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Reflections on strengthening the scientific and technological personnel occupation morality and the construction of style of study

Author: HouFeng,LiuZhaoZheng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-13 04:29:10 Read:
Abstract: the core theme of twenty-first Century is the innovation of science and technology, the comprehensive national strength competition among countries in the world, is the technological innovation of the breadth and depth of the competition.As the subject of technology innovation of scientific and technological personnel, how the occupation morals and construction of style of study, directly affect the success or failure and the effect of this competition.Therefore, study on occupation moral existence to our country science and technology personnel and construction of style of study of the problems, and puts forward the effective countermeasure, has the very vital significance.
Keywords: Science and technology innovation; occupation moral; construction of style of study and
Abstract: The 21st century 's core subject is the scientific innovation, between various countries the comprehensive national strength competition, is the scientific innovation breadth and the depth competition. As the scientific innovation main body' s technical personnel, how its occupational ethics and do the school tradition construct, immediate influence this competition success or failure and effect. Therefore, conducts the research to our country technical personnel 's occupational ethics and the school tradition construction existence' s question, and proposed that the effective countermeasure, has the very vital significance.

Key words: scientific innovation; occupational ethics; school tradition construction

1 the current scientific and technological personnel occupation morality and the construction of study style in the bad performance of
30 years of reform and opening up, China's various effective measures, formulate and implement a series of principles, policies, and actively cultivate talents of science and technology, has made great achievements.A large number of talents of science and technology, especially the youth science and technology talent talent showing itself, become the backbone of the scientific research in china.Scientific and technological workers work hard and perseveringly, tenacious struggle, scaled new heights, created a remarkable technological marvels, a strong impetus to China's economic construction and social development.However, we must also see clearly, the current in the work of scientific research personnel also exist some technology occupation morality, not study is the problem can not be ignored.
Be sure, occupation morality and style of study the majority of scholars of current Chinese industry is good or relatively good, which in recent years through the outstanding research achievements of science can be shown.But also should see, the current scientific and technological personnel occupation morality and the construction of style of study, there are many bad phenomenon, these phenomena are diverse, nature is not the same, which, some research is not rigorous, impetuous style of study, be opinionated, this violates scientific innovation base; some are irresponsible, do things by irregular ways, quick, crudely made, only the pursuit of quantity; some fish for fame, in academic exchanges and academic evaluation of

Price, boost oneself, backslapping; some serious breach of academic moral and scientific spirit, plagiarizing others research results, tampering, forgery of scientific data; some academic corruption, by virtue of their power and position, seek fame and wealth by unfair means; some are academic misconduct, Marx to give up the guiding role of Marxism, no the principle of publicity of wrong ideas, or copy the western academic point of view.
China Association for science and technology in the sixth session of the Committee on the fourth session of the annual report of scientific and technical workers, morality and Rights Committee submitted lists [1] misconduct in 7 aspects of China's scientific ethics and the construction of the style of study: plagiarizing others achievement. falsified data.The arbitrary appropriation of achievements in scientific research.The repetition of published papers.The original can be published in a whole thesis research achievements, contribution is divided into pieces.Outstanding individual interests, academic review and project application.The excessive pursuit of fame and fortune, fuelling impetuous.
Analysis of
reason of fan 2 scientific and technological personnel occupation morality and academic failure
2.1 impetuous style of study
Scientific research requires a very serious attitude, without the slightest hypocrisy.Now some technical personnel for instant success, flighty and impetuous, eager to show results, unable to bear loneliness and poverty, go crooked ways.In the era of knowledge economy, information explosion coming, knowledge is updated faster, to be creative technology, we must constantly learning, constantly enrich himself, must eliminate interference, intentnesses, assiduously, I won't change any day to climb toward the peak of science.Impetuous style of study have an adverse impact on the academic development.
The negative influence of market economy society of
With the accelerated development of the social transformation, the deepening of the reform and competition intensifies, interests in the planned economy idea and egalitarianism that has a strong impact, at the same time, the transition process of Ideological and cultural diversity and economic system will inevitably produce some negative influence, driving in the market on the material, the community formed a pursuit utilitarian impetuous atmosphere, therefore in the tech world would not be spared affected impetuous atmosphere.In the pursuit of "value" concept, thought a few deformity science and technology workers will inevitably have some heavy material light spirit, exorbitant interest light, heavy duty, moral power of light weight individuals to society, must will lead to all the money for the characteristics of the worship of money, for the pursuit of personal interests at the expense of resort to deceit, bullying. The world.
2.1.2 scientific evaluation system for the quantification of
Over the years, we have made many efforts in establishing a scientific evaluation system, incentive mechanism and the resort to deceit of scientific and technological achievements of the outside criticism and punishment mechanism and technical evaluation, competitive position, awards and so on, but at the same time will also be science and technology workers introduced a vicious spiral excessive pursuit of quantity and blind comparison of.Academician Qin Boyi said: "science is not use quantitative methods to treat, quantization can only be used in low level physical labor to measure, and can not be used in scientific research, physical labor can be selected once a year, also can be a month, can also be a day, and science.Some scientists a lifetime is one or two times the peak of innovation, if one comes to his evaluation, he was killed, scientific achievements also died in thinking."[2]
2.1.3 scientific research lack of innovative
The value of scientific research is innovation fruits.Only innovation can promote the development of the society, only the innovation of scientific research meaningful.Flippant psychology to a certain extent is the innovation of science and technology personnel consciousness is not strong due to the high quality academic achievements, some people devote their lives to be, so some one-sided pursuit of achievements in scientific research of expansion, the scientific research of low level repeated, creating a lot of "academic foam".According to statistics, from 1993 to 2003 10 years, in the international science citation search rankings, each subject was the top 20 most cited papers, no 1 articles from Chinese scientists hand.In the first 100 papers in China, only 2; the first 1000 papers in China, only 14.[3] visible, China's scientific research institutions and universities in the number of papers published on international growth very soon though, but the real impact is not the paper.That is to say, the papers in the superior of the less, there is innovation and creative achievements are less.
Value orientation 2.2 scientific and technological personnel in the imbalance of
Scientific research is a process of long and winding exploring truth, whether the problem is put forward, analysis of the problem, is to solve the problem, need to have the truth, truth
The spirit of science.[4] under the conditions of market economy, the diversification of China's economy, people's values in the changing is diversified, for one thing, especially the new things, people have different views, thus appeared the offset value cognition, so it is also in science and technology.Some researchers are affected by the bad social ethos, vanity desire expansion, the pursuit of more emphasis on individual value, rarely consider the social value, so they should have lost the occupation morals and realistic spirit of scientific research, this is the value orientation of the imbalance of.
2.3 individual technical personnel ignore the occupation ethics and laws and regulations of
Scientific and technical personnel and moral cultivation is a reflection of character and quality character, individual research on science and technology workers, scientific ethics and related academic standard and other laws and regulations is in fact to restrain the moral responsibility of scientific and technical personnel.
2.3.1 relaxation of Ideological and political education and legal knowledge learning
China is still in the primary stage of socialism development, various kinds of backward, decadent ideas will exist for a long time, and with the development of economy is affected by the bad social ethos, the thought of people will doubt, confusion and shaken, but at the same time, some science people relaxed ideological and political learning, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily walk wrong, so relax ideological and political education is the main reason for the lack of good science and technology personnel occupation morality and style.At present, the academic circles of the tort is rampant, the related laws of learning is not only the results of their research is to protect their own scientific and technological personnel constraints weapon.However, part of the scientific and technological personnel down just do not look up the road, walk into their unintentional error zone.
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