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Around the development of enterprise ideological and political work of the staff and workers

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Abstract: This paper on how to focus on enterprise development, do a good job of the grass-roots workers of the ideological and political work, strengthen the permeability of Ideological and political work, to improve the effectiveness of Ideological and political work, are discussed.
Keywords: enterprise; ideological and political work; problems of

The new situation of resource integration in the current business, grass-roots ideological and political work should be one's unshirkable responsibility to shoulder "with strong quality, outside tree image" responsibility, adhere to the regular, enhance the penetration of the ideological and political work, pay attention to the ideological and political work, improve the efficiency, adhere to the mass, the party, government, group work, grasping, necessary to master the methods of flexible of the ideological and political work, and guide employees to further emancipate the mind, change ideas, enthusiasm to maximize the mobilization of workers, providing an ideological guarantee and spiritual power for the reform and development of state-owned enterprises.
The party's ideological and political work in the enterprise development process, has played a huge role, it is to unite the people, inspire, and constantly create a powerful magic weapon brilliant.In the new situation of speeding up the development of the enterprise, do ideological and political work, to speed up the development of enterprises, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, strengthen the ideological construction, further promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises has a very important significance.Below, I had to focus on enterprise development, do a good job of the grass-roots workers ideological and political work, talk about understanding of a few shallow:

1 on a regular basis, strengthen the permeability of
the ideological and political work

1.1 as the base to carry out regular ideological and political work to create an environment of
To improve the quality of the leadership, strengthen the consciousness of Ideological and political work, which is capable of focusing on communication development.The first step to carry out regular ideological and political work.Ding Zuozhong, the leading bodies should set up with both hands the consensus in the material civilization and spiritual civilization construction, form a concerted efforts to the center of production and construction, as part of their regular ideological and political work as an integral part of development and construction, to carry out regular ideological and political work stand united to mobilize and protect the enthusiasm of the workers.

1.2 clear long-term and current main objectives, in order to determine the subject and content of
Regular Ideological and political work
I think that can be roughly divided into 4 types: one is the propaganda subject, the mobilization, agitation, publicity and good deeds, summary commendation to the enterprise development, to mobilize the enthusiasm of workers for the purpose of.The two is to guard against the subject, is after the ideological situation analysis to predict the possible problems in the work, determine the education content, to achieve "is forearmed, no success." the objective.The three is to solve the common problems and individual thought questions, take the method of universal education and combination of individual talk, education and counseling.Four is the practice to investigate and research workers of the subject, which is the basic requirements of the leadership in the practical work, and also is an important aspect to do regular ideological and political work.In actual work, also should be based on specific circumstances, to determine the new topic and content.

1.3 set up a good lead image, is an important part of the regular
Political cadres at the grass-roots party committees at central and vital part of communication, the throat, the link between left and right, the central transmission of information, and at the same time, the enterprise construction of the party's ideological and political work and enterprise culture construction organization.To do all the work, we must first strengthen our own construction of style, one is to a firm political stand, stand the test.Ideological and political work covers a wide range, both the specific affairs, there are many political, work with very strong policy, any time to maintain political awake and firm; two is the dedication, able to endure.The ideological and political work is a kind of recessive benefits, the Department of Ideological and political work compared with the production department, which belongs to the "formerly, the Hanlin academy", so we should always keep a work with quiet hard application, bear hardship without complaint, be unknown hero spirit; three is to be strict with oneself, tree model.Ideological and political work is the work, mostly political staff and leadership of the side, is often focus on the broad masses of workers.Therefore, we must be strict with themselves, everywhere as example.Play "teach" role, strengthen ideological and political work of the appeal, convincing.

2 pay attention to ideological and political work, improve the effectiveness of

The ideological and political work in enterprises must pay attention to, is aimed at realization embodies recurrent, practice to grasp the ideological work for, I think that should do the following:

2.1 according to the task of content, in order to improve the overall quality of the workforce and
At present, the enterprise production construction and the security and stability of the task is very heavy, work to achieve the task of content, in each task, grasp the macro control, which requires us to the ideological and political work, a contact is the effective development of this unit actual, combine the ideological and political work and the work of the center unit again, at the base of "situation, objectives, tasks, responsibilities" in education, timely publicize advanced, for good, advocate dedication and the spirit of struggle, the formation of good habits of the heart.Targeted to carry out regular ideological and political work, to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff.Two are linked to the reality of the production safety.Through the ideological and political work, so that the cadres and staff to take the initiative to find hidden accidents, rectification, and the same in violation of the provisions of the safety management system, to combat acts of.Three are linked to maintaining stability of the actual, make Party member cadre to strictly implement the responsibility system of stable work, timely grasp the idea of dynamic, workers manage emotions, resolve conflicts, promote the building of a harmonious enterprise.2.2 for the easy problems, predict the education organization
"Everything is forearmed, no success." according to the analysis of the situation of ideological problems, may appear in the completion of the production tasks in the situation, to establish the consciousness in advance to predict, the easy problems as political education content, development to ensure the unit's ideological construction of health.In peacetime work, should be timely to undertake to the worker labor discipline, abide by the occupation moral education.The workers were "if I am a user", "if I were a" education, inspire staff compliance Shouji consciousness, to strengthen the occupation morals construction and discipline.

2.3 different personnel, in-depth and meticulous ideological work
Do a good job in the aim to strengthen the overall quality of construction at the same time, also must do specific jobs, and in order to realize the idea, therefore should grasp the relationship between the specific methods and correct treatment of several: one is careful observation of multi-level, survey research method, thought problems brought these different aspects of individual workers age, knowledge structure, experience, gender is also differ in thousands of ways, the ideological form is not the same, should be carefully observed.Taking a different approach, in general, the old comrades in the silent time, technical personnel in time, the mood is not high in young workers say don't laugh when not happy, it is time to do ideological work, to grasp the situation by talk talk, understand, and in the light of different situations, adopt different method, to solve the ideological and practical problems.Two is the relationship between truth and reason.Adhere to the road of small truth, path to truth, the word, had to say, only in the sense that, can receive the good result.The three is to deal with the passive to active, to take the initiative to find a home, looking for leadership ideas to solve the problem, should the warm reception of patience.According to the different situation to dredge, explain, encourage, criticism.For not going to solve the immediate and the answer, to do rehabilitation work study.Care should take the initiative to do a good job of staff at different levels of the ideological work, the Party member education, emphasis on the action of Party member model, according to the actual situation, the organization of basic level Party member that party class education, to praise, affirmation of their hard working spirit, to stimulate their enthusiasm for the work, the ideological and political work targeted, in practical work in order to receive a certain effect.

3 adhere to the mass, the party, government, industry, the regiment grasping

The object of Ideological and political work is the people, therefore has the distinct characteristics of thought, carry out regular ideological work, and has a wide range of mass.I think, to carry out regular ideological and political work should adhere to the party, government, industry, group together, as in recent years, various party organization decision deployment of enterprise trade unions to conscientiously implement the Party committee of enterprise, the outstanding contradictions and problems affecting the enterprise stable, take strong measures, have done a lot of hard work.In the treatment group
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