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Discussion on improving the quality of the staff and workers of coal enterprises

Author: SunXiaHong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-10 13:55:27 Read:
Abstract: This paper analyzes the relationship between market economy under the conditions of the staff quality and enterprise development.Expounds the urgency to improve the quality of workers in coal enterprises, the group to achieve the learning strategy of enterprises, to provide a strong guarantee for improving the quality of workers.By analyzing the problems in the quality of enterprises, combining the characteristics of the enterprises, puts forward the ways and methods to improve the quality of workers in coal enterprises.
Keywords: coal enterprises; staff; quality

"We must adhere to the implementation of talent strategy, efforts to train personnel of high quality."This is the General Secretary Hu Jintao speech at the celebration of China's first lunar exploration project successful meeting issued a call to the people of all ethnic groups.On enterprises, enterprise staff quality is related to the image of the enterprise, related to the survival and development of enterprises, the overall quality of workers and the ability to determine the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.At present, further deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises under the situation, the coal enterprises are facing severe challenges.The competition between enterprises, the key is the talent competition, the company should have full assurance of success in the fierce market competition, realize the goal of great-leap-forward development.Improve the overall quality of the workforce and bring up a batch of new staff, has substantial significance to promote scientific development of enterprises.

1 to improve the staff quality of the coal enterprise of the urgency of the

First, improving the quality of workers in coal enterprises is to accelerate the need of coal enterprise development and progress of science and technology.The source of the vitality of enterprises lies in the initiative and creativity of people.Coal as China's large state-owned enterprises, long-term since the implementation of the planned economy management system, operation mode and rigid, while coal enterprises in recent years to accelerate the pace of reform towards markets through, but not completely out of the shadow of the planned economy, the overall quality of workers can not adapt to the requirements of the socialist market economy, affects the reform and the development of coal enterprises, units do not pay attention to staff training, staff learning enthusiasm is not high the phenomenon still exists.In 2005, the group put forward the staff training, the enterprise into a grand plan of learning type enterprise, the core of which is to speed up the process of coal production technology, and enhance the competitiveness of companies, to promote the development of coal production.
Secondly, improving the quality of workers in coal enterprise is the foundation to enhance the core competitiveness of coal enterprises.It is important to ensure the coal into the market.Enterprises in the market competition in the final analysis is the competition of talent and workforce.The process of coal to change of market economy in planned economy.In a shrinking share of the market, competitive advantage is abate, difficult business operation difficulties.Although in recent years, and, in addition to coal by the strategic measures, rob to return to the market share.But do not completely out of the woods.In the more severe competitive situation.Enterprises to develop, strengthen their market, must improve their own quality, and most valuable in an excellent enterprise wealth, it is the staff itself.The market is you, is me, who has a high quality staff, who can meet the needs of the market, will occupy a large market share.All of these show that, only the establishment of a high-quality workforce, in order to make the coal enterprises to successfully enter the market, a firm foothold in the fierce competition in the market.

2 existing staff quality problems in coal enterprise

The workers of coal enterprises from the mainstream view is a good, firm political, mental health, down-to-earth style, in the history of each period is a special ability to fight groups.But.We should also clearly see, is not adapt to the coal workers ideological and political qualities and scientific and cultural quality and the reform of the coal development speed, and the reform of the coal development goals there is still a big gap.
(1) the ideas behind.Formed under the planned economy system, the appointment of cadres, employment, salary distribution system has been difficult to meet the needs of the market economy, the incentive mechanism of not perfect, also make many people think that work equalitarianism, technology is a kind of employees, "a secure job" thinking seriously, there is no sense of crisis, competition consciousness.Learning concepts backward, minority workers lack of ideals, spiritual emptiness, lack of enthusiasm for work; ideological quality is not high also makes the "savage" production, illegal operation and other bad behavior exists.It restricts the improvement of the quality of staff and workers.
(2) the service quality is weak.Staff culture level is basic business skills improve, coal workers from complex sources, non-coal major policy distribution of children, demobilized soldiers accounted for a large proportion, particularly in the production line main jobs are mostly farmers rotate workers, these people lack of coal production knowledge, cultural foundation is weak, low starting point, difficult learn advanced science and technology, restricted to improve their business skills, a direct threat to the safety of coal production and production efficiency.Seriously restrict the development of the company.
(3) the low quality of safety, safety awareness.Production safety is related to the staff, the whole process of the event, especially for the coal enterprises, "safety is the day", "safety responsibility be weightier than Mount Tai", coal mine safety and production is like two parallel lines, as long as there is a place of production, safety work from beginning to end.Coal mine safety is related to the survival and development of enterprises.Life and happiness of workers.Now, most of the staff harm to not to have a full understanding of the safety production.In each of the work to keep safety in mind, but there are also a part of workers, work and luck, often think of doing such measures too much trouble, so as not to perform the necessary safety program.Some workers "see.Did it used to, used to, "harm to the illegal despite the understanding, but always think too many never had problems, from the ideological to relax vigilance, work out.According to the related data, the enterprise industrial injury accident is more than 90% as a result of the "three violations" by."Accidents will not happen every day, short-term not learning will not appear big question" concept, to those who do not want to study the workers a "reason" to persuade and excuses, finally make some workers leave the low quality and unwilling to learn, ability is low more reluctant to learn a vicious circle.3 ways to improve the staff quality of the coal enterprise

To improve the quality of workers is imminent.It is a long-term task, system planning, do painstaking work.Aiming at the existing problems in coal enterprise staff and workers, to improve the quality of its staff and workers from the root, we must develop education and training.Through education and training, with advanced scientific and cultural knowledge and skills of armed workers.To improve their labor skills and creativity, for the enterprise to remain invincible in the fierce market competition to provide personnel inexhaustible motive force.
3.1 to strengthen the ideological and political education.Renew ideas, strengthen enterprise consciousness education
The ideological workers to action of the steering wheel, the compass, the height of the master consciousness, good occupation morality, zunzhangshouji model action comes from the idea of good quality workers.In the deepening reform of today, do not often thought of learning will fall behind, the development will not follow the situation.This requires that we are most concerned about the problem of workers from the hand, make full use of all means to carry out ideological education of workers.The cadres and workers fully aware of the reform is the opportunity of enterprise development, let the employees concerned about reform, support reform, to improve people's mental capacity, unified the ideological knowledge.Guide the workers firmly establish four kinds of consciousness, namely reform consciousness, enterprising consciousness, competition consciousness, self awareness of success.Set up new concept of income distribution, with contributions and benefits, establish new idea to rely on their own ability to participate in the competition.Workers should set up academic and aspirant, skilled ideology.According to the actual work to post responsibilities, the establishment of learning individuals, from the books, from the practice, constantly with new knowledge and new technology to enrich their own.Enterprise idea and spirit of enterprise is "the soul of the enterprise", strengthen enterprise consciousness education, aims to be the common pursuit of a slogan of struggle and goals into enterprise staff's ideal, the foundation of the enterprise spirit and purpose to all staff unity, unified action.In carrying out enterprise education.Using the example of the power of education workers.Propaganda and carry forward the spirit of enterprise, with advanced models as an example, will stimulate their enthusiasm and creativity in the reserves, provide ideological guarantee and spiritual power for the development of enterprises.
3.2 to strengthen the occupation training.To improve their service quality, job skills, and
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