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Factors affecting the economic development of the soft environment and Countermeasures

Author: WuYuZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-11 01:40:19 Read:
[Abstract] soft environment of social harmony and economic development is closely related to economic construction which must be soft environment to solve the problem in order to achieve economic development, building a harmonious society. This paper discusses the connotation of the economic development of the soft environment, the impact of the soft environmental factors and Countermeasures.
[Key words] economic development; soft environment; construction
Economic development of the soft environment connotation
Conceptually, the soft environment of economic development mainly refers to non-economic factors of economic development does not have a physical form, which includes the contents of the ideas and concepts, political and cultural, legal, policy, institutional mechanisms, management and services. Transportation, resources, and communications hardware conditions, constitute elements of economic development as a whole, depends on the speed of economic development. Its connotation specific embodies in the the to create a of the economic the development of soft environment of the is the transformation of government functions; the soft environment of economic the development of is of organs official business personnel quality of service; the soft environment of economic the development of is the social credit rating the degree of is; the Development soft environment of the economic is a strong cultural atmosphere; the soft environment of economic the development of is the law and order of social the actual situation. In fact, the actual situation of social security, the impact of the economic development of the soft environment is self-evident. Imagine what investors are willing to put the money to a return not only unsafe, even personal safety can not be guaranteed a place to go? In this sense, we say that the public security situation in the soft environment, mainly refers to where law and order, criminal the degree of occurrence of cases, the degree of the presence of the evil forces to be low, high degree of purification of the social stability and environmental best for investors to create a "safe, money, comfortable environment.
2 various unfavorable factors affecting the soft environment for economic development analysis
The 2.1 government functions misplaced. Due to the economic impact of long-term plan, the functions of government with the implementation of the socialist market economic system and to change the picture, and sometimes consciously or unconsciously act as market players directly involved in the operation of things should be left to the market, the government should be "economic regulation, market supervision, social management and public service functions do not get to play, which not only restricts the soft environment for economic development, but also reduces the government's image among the people.
2.2 economic management departments illegal operations. Originally, economic management departments serve economic construction should be "taxpayers" and "nanny" However, some economic management departments over-emphasis on the power in their hands, in the implementation of the management process, unauthorized inspections, arbitrary charges, arbitrary push faction, and even regardless of the actual situation of enterprises and investors, feel free to take coercive measures, affecting the normal production and operation of enterprises and investors, which not only hurt the business and investor confidence, but also corrupted the social atmosphere.
The impact of of the 2.3 the law enforcement behavior of the of law enforcement officers. Serve economic construction, escort for economic and social development is an important duty of the law enforcement agencies, law enforcement officers on behalf of the State to exercise enforcement powers, the builders of the soft environment for economic development and the protection of God ". However, some law enforcement agencies and law enforcement personnel in the enforcement process can not impartially, but the situation on behalf of the law enforcement powers even becomes departments, the benefit of tools for individuals, social justice has been infringed.
2.4 service sector is not high quality. The service industry is directly to the business, to provide investors with the service department, these departments, especially those services "window" level of service quality, have the most direct impact on the soft environment for economic development. Judging from the current situation, some of the services sector, the lack of the concept of "pro-business" rigid attitude, not only the service object, and ineffectiveness, giving a "this door into the" feeling does not want to. Such a service environment, can attract large projects? Gets the big businessmen? Can achieve great development? Conducive to building a socialist harmonious society?
2.5 public opinion "noise": too much. Little public opinion "noise" as a society, is not unrealistic, however, the noise is too large will lead to partial guidance of public opinion, ruining their own environment. Like something out of nothing "complain wind, wind fuss press speculation, gossip, talk of strange words such as wind, subtly spend the people's morale, consistent deterioration of the situation of the people, people" do not quit is not dry bad not. " Imagine how such an environment can stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the people, how can we promote the development of the productive forces? Build a healthy good soft environment should take basic measures
3.1 transformation of government functions. The focus of transformation of government functions to a service type is managed in the past. First, we must shift in concept, that is to adhere to "serve the public and governing for the people" concept for me to build a harmonious socialist society. The second is to shift in approach, that is to adhere to the principle of non-discrimination and fair treatment of businesses and citizens to protect and assist vulnerable groups in the society. Third, we should shift in the purpose, that is, to adhere to the interests of the broadest masses of people as the fundamental purpose, to focus on the development of public policy, the provision of public goods, do a good job in the public service. To shift mechanism, that is, to insist on an open and transparent operation mode of scientific governance, democratic governance, in accordance with the law.
3.2 is necessary to regulate the administrative act. Judging from the happening around some cases destroy the soft environment, mostly caused by administrative act does not regulate. Therefore, we need to standardize the focus on economic management departments, law enforcement and discipline departments and services "window", in particular, to be placed with investors and enterprises, and the masses, the direct management of the relationship between public officials who make it both can not fail to act, and not to collect as. First, to further clean up the approval of the project, narrowing the approval range. The second is to further clean up fees, reduce the cost of the investment run. Third, to further improve the procedures and improve efficiency. Is to further to constraint management behavior of public officials, law enforcement and service behavior, the establishment of people-oriented management mechanism. Fifth, to further increase the interference to destroy the economic development of the investigation and punishment of cases of soft environment, strong construction of soft environment awareness in the whole society.
3.3 To improve service levels. To build the economic development of soft environment, a very important aspect is to raise the level of service of the government and its public officials, and strive to new services in accordance with the law, integrity, innovation and service, efficient service, honesty and service, human services " breakthrough. First, we must be changed in feelings. To establish a "pro-business" philosophy in terms of ideology, emotionally close to the business, close to the investors, work to treat, treat investors, as their "God". The second is to be changed in position. In the service process, to be good at empathy, that is, if you are a business, you are an investor, how you wish to serve you? If we can consider the issue, I believe we will come to a very different answer to obtain different results. Third, we are going to change a variable angle. In reality, some of our practices, or certain enterprises and investors requirements, regulatory compliance and some of the current policy, in this case, we should be in accordance with the conducive to business, investor principle to adjust the look at the angle, both to should reflect the the valid services that of the economic development, without, Ying Peng the "high-voltage lines".
3.4 To improve the supervision mechanism. Economic development of soft environment construction is a systematic project, can not be separated from social supervision. Judging from the current situation, the supervision is still not perfect. First, people's congresses at all levels, the CPPCC should economic development of soft environment construction as inspections, the focus of research and continue to broaden the channels of supervision according to law, and democratic supervision. Party organizations soft environment should be building into the content of the examination of leading bodies and leading cadres, and earnestly strengthen the supervision and examination. Third, businesses, investors and the masses to take part in the construction of soft environment, the organization carry out appraisal work, and consciously accept supervision by the masses. Fourth, the community should pay close attention to the soft environment construction work, with more criticism.
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