mental", now the "emotion" is a higher level of demand.If a new technology projects or a "golden ideas" had saved lives of an enterprise, so in today's market economy enterprises how to win the hearts of the staff, to create a happy, self-discipline, harmonious working atmosphere is the key to success.Therefore, the modern enterprise in the use of the system of tubes, the work by the process at the same time, more and more aware of the importance of employee "emotion", emotional encouragement, happy work has become an important feature of modern enterprise management.
Emotional incentive is one humanist thought management, reflects the requirements of scientific outlook on development.It is the emotional, emotional factors to human as the premise, respect for employees, to trust employees for reference, pay attention to emotional communication with employees, make its work to maintain a good mood, active, happily went to work.
The work is an important part of our life.In our life, work for us one day in the time of 1/3.In today's society, the purpose of the work is not only the survival and security needs, and self-worth, extensive human resources, precious experiences, healthy and happy state of mind etc..Therefore, an excellent enterprise with people's value in the first place, namely the person's value is higher than the value of.Because the social requirements of the enterprise, is not only to provide excellent products and services, it should also reflect the excellent enterprise culture mode, should be a fully demonstrate the humane care, respect people's ability, ideal environment to realize the value of human.The work should be strict, normative and orderly, healthy and fun, but also full of vitality.
As we all know, people work in good state of mind, open-minded, quick thinking, good cooperation, improve the efficiency of.Compliance with the system and the process execution will be an easy job to become, as Socrates once said: "everyone has the sun, just to let it shine."A famous Swedish "Volvo" car factory is the slogan "let the workers work happily is fundamental to business success."On the material incentive of modern enterprise is difficult to meet the staff the desire to achieve self-worth.The phenomena of life tells us, the enthusiasm of the staff is low, not necessarily because the salary is too low, it may be his performance is not certainly, his ability is not your appreciation.Admittedly, material needs are always the first need of human life, but in modern society, with people's own quality and improve the quality of life, the relationship between money and excitation tends to weaken.Emotional motivation we are advocating is actually a kind of spiritual motivation, it can satisfy the human high levels of demand, from the depth to stimulate initiative, creative people.Trust staff, care staff, appreciate employees, motivate employees, make employees happy work should be the management duty.A competent manager does not necessarily have to have excellent eloquence, but there must be a caring staff of the heart, must have make employees happy work, is the so-called: "very popular in the world".
Nowadays, talents are the most important assets of enterprises, how to attract and retain talent, is paid more and more attention to the art of leadership today, this seemingly simple but unique management strategy, has been paid more and more attention.Motivation is an art, avoid the temptation of money has become the leading enterprise incentive mechanism, so that the enterprise is not far away.While the scientific use of emotional motivation, let the staff happy work, will enable managers to easily implement the management, employees of a win-win situation, what is there against it? Well, in the enterprise ideological and political work of human resources management, how to use the emotional incentive, sharing happy work?
1 culture motivation, cultivate the common values of
The first philosophy applied in the enterprise ideological and political work and human resources management is to respect the staff's demands of human nature, employee access to reasonable remuneration also should have own value affirmation.And the essence of management is to maximize the mobilization of the enthusiasm of each employee, and realize goal of enterprise employees can play with the integration of.Therefore, enterprises should adhere to the people-oriented, to make clear the goal of enterprise, institution standardized management at the same time, through the example of personal motivation, sincere caring staff, harmonious interpersonal atmosphere and so on, cultivate the values and norms of behavior correctly, and has won wide recognition of employees, creating excellent enterprise culture.The enterprise culture is an enterprise in the development process of forming value unique culture of management as the core, is the integration of a business idea and behavior.Enterprise culture is the soul of enterprise, is the enterprise soft strength.The enterprise culture is the intangible force to maintain the enterprise behavior, is invisible scale evaluation of employee behavior.Usually in an excellent enterprise, employees follow the concept of corporate culture, will be invisible incentive of enterprise culture, into the business team, responsibility, positive efforts, harmonious coexistence, happy work.Employee self-esteem, a sense of achievement is satisfied, thus becoming motivate employees to work hard to create a source of strength, passion, joy dedication.On the contrary, will be subjected to pressure and criticism from various aspects of the enterprise, forcing it to return to the enterprise culture.Otherwise it would be the enterprise culture of punishment, even themselves out.
Now, many enterprises have realized the importance of emotional stimulation, happy work.Federal express with excellent employee children named for the company's aircraft; some enterprises Mister will write a letter of thanks to the excellent staff members; and the staff birthday cards, holiday gifts etc..2 the participation motivation, enhance their sense of belonging and
Leadership is to lead the subordinates to complete the work goal, is to maximize stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm of the people under the.Participation is not only an important way to improve work efficiency and effectiveness, but also on Subordinates Trust and
Support to reflect, secret or individual and team of happiness.Modern enterprise staff with the improvement of the environment and their own quality improvement, increasing participation in, create and provide opportunities for all employees to participate in enterprise management, enjoy the fruits of reform, can gradually realize self-worth, enhance employee loyalty and sense of responsibility.Therefore, enterprises must continuously improve the modern enterprise system, innovation of democratic management mode.First, enhance the transparency of decision making.Under the modern enterprise system, management is not shut out the heavens with one palm, not arbitrary decision.Successful managers believe that employees of one's ability and cleverness, respect for different sound staff, accept rationalization proposals, employees develop democracy, each airs his own views., benefit by mutual discussion, decisive, so as to enhance the enterprise leadership.Second, full authority to subordinates.Successful leaders should know, fully authorized, to maximize the subordinates.According to subordinate ability, skills, contacts and other delegation, platform, help motivate subordinates, self-esteem, sense of responsibility, so as to enhance the enterprise executive force.Thirdly, to share the fruits of development.Sharing the results is the best embodiment of the spirit of employee ownership, is the best way to improve employee loyalty and team cohesion.A way of sharing is also full participation, is the incentive to participate the human, will meet their pride, a sense of achievement, sense of responsibility, sense of belonging.Practice has proved, how to reflect the main role of employees of an enterprise, whether the staff as a business hero, is a vital factor of enterprise success.The United States steel magnate Carnegie said is the best example: "take my staff, to leave shortly after the factory, the factory will be full of weeds; take my factory, my staff to stay, soon we will have a better plant."
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