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Research on the human resources management information system of knowledge management.

Author: WuLiZuo LuoWei From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-10 19:19:09 Read:

Abstract: the to establish modern enterprise human resources management information system is the inevitable requirement of the development.In view of the enterprise human resources management characteristic, put forward a system structure of knowledge management portal users personalized service based on the theory of knowledge, to realize the business process management and user services based on technology, provides a framework for establishing the enterprise human resources management system, has good scalability.In the development of the practice of enterprise human resources management system, prove the validity of the research.

Keywords: the human resources in knowledge management process of

First, the introduction of

The rapid development of information technology, impact on today's society is obviously.In terms of human resource management, the use of information technology to accelerate the overall development of human resources has become an inevitable trend.Human resources management including human resource planning, human resources, job analysis, human resource recruitment, human resources training and education, human resources incentive, human resources evaluation, the human resources salary design, human resource security, human resources employment contract.Information technology as a guarantee of modern management techniques, is one of the indispensable infrastructure.Personal initiative status has been an unprecedented increase, human capital has gone beyond the physical capital and monetary capital as factors of production and social wealth of the main.If the enterprise the powerful human resources and knowledge capital into innovation ability is the use of advanced management methods and information technology, the core competitiveness of enterprises will be strengthened.
Knowledge is the information and come, it is through the information extraction, identification, analysis and induction conversion.Knowledge management is a means of effective knowledge collection, sorting, storage, sharing, evaluation, dissemination, acquisition, transfer and refined, so that the transformation between explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge and sharing possible, strengthen the organization, communication, communication and collaboration among staff, finally achieve the collective wisdom and improve organization strain and innovation ability.Through the use of information systems, processes and expert skills, improve the innovation ability of the enterprise, rapid response capability and efficiency.
two, human resources management system structure analysis of
(a) the knowledge management process based on the analysis of
There is the lack of function, the existing human resource management software at the same time, a new round of reform of modern enterprise human resources management system in deepening and advancing, will this process will appear new situations and new problems, which is now a lot of suppliers can not clearly understand the changing needs of small enterprises.In view of this situation, our knowledge management theory as the instruction, proposed the whole scheme and system structure of human resources management has the characteristics of the modern enterprise, advanced level of human resource management system based on knowledge management and workflow automation provides technical route for the development of the.
Knowledge management is the organization, management and knowledge, in order to realize the coordinated development of enterprises and employees.More specifically.Knowledge management includes the collection, storage of knowledge, knowledge of content management, and sharing, collaborative knowledge transfer knowledge analysis, knowledge search, process tracking and control 6 main components to the system to run the foundational, combined with workflow management, document management system.Form a complete knowledge management solutions.The system allows rapid knowledge and personalized information to all employees, increased collaboration between group, more important is to let the internal knowledge and experience accumulated become important knowledge assets.Based on the database platform, and realize the automation of knowledge sharing, collaborative work and work flow.
(two) human resource management system structure of
In the design of the system, follow the personalized, openness, extensibility three principles, in the application to follow the leading technology, perfect function, convenient operation three principles, software adopts B/S structure and the server.Combined with the concept of modern human resources management, provide auxiliary management tools for human resources work.The system includes almost all human resource management business, the existing human resources information base, compensation and benefits, recruitment management, training management, performance evaluation, post management, employee relations and module.
According to the guiding ideology of the enterprise human resources management and specific characteristics.With reference to the advanced management concept of human resources, the specific function of scheme design human resources management system, the establishment of data information of human resource management model and the central database, according to the design scheme of setting up human resource management system server, the client program.Through prototype evolution eventually established the functional coverage of human resource management business information sharing, high security, human resources management information system of a large amount of data, high speed processing ability.
(three) the knowledge of the system function design of
Research and practice of information management system based on, can be summarized as shown in Figure L

The general model of information management.The model is illustrated as a three-dimensional cube, X axis (YZ plane) for information management application and development of technology, followed by the integrated wiring technology, network technology, system integration technology, remote access technology, information technology, the multimedia communication technology, distributed object technology, network security technology, network management technology and collaborative work technology etc..The direction of Y axis (XZ plane) for information management system function, divided into general function and related functions of the two kinds of activities of the enterprise.Generic functions including information release, file transfer, internal communication, related to the activities of the enterprise functions including the training of personnel, office automation, information management and electronic business.The Z axis (XY plane) show platform structure of information management, bottom is divided into network platform, development platform, service platform and user platform.

three, service oriented knowledge work process management
Workflow is a group of people to do all the work and the work of a business is to (Interactive) process.Almost all the business process is the work flow, especially the core application of administrative management system document examination and approval process, meeting management.Each of the work to flow form, by the initiator (such as drafters) initiated the process, treated by the Department and other departments (such as sign, sign), eventually to process end (such as issued a document, file storage).
The operation is the core of workflow management system, workflow automation, goal is to four element of coordination workflow, namely personnel, resources, event, state, promote the occurrence, development, workflow, realize the whole process monitoring.The business process analysis to workflow and a set of rules for knowledge representation, and the representation can be extended, can obtain the concise and the accumulation of knowledge from the complex agenda in.The system is designed by using the process definition, based on UML four, based on user knowledge personalized service portal
In order to provide an authorized user through Int ernet, Intr anet access services provided by the system, while allowing for authorized users to provide personalized information and mechanism to realize the update self-help information users, need to build human resource portal (Portal).Port al supports the following functions:
1, user authentication, the user authentication concentrated on the application, and provides the terminal independent, network independent authentication mode.
2, customer care, will realize the user through the personalized circles in the face of their own in the system of the various parameters are modified.
3, customer care, provide the user through the certification authority after the personal information query and modify.
(a) the user login and authentication of
The user access to the internal web site through the browser, the portal server for user authentication, certification after the success of the system between the user and the Portal Server to establish the virtual channel a safe.Users can access the Internet through the channel resources.When the browser is closed, the virtual channel end immediately, ensure the information resources are not illegal embezzlement.This is the so-called "Single Sign-On".
User management module, storage management and query unified user information, and for single sign-on future system (Single Sign On) lay the foundation mechanism.User login, authentication and support in the same session during the.A yard record, multiple services.Function.The user information through the open LDAP data query interface to provide certification
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