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On human resource management in the enterprise merger and acquisition

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Keywords:   enterprise M & A;   human resources; management strategy of
Abstract: in recent years, be raging like a storm in the wave of mergers and acquisitions, more and more enterprises realize the importance of the human resource integration after M & A.This paper introduces the human resource management problems that may arise in the course of merger and acquisition, analysis of the causes of the problem, formulate corresponding strategies, and expounds the principles of human resource integration, integration of human resource management strategies and suggestions put forward after M & A.
Baidu search "Lenovo's acquisition of IBM" appear about 506000 a number of related results, Google- "Gome merges Yongle" about more than 297000 relevant webpage.Since the 2004 L2 month Lenovo Group announced the acquisition of IBMPC business, since 2005 July the United States announced the acquisition of Yongle, the merger of the prospect of attracting a lot of speculation, because enterprises in the completion of assets after the merger does not mean that the merger has ended, and thereafter will be faced with the integration period long, the effect of M & A integration of human resources in enterprises will be directly related to the success or failure of M & A.

A, a comprehensive understanding of human resource management issues in mergers and acquisitions
In the process of merging, people often pay attention to and consider more factors such as tax burden is, equity, inventory, machinery and equipment, soft assets, not fully estimated liabilities and the like, and the integration of human resources are often disguised or ignore.In fact, as the most active factor in the productivity of human resource, plays a decisive role to play after the merger the production efficiency.
(a) the enterprise culture conflict and the effect of
Merger of enterprises must involve the level adjustment, changes in the organizational structure, rules and regulations to develop, set up and change, is essentially a weak culture to adapt to the strong culture, or are running out of new enterprise culture.There is no denying that the integration period will inevitably give rise to conflicts of enterprise culture.A study of commercial research center of American international school argues that one of the five main reasons of failure of M & A is: the enterprise culture is not compatible.Visible, if not the integration of the corporate culture has received enough attention, will reduce the blindness throughout the integrating process of M & A and M & a late compatibility.In actual operation, often invisible corporate culture will be ignored.Lack of basic as the acquisition program of cultural integration, the integration of the way on the lack of core values as a guide direction, although there are integration, but in the integration of the specific process, encounter problems will become impossible to start, then blind to make various decisions.At the same time, the surface integration is completed, the enterprise culture is no compatibility, various cultural conflicts will be gradually exposed, it brings difficulties to the normal operation of enterprises.Therefore, enterprises must integrate in the process of enterprise culture in the M & A on the global status into consideration, in order to guide the whole process of M & A.
(two) the salary and incentive mechanism of the risk of
Acquirers usually in the face of redundant personnel, higher labor costs and retaining the core staff on issues such as very distressed.They need without compromising on the salary welfare, reduce the human capital; to some repetitive work of labor in cut does not affect employee morale, while keeping the core high-level technical personnel and management personnel are full of hope for the future development of enterprises; the need to balance both the wages and purchasing, without causing enterprises overweight the cost burden, offer competitive salary and benefits to attract talent.One of the core elements of M & A is to buy the original outstanding technical talents and management talents.This is the need to implement the action, and not like Lenovo originally as a piece of paper with the contract says no layoffs, but a few months later, on the "strategic cuts in overseas".Not only affect employee morale, also make the original enterprise culture suffered a powerful blow.
(three) other human resource management problems of
In addition to the above two problems of human resource management, other human resources management module will appear the same problem in integration after M & a..Such as recruitment, when M & A integration of too many unstable factors, how the new image, new business to attract talent.Also, bring in different philosophy of M & A of both the different human resource management system and strategy, how to carry out the training strategy planning, do what little one can to help employees and enterprise development, especially in the cultivation of team spirit and leadership on, bring more advantageous resources for mergers and acquisitions.The author believes that, in time, frankly top-down and bottom-up communication is the M & a smooth lubricant, it makes the information flow, but also to enhance mutual trust between leaders and the staff, to the human resources department work convenience.When employees understand the motivation, purpose and effect of mergers and acquisitions, to understand the latest developments, and identify their target localization in Future Ltd, you can minimize the merger and acquisition process due to the incomplete, asymmetric information distribution caused by the "moral hazard" and "adverse selection" opportunistic behavior, there is to greatly increase the chance of successful mergers and acquisitions.
The integration of human resources two, mergers and acquisitions in the principle of
In the human resources integration process should follow the following principles:
(a) the smooth transition rules of
The integration of human resources is the risk factors in the integration of the largest integration.Should first determine the objectives and effects of mergers and acquisitions to achieve, and overall planning, solid progress, in order to smooth transition.In the implementation of various integration schemes at the same time, fully effective communication acquisition of both managers and managers, managers and staff, as far as possible to reduce the shock transition as the standard.
(two) the positive principle of priority
The development of enterprises rely on the wisdom, the enthusiasm is the key factor in the development of enterprises of all kinds of factors, only in the process of integration and fully mobilize and bring people's initiative into full play, to realize the aim of integration.Therefore, the integration of any way should obey and serve to arouse the enthusiasm of the people for the purpose of.Emphasizes the principle of priority, it should not be confined to a fixed form, should not be limited in a certain way, but should be flexible, positive and comprehensive use a variety of methods to arouse people's.
(three) the principle of protection of human
In the existing practice, M & A of the process is also a huge loss of talent, it can be said that the integration of human resources the biggest failure.Only to retain talent, can we talk about the proper use of personnel.Of course, to protect personnel is not to say that any talented people to protect, but to choose the future business development needs the talented person to be protected.Should protect personnel in enterprise merger and acquisition, knowledge structure and talent to talent white group complementary advantages, different optimal talent together formed as a standard.
(four) reduce the cost principle of
An important part of enterprise production and management cost is the cost of manpower.Human different combinations, manpower cost payable by the enterprise is different, therefore, the most simple rule is to reduce the cost of.To reduce the cost of what is said, not to drop tobe compensation characteristics, and to reduce the formation of the optimum population cost standard.As with very high pay to retain a small amount of talents, talents and command low paid employees than most people get the total cost of the human cost much lower high returns.
(five) the integrated use of a variety of ways of
Integrated practice will not only take a way can human resources, have no a way suitable for the integration of human resources of all enterprises, but should be a concrete analysis of concrete problems.Therefore, in the human resources integration process, must fully consider the types of M & A, environment, conditions, objects, time and other factors, determine a variety of ways, and these methods should be scientific, clever use of combination.Three, human resources management strategy for the integration of
The merger between enterprises behavior biggest aim is to create a 1 1> a value of 2, to build a bigger platform for the development of enterprises.But prior to the perfect planning, careful implementation of merger and acquisition program, after the merger to integrate two different corporate culture, pay attention to the importance of communication and provide incentives to retain talent, for the power of resistance, then you can really enjoy the benefits of mergers and acquisitions.
(a) the enterprise culture integration of
Only in the full communication and understanding of the cultural status of the target enterprise personnel, after M & A, the enterprise can make adjustment policies of the original staff, transplantation of cultured L fraud purchase enterprise successful corporate culture and business model, to improve strategic coordination role of two enterprises.This can avoid conflict to the goal enterprise employees, conception of fork can realize the enterprise operation efficiency and mergers and acquisitions.
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