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On the cultivation of innovative ability in the coal mine enterprise staff training.

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Abstract: innovation is the basic means of coal mine enterprises to survive and develop in the era of knowledge economy.The enterprise must carry on the innovation and orderly, powerful, effective, must carry on the innovation ability training of workers.Datong Coal Group Co in the staff training, to establish new idea, strengthening the cultivation of innovative ability.
Keywords: staff training; innovative thinking; innovative ability of

Entered in twenty-first Century, the features of knowledge economy is more and more obvious, science and technology change rapidly, more and more fierce market competition.The training work with the coal group to adapt to the market vary from minute to minute, we must constantly learning, learning and innovation, it is necessary to change the innovation of training mode of thinking, cultivate and bring up a has innovation consciousness, innovation spirit and ability of high-quality staff team.

1 set up the innovative training concept, the innovation ability training in staff training system of

1.1 set up the innovative concept of training
Set up the innovative training concept is the premise of training innovation, we are in an era of knowledge economy, on one hand it is based on humanistic quality, hand with modern science and technology as the core, unified these two aspects to establish the production in knowledge, processing, dissemination and application.To make the training of employees to comply with the trend in the knowledge economy, play an important role in the cultivation of talents and technology promotion and so on, must be better adapt to the new requirements of the development of modern science and technology, the innovation ability training into the training system.
Datong Coal Group Co's predecessor, Datong Mining Bureau was established in August 30, 1949, 2000, July for the restructuring of the Datong Coal Group Co.The company has total assets of 75000000000 yuan, 200000 employees, 54 pairs of mine, located in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, the West span 300 km, north-south span more than 600 km region.In 2008 coal production and sales volume of 122000000 T, for 4 consecutive years breakthrough million tons.Now the formation of coal, large energy group power, chemical, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other multi-industry.Under construction in northern Shanxi coal base is one of the 13 national planning large-scale coal bases.Mining technology, construction scale, development speed is at the forefront in the country, but the main production equipment and technology are imported from foreign countries, it is determined that we must further improve the digestion and absorption of imported technology innovation capability.To meet this requirement, the company put forward "to improve the capability of independent innovation, building the innovative Datong Coal Mine" slogan, requirements development train of thought, change thinking, training innovation, speed up the cultivation of innovative talents, promote the innovation of mine construction.
The 1.2 innovation ability training into the training system of
Staff training should not only teach the professional basic theory and basic skills training to the employees, but also pay attention to employee innovative thinking and innovation ability, innovation ability training not, the whole function of education and training is difficult to achieve.In order to carry out innovative training, should build scientific research, training, production as one of the training system, by the Datong coal mine group of scientific research departments to collect the latest information technology and its development direction and application condition.Training department training plan and organize training, production department timely feedback dynamic production.The company formed a favorable situation a "training to improve the innovation and training and improving and innovation".
Staff training is an important part of the innovation of management of innovation in every enterprise.Therefore, with the coal group to carry out the innovative training class "moved" to the underground, not only will the Inoue book extends to the underground scene teaching, also direct tentacles extended to the mining working face.Organize monthly teacher to mine employees in a live demonstration teaching.The participants in the underground working face watched and listened.As discussed, combined with the teaching operation.Originally on the well class difficult to understand the "distance", "cut" method of operation through the live demonstration and easier to understand.In addition, with the coal group to increase the staff's innovation efforts in training, company, ore, the three training network system was established, the selection of high theoretical level and rich experience in scientific and technical personnel and the old workers as the instructor, insist to accomplish ", training a qualified one, for a", make the staff for training gradually a central pillar of their respective positions.

2 set up with innovative consciousness and innovative ability of teachers of high quality

The teachers should carry out the innovative training, first of all must have the innovation spirit and innovation ability, so teachers can take the initiative to explore new knowledge, study new situations, solve new problems, seek new ways, and in the process of the implementation of creative training, breaking the traditional easily bound students innovative thinking in teaching mode, it is necessary to set up an innovative consciousness and ability of high-quality training teachers.In recent years, Datong coal mine group according to the different culture time, different types, different professional technical staff, the establishment of a professional team of teachers, so as to ensure the quality of enterprise staff training.In addition, every year to send teachers to vocational education inside and outside the province colleges, training institutions, on one hand improve professional and technical level of theory for the teacher, on the other hand, let the teacher to open up horizons, to establish a new training concept, training teachers to meet the requirements of innovation.The 3 founding staff education and training of the new system and the mode of

Datong coal mine group of advanced technology and equipment, especially the level of equipment and technology of mining with the international advanced level, in order to better control the modern mine, the coal into a world-class mines, must adhere to the people-oriented, take the irrigation method, combined with a multi-pronged, founded the new system, employee training and pattern.Construction group company into a large number of class three, grade four technical training base; compile a large number of popular books, training goals at the first-line, second-line staff, through theoretical study, intensive advanced lectures, focus on learning, regular spot checks and on-site training assessment form, and comprehensively improve their technical and professional quality.Group company in the staff based on the job growth is positive exploration.From the quality of staff education, opened a technical school, school and university education and training platform, let the staff have the means of engineering; in technology education, using the existing training base and production closely together, keep on learning and practice, make employee training channels; in the construction of reserve team, with the coal University as the basis, variable recruitment for the recruitment of students, according to the plan for specialized training of mine is badly in need of technical staff as reserve, the whole company staff complement channel reserve.In addition, with the coal group from the reform of training mechanism, in all companies within the scope of the employees "dual system", namely the employee rank system and the technical level of staff system.To assess the technical level of staff system according to the theory and practical operation test scores of each professional staff, first, 3 levels, respectively, and enjoy the corresponding floating position coefficients of different treatment 0.15, 0.3, 0.6, the staff hierarchy is based on the technical level of staff is divided into the chief of staff, excellent staff, qualified staff and stay. Staff, chief of staff to enjoy the annual salary treatment, excellent staff salary subsidies by rewards, qualified staff according to the standard wage for execution, training staff, training center and training, until the qualification is rear but mount guard, training period only to the basic wage.The professional and technical quality as the main evaluation standard of employees "two-stage" system, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of drilling operations.

4 to carry out classroom teaching and skills training focuses on innovative

The cultivation of innovative spirit of high-quality workforce, not only to develop innovative teaching in classroom teaching, master the necessary theoretical knowledge, but also to the theory in practice and practice, master the necessary basic skill, apply the knowledge, to carry out management innovation and technology innovation.
4.1 in teaching, cultivating students' innovative thinking ability of
The Training Department of Datong coal mine group using heuristic teaching, teachers should carefully preparing lessons before class, set the scene, determined to reach the target, and then put forward the question, by the student for the problems are discussed, the teachers inspire students thinking, diversity, novelty, originality, encourage the students thinking, ability to cultivate students innovative thinking the.In addition.With the coal group to multiple channels to do many things at once, to guide the workers to broaden their horizons, all-round, multi-angle to accept new things, learn new knowledge.To this end, the company has invited professional Peking University professor Zhang Guoyou, Professor Meng Fanchi, Chinese Cultural Association of enterprises in Shanxi Province Bureau of water conservancy, Datong University, Datong Coal Mine Group Company held seminars, from thinking to enable employees to broaden one's horizon, effectively stimulate the staff to become enthusiastic.Through a variety of training and education activities, in just a few years time, the company has trained a large number of management, expertise and skills talents, basically meet the
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