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11 On the the the Tiandong County tourism breakthrough path select development of leisure agriculture to promote the Tiandong Nong industry structure upgrade

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Paper Keywords: leisure agriculture, tourism agriculture structure
Thesis Abstract: leisure agriculture to you and that is the construction of modern agriculture, the development of multi-function agriculture, and the breadth and depth to enter the of the agriculture to, and promote the the agricultural structure constantly the optimization and upgrading of the effective mode. This article discusses the significance of the development of leisure agriculture, an analysis of the feasibility of the development of leisure agriculture Tiandong County, the development of leisure agriculture breakthrough is tourism in tiandong County, and finally propose countermeasures.
2007 Central Document No. explicitly put forward actively develop modern agriculture and promote the building of a new socialist countryside; leisure agriculture is the construction of modern agriculture, the development of multi-functional agriculture and re-emphasized the breadth and depth to enter into agriculture, promote agricultural structure optimization and upgrading of an effective model. As people's living standards improve, "We are about to enter the era of leisure more and more important in people's lives and socio-economic ..., leisure agriculture is a modern agricultural leisure tourism need to adapt to urban residents, while rural economy the development of new economic growth point, leisure agriculture is an important way for the transformation of traditional agriculture is an important part of the new socialist countryside construction, the core industries of the development of modern agriculture. So, to say that the market potential of the leisure industry is growing.
l leisure agriculture significance
The rise and development of of the leisure agriculture is the Science and Technology Progress, the social productivity continued to rise, human suffered the deterioration of the urban environment and the ecological environment is broken with a the dual under the pressure of, requirements the inevitable result of of the back to nature, is also a agriculture, the result of adjustments by the the industrial structure for rural construction and agricultural, is a social developed to a certain stage of the product]. The significance of the development of leisure agriculture in our country are many, such as recreation, beautification, economic value, social, education, health care, integrated land use and other Scenic crowded soothing. Wang Hao changes are taking place, and not (2003) summarized as follows: First, development of leisure agriculture there are conducive to the realization of the highly efficient of the of agriculture as of the, expanding the the the breadth and connotation of of of the tourism industry, the formation of the the new growth point of the agriculture and tourism, to expand the The business scope of of agriculture, driven by the second in the in rural areas, the the development of of the tertiary industries, for improvement of the standard of peasants of the income. Second, the development of leisure agriculture is conducive to resolving the agricultural ecological, social benefits and the contradictions of their low economic efficiency. Third, the development of leisure agriculture is conducive to the improvement and upgrading of the industrial structure in rural areas. Fourth, the development of leisure agriculture there are is conducive to resolving the the question of the transfer of the rural surplus labor force, to another. To ease the relatively little land available the multi-of the rural people sharp contradictions. Fifth, the development of leisure agriculture is conducive to resolving eliminate the differences between urban and rural areas to ease the contradictions of the dual economic structure and the integration of urban and rural. Is In its six, development of leisure agriculture, will take full advantage of the of agricultural land of the the edge of the big city,, This is In addition to the there are the the functional role of of the agricultural production outside the, but also onwards a control role in on the city of the that are believed to be reasonable development, to prevent the the unrestricted expansion of the city, or have been stay out of with Preparing the in for the future of modern urban development ground. In addition, the the development of leisure agriculture also be able to to promote the the to environmental protection construction of the in rural areas.
In short, the the is being the rise of the leisure agriculture with the eco-tourism agriculture whether it is its scientific and technological content of or pastoral scenery, all have than the the potential and value of of more scope for the conventional agriculture to the development of, in the the the the comprehensive utilization of of the resources and the aspects of of to adapt to the market demand also has its special the advantages of. Involved in a wide range of leisure agriculture, relevance, it can drive the development of the agriculture, tourism-related industries, but also by the constraints of the overall socio-economic development, as well as transportation, construction, trade and other related industries. Therefore, the development of leisure agriculture is not only related to the future of their own industry, but also related to the integration of urban and rural construction, agricultural modernization, the new socialist countryside construction and other related industries optimize the development.
, Tiandong County 2, development of leisure agriculture the feasibility of analysis of
Tiandong County under the Baise City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, western, southwestern Guangxi Youjiang River Valley heart. Tiandong is 8O. 30,000 years ago, Paleolithic ancient cradles of human civilization, Song Dynasty inland along the Tea Horse Road leading to the Dali Kingdom fortress. Deng Xiaoping launched the hotbed of the Baise Uprising, is the the Youjiang Soviet government location, is the birthplace of the Zhuang Liao Song, is the national key poverty alleviation counties, the National Rural spiritual civilization advanced counties, national commodity grain base counties, the state sugar base County, China Mango Township, create pollution-free vegetable production demonstration counties. The county's GDP in 2006 reached 3.181 billion yuan, an increase of 10.5%; fiscal revenue of 5.0418 billion yuan, up 25.8%; local general budget revenue of 2.0829 billion yuan, up 25%; rural economy steady development of, the realization of agricultural total output value of 15 billion yuan, an increase of 2.17%; the economic structure was further optimized, the proportion of of three industries by the 34.4:44.7:20.9 adjusted to 30.76:45.2:24.1 . Generally on the, the the the the growth of of the the first industry of of the Tiandong County is slow, the tertiary industry is still relatively backward, the at all levels is relatively see Table 1.

2.1 favorable factors analysis.
2.1.1 District,-bit advantage. | Tiandong County is located in the heart of the South (Ning)'s expensive (yang) Kun (Ming) economic the the center of of the corridor Genuine Contact Us 14 day return policy Track your order Secure shopping English, the adjacent to the of the East Access Pingguo, the South and De Paul, Tiandeng,, Tianyang to the west,, north of Bama, is a southwest of-a major thoroughfare to the sea important the transport hub of. Tiandong County to Nanning airport Baise (tianyang,), airport 190km and 23km.
2.1.2 Traffic Conditions advantage. Of land east to west by there are Nanning-Kunming railway, a the State Road 324 and the a the Nanning-Kunming Expressway; for the just this year, opened to traffic of the north and south there are the three-tier oil line of the Tian the east to the Jingxi secondary roads, TIAN east to-Bama three-tier oil line, Tian the east to the days, and and so on and in the the construction of the flat to the Jiangcheng =. Level circuit, tiandong in the city take the lead in achieving Heung Tung Oil and opened the county transit road, forming a "one-hour economic circle. The right rivers Swimming J: Su Baise, down by Nanning, Wuzhou to Guangzhou, Hong Kong, 200t motor boat navigable all year round. After the completion of of the for Baise Multipurpose water conservancy Project r Cheng, the the Ship 's Navigation can be upgraded to 1000t. Tiandong county seat away from jurisdiction to the 69 km Baise City of, from the state capital of city of Nanning 168km, there are the railway and the motorway (s) Connecting, is in the Nanning City, "two-hour tour ? economic monopoly of wisdom" within the.
2.1.3 resources. H East County rich in agricultural resources, has taken shape after years of construction, sugar cane, mango, banana, rice, vegetables, tea, bamboo, fast-growing eucalyptus, chestnut, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries 10 agricultural base to build rice, sesame oil , bananas, Xiangmang, Xiang pig, incense duck, flavored liqueur,, spices et al. "Eight incense" brand. Especially in recent years, Tiandong County vigorously pay close attention to the mango improvement, effort to build "Nitto mango" brand, will be the mango planted as the revitalization of the the Tiandong Nong village of economy, speed up the old revolutionary bases of poverty a specialty agriculture task. Currently, the county mango industry has formed the scale, the mango commodity rate and the excellent product rate has been significantly improved. Tiandong beautiful landscape, rich in tourism resources, natural tourism resources Yokoyama ancient village, Longtan Ling Lake, board Beach, the asparagus River; cultural tourism resources the Youjiang workers 'and peasants' democratic government site, the village of the Red Army and the Tan River ancient human remains.
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