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The the information construction of of the between Taxation Policy management

Author: CaoXinJie From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-13 21:39:32 Read:
Papers Guan Jian words: Rui the closing management of of information technology financial management
Article Abstract: the tax administration Informatization is the the the application of the of modern, Shun Shanghai interest-bearing, science and technology in the in the the pillow the closing management of work, able to promote the the the the greatly improve the of the the level of of the Tax Collection and Management. That this article through the to. This article was when existence of in the the information construction of of the tax administration analysis of the problem, think that the the the the smooth progress of of the tax revenue management of information technology on the need to strengthen the the the the construction of of the information management infrastructure to, and enhance the the tax revenue awareness of the safety of personnel, enhance the the level of specialization of the tax personnel.
Informatization is the refers to the in the economic and social activities, through a large number of the adoption of information technology, electronic equipment and communications networks, and other, more effectively development and use of information resources, so that various sectors of the national economy with due to the the the development of of the application of information technology and the information industry while the access to the the process of of the the huge interests of. The of information technology of the tax administration is one of the the specific implementation of the performance of by the of electronic-government in the the management the work of of the government departments one of the forms of. Tax revenue construction of management information a Breakthrough in the as a of the modern management of taxation, not only is to reduce the the cost of tax revenue, improve the protect the of levied the the the technical of the the management efficiency and the Administration and Collection Quality, but also the to strengthen the Tax Collection and Management, to to achieve the the of the important measures of the tax according to law. But, the the current China's tax revenue construction of management information is not perfect, there are still the certain problems will arise. The the analysis, of of article through the on the the the there is a problem in the the tax revenue the management of the the information construction of think that the the the smooth progress of of the tax revenue management of information technology to on the need to strengthen the the the the construction of of the information management infrastructure to, and enhance the the tax revenue awareness of the safety of personnel, enhance the the level of of for specialization under Double Taxation personnel.
1, that exist in in the information construction of the tax administration problem
1.1 insufficient capital investment
At present, in the the capital investment of the the aspects of the of the of information technology also difficult to meet the the the actual needs of, at the same time, part of the in remote areas the tax department has so far there are still the computer equipage are insufficient the case of, network in building a more is out of the question. In the some of the economy is relatively developed on regional and coastal cities Although the the computer and equipment of the the tax work is adequate, due to the The Defection of tax software development of as well as the limited application ability of tax officers, leading to the high Configures the computer's can only be act as a the simple typing function and storage capabilities, in the corresponding of the tax revenue business work is difficult to play high configuration a computer-its due role to, resulting in the the an enormous waste of the the tax cost.
1.2 of the network management system is imperfect
The safety of tax administration network the contents of the involved in, as well as a the existing technical aspects of the issues, but also there are the problem of management aspects of the, the two aspects complement each other, are indispensable. Technical aspects of is focused primarily on As at the guard against the the attack of the the the illicit the user's in of the external, the the management aspects of then the focused on the the the management of the internal of human factors,. Technical aspects of, to avoid to appear the attack of the viruses and Defense network hackers, to ensure the authenticity and integrity of of the of tax data is, malicious modify data, and is in on the of countries tax to caused huge losses to in the the to avoid of illegal-personnel. Management aspects of, increase on the the quality of personnel training, enhance safety awareness, to reduce the the data loss caused by the due to the professional level is not high, the destruction of, leaked; increase the data backup mechanism, to prevent the the data loss caused by the because of natural disasters; the increase of supervision and inspection of mechanisms , to prevent the malicious to modify the data and security configuration parameters, so that the tax revenue of information technology information security problems to become complicate the. Tax revenue is very-sensitive work, the the of information technology of the collect taxes management should give play to the its due role, a certain the tax rate has is necessary to improve the management system, and to increase the safety factor.
1 .3 high-quality talent the lack of
The tax the quality of personnel is is not high, Journal of Computer Applications professional shortage of talent, which restricts the and comprehensively promote the of the the the of informatization construction of the the tax system. Part of the tax officers the concept behind the, recognizing to less than the the the necessity of of the tax revenue of information technology management. They to carry out the work way are obsolete, completely rule of thumb to do things, in particular, is part of the management personnel of the, take the lead in the role of poor, individual exclusion emotional is obvious; tax revenue the safety of personnel poor awareness of, data loss, lose people mistakenly the phenomenon of have occurred from time to time; the lack of computer professionals, a of talent with the level of the higher Journal of Computer Applications is is not much, the proficient in technology management, but also familiar with the business a point of order of the compound talents are even fewer. The the equipped with of of the tax revenue information management in the final analysis can not be separated from the personnel, the quality of personnel is is not high, lack of professionals, has seriously hampered the the the implementation process of of the tax revenue information management. This requires that we to in the increase the vote in people of it, development, on the the the basis of of equipped with hardware carried out of the specialized training of the personnel, to improve the tax the quality of personnel, to change the the outdated concept consciousness, to develop their safety awareness, but also training ie, well versed in technology have to understand business a point of order of the specialization, composite--type, high-quality talent. 2, to strengthen the the The Countermeasure Analysis of the tax revenue construction of management information
of the 2.1 to strengthen infrastructure construction
China's the the utilization rate of of the of of equipment and information in in the information construction and is extremely low, on the the in information is only were recorded for the people, ignoring the a more important analytical finishing, resulting in accumulation of information, shared, openness insufficient, information recorded a people has become the Jingzhong Yue that the, Stronghold is just good-looking, but did not any the actual the significance of. This all require that the development and application of to which we want to to to strengthen the computer software of the requirements. At At present, the the the the the development and application management of of the of China's tax application software are relatively confusion, the a part of the of departments and units only from the their needs of departure for, research and development of software on their own, there is no uniform development standards, management and use of up is comparison difficulties. For Therefore, we must want to in the under the principle of of "the business reunification of, that data is consistent, information sharing, comprehensive utilization", there are plans to, and steadily sub-the-step-by-step implementation of the application software development, to achieve the the systemic of the software development, comprehensiveness, compatibility and norms sexual. At the same time to strengthen the the equipped with of the of computer hardware, in particular is underdeveloped areas, lack of computer is equipped with has seriously affected the the the process of of the China's tax revenue construction of management information, country should increase the the to fund real reform investment and people of the of In this regard regional tax revenue efforts to enhance the the the level of of its overall operating, Areas and Narrowing the Gap between Different Regions. The developed areas of the eastern part of, computer hardware is equipped with the the better tax revenue departments, while the you want to increase the of the development and management of the software.
2.2 Strengthen information security management
Information security is is not simply is the the technical issue, but also the socio-economic problems. To solve of the issues of information security need to establish a a sound and effective information security management system, from the the two aspects of the the technical safety and the Management and on the Safety of manpower, strengthen supervision and and and inspection efforts; to strengthen the construction of information security the legal system, and do their deliberate to to destruction of them, the is not working responsible for the tax revenue personnel to to assume the responsibility play a the corresponding with ;
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