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Analysis on the mechanism of enterprise knowledge management

Author: XieLingXu From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-13 17:56:57 Read:

Abstract: creating learning organization knowledge management based on must be organized, creating a for a good knowledge of enterprise management environment is Guan Jian factors for successful implementation of knowledge management and an important guarantee for knowledge management, and to create a good business environment. The enterprise must knowledge management mechanism innovation to support these environmental conditions.From the three aspects of operation system, enterprise culture formation mechanism and incentive mechanism for knowledge management is discussed knowledge management mechanism of enterprise organization.
Keywords: the
self-organized knowledge incentive mechanism of knowledge management team

In the knowledge economy society increasingly fierce competition, knowledge has become the most important resource.Knowledge acquisition, transmission, sharing, use and innovation to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and the basic means to achieve sustainable development ability.Knowledge management has been the attention of many enterprises, and become the necessary measures must be taken to cope with the competition of enterprises in the era of knowledge economy.The successful implementation of knowledge management in knowledge intensive, knowledge application, knowledge exchange, knowledge sharing, the process of knowledge innovation based on the effective operation, and ensure the effective operation of the process of knowledge management support.Knowledge management environment support condition involves information technology, human resources, organizational structure, corporate culture etc..
Among them, the information technology is the hardware foundation for the effective operation of the knowledge management, the knowledge staff is the main body of knowledge management, organizational structure is the carrier of knowledge management system, enterprise culture in the aspects of behavior, behavior motivation and behavior coordination of knowledge type staff plays an important role in ten.
, change the organizational structure, knowledge management in
The era of knowledge economy is an era of rapid change, in this environment, the organization must have a flexible response capabilities, organizational structure will change.Knowledge management is a systematic project involving all aspects of the organization as a whole, its effective operation requires not only the participation and coordination of all employees of the organization, but also need a rational organizational structure as the carrier.
(a) knowledge management organization structure characteristics of
The basic features of the traditional organization is: rigid department system, highly standardized, limited information network.In the traditional bureaucratic organizations, serious separation between departments, knowledge cannot between departments and levels of sharing, grass-roots employee participation in decision making few opportunities, tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.
The knowledge staff is a pursuit of autonomy, individualized and diverse, with a strong spirit of innovation and team spirit of collaboration groups of employees.Knowledge management expert Mahan Tanm park after a lot of investigation and research that the four factors: the motivation of knowledge workers are: individual growth (about 34%), autonomy (about 31%), business achievement (about 8%), money (about 7%).Therefore, compared with other types of workers, knowledge workers pay more attention to promote their development, challenging work, thus there is a constant pursuit of the growth of knowledge, of individual and business requirements; they have autonomy, so that they can work in an effective way, to complete the enterprise to the task; get a worthy and their contribution to the reward and able to share the wealth.Therefore, in the design of knowledge management organization structure, it is necessary to fully consider the knowledge type staff requirements.The organization structure of knowledge-based enterprises should weaken the management system, emphasizes the enterprise culture, communication and trust, commitment, respect, independence, innovation, learning, cooperation and authorization.
Knowledge management organization structure should have the following characteristics: there are mutual influence, help the employee communication and knowledge sharing; beneficial to enterprise knowledge update and deepen; conducive to complete the commercialization of knowledge to a collective enterprise resources; improve the ability to adapt to the environment conducive to enterprise; is conducive to the formation of the staff team spirit; benefit confirm the key role of knowledge in the commercialization process, make it smooth to play their due role.
(two) knowledge management enterprise organization operation mechanism of
Organizational structure of knowledge management enterprise determines its organization model is the organic model.The advantages of this model is the structure of the flat, work with multi-function, cross level team, organization standardization degree is low, the free flow of information (not only horizontal, and vertical communication), employee participation in higher degree of decision.
The author thinks, knowledge management enterprise shall be multi-functional team as a basic operation mechanism of organization, and the team to work process.This mechanism should be able to perform the following functions: (1) to provide a communication platform.In this platform, between departments and between all levels can share information, tacit knowledge and on the basis of their own into the team and the organization of explicit knowledge.(2) provides a decision-making platform.In this platform, the team condition according to the change of environment make the fast response, a determination is made decision, or risk type decision.(3) to provide a learning platform.This learning is not a simple repetition, but knowledge of the self organization.(4) to provide a platform for innovation.In the knowledge base of self-organized innovation knowledge, the organization knowledge '' innovation accumulate a spread - innovation '' positive cycle, realizing sustainable development organization.(5) provide a cultural evolution platform.Through knowledge management and knowledge innovation as the characteristics of the continuous process reengineering, organization culture to the gradual evolution of the background of knowledge economy, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of the learning mechanism.
two, facing knowledge economy and reform the corporate culture of
The enterprise culture is the value idea widely accepted corporate members and decided by the values, norms and behavior.The values and norms of behavior may not be explicitly declared, but implied in the enterprise members as its prerequisite thinking model assumptions, for the enterprise members unconscious or conscious recognition.As a spiritual force, the enterprise culture is invisible, but once it is combined with knowledge, can release the powerful material and spiritual energy, play to people's creativity.
(a) the enterprise culture in the age of knowledge-based economy function of
In the era of knowledge economy, enterprise culture has based in the traditional sense of the guide, constraints, condensation, excitation and radiation function, should become the knowledge production and adhesives station and knowledge use.
Enterprise is not only the knowledge of the user, but also should be the leader of the knowledge innovation system, and therefore have more knowledge production and innovation.Enterprise culture should be the integration of forces that employees have the interest and confidence of life-long learning, follow the "learning is work, work is the study of" new education mode, play a role in catalysis and lubrication in enterprise strategy, all levels of business strategy and function strategy, becomes the enterprise sustained development engine.
Human modernization is the foundation of the enterprise survival and development in the era of knowledge economy, the development of knowledge economy is the cooperation and innovation in knowledge application.Under the background of knowledge management, the good enterprise culture should give full consideration to the staff in the new demands of the knowledge and the negative impact from work, eliminate or mitigate adverse environment for employees caused psychological burden.The knowledge management under the mode of enterprise culture should be the liberation of individuality and based on comprehensive development, production and use of knowledge as the main content of the spiritual culture.

(two) the background of knowledge management mechanism innovation of enterprise culture in knowledge economy, promote to realize the function of enterprise culture, should form the following mechanism.
First of all, to establish a scientific system to promote learning.Enterprises can choose from several outstanding in all areas of the staff as head of promoting the learning mechanism in each sector, and by their selection of personnel from the Department of core team.
Secondly, establish the incentive mechanism of knowledge.It is necessary to establish knowledge clear, clear knowledge of staff achievements, embodied knowledge type staff to create results; establish the mechanism of knowledge performance and knowledge contribution rate as the standard evaluation system, check staff knowledge achievements and to evaluate its value; the establishment of knowledge of reward and punishment mechanism, the performance of employee as employee benefits.In this way, we can gradually formed employee self learning atmosphere.
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