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Optimizing external environment and Countermeasures of China's service industry structure upgrade

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Keywords: the service industry structure upgrade
Abstract: since the reform and opening up of China's service industry higher than GDP, rapid industrial growth, the proportion of the national economy continues to improve, to better meet the people's growing material and cultural needs of life.At the same time, the development process of China's service industry is still showing the production service industry growth is lack of power, structure transformation hysteresis, radiation and driving ability not higher question.Based on the comprehensive analysis of China's service industry structure optimization and upgrading of the external environment, put forward the corresponding policy recommendations.
The problem of 1
Increase in China's service industry from 86050000000 yuan in 1978 increased to 8270300000000 yuan in 2006 (current prices), with an average annual increase of 28.9%, higher than the same period GDP average annual growth rate of 25.3%, also higher than the national industrial growth rate of 25.4% over the same period.Service product per capita from 89.4 yuan / person growth for 2006 of 6291.7 yuan / person in 1978, the development of service industry to better meet the people's growing material and cultural needs of life; service density from 9000 yuan / square kilometers in 1978 growth for 2006 of 861000 yuan / square kilometers, spatial distribution and land use efficiency of service industry have a greater degree of improvement.
Maintain a relatively rapid growth speed at the same time in the total amount of service trade of our country, the level of the internal structure of the service industry of our country is still comparatively low.Evolution of the internal structure of the western developed countries in recent decades show that service process, its internal structure gradually from labor, capital - intensive service industry proportion to the advantage of technology and knowledge intensive industry accounted for the proportion of the trend of the evolution of advantage.The G7 knowledge and technology-intensive production service industry accounted for the proportion of service industry added value average rose from 30.8% in 1980 to 39.9% in 2002, an increase of 9.1 percentage points.This is not only in conformity with the trend of the average, also conforms to the trend of all seven countries, reflects the development trend of the service industry optimization upgrading structure (Table 1).China's 2004 production service industry accounted for the proportion of the added value of service industry is only 20.7%, compared with the developed countries there is still a big gap.The center of the world economic competition is gradually shift to the service industry, and service industry competition is the key of knowledge, technology-intensive, on the overall economic growth has a larger radiation and leading capability of the production service industry.The internal structure of China's service industry upgrade slow, lagging behind the development of production service industry will undoubtedly constrained the overall economic growth rate of China's ascension.

The data in Table 1 is the simple arithmetic average value of G7 countries.Where A represents the overall service industry accounted for the proportion of GDP increased; each branch of internal other columns represent value of service industry accounted for the overall service industry added value proportion; the circulation service industry includes wholesale and retail trade, transportation and communication industry; production services including finance and insurance, real estate, business services; social services including public management service industry, education industry, medical industry and other social work.
Growth and Development Research Center at University of Groningen in Holland (GGDC) in the European Commission funded in 2003 and the British National Institute for economic and Social Research (NIESR) jointly launched the OECD national industry database, on the OECD countries and China Taiwan region by "international standard industrial classification, Third Edition" (ISICREV3) 56 industry segments for partitioning classified.This database makes comparison and comprehensive industrial development in the countries more convenient.In 2005 2004, the database has been revised for the two time.
adjustment of 2 of China's service industry structure upgrading external environment
2.1 development opportunities and advantages
(1) laid the solid foundation for the demand of walking the new industrialization path for the development of producer services.The party's sixteen proposed to "use informationization to promote industrialization, promote the informationization with industrialization, out of a high technological content, good economic returns, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, human resource advantages into full play", put forward higher requirements in practice production service industry development.Walk a new path of industrialization with informationization to promote industrialization, the tertiary industry will promote the communication, information, computer network services, research services and comprehensive technical services and the rapid development of production services.From the production service industry of its industrial characteristics, the production service industry with a large number of experts and technical elite and professional human capital, knowledge, with high technical content, can be used as intermediate inputs directly to other sectors of the national economy production efficiency, so as to save the consumption of resource inputs, to achieve sustainable development target.
(2) with the construction of a well-off society in an all-round way step by step, income level, leisure time increasing, and the strong domestic demand.Domestic demand has been a difficult problem restricting China's economic growth.According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory and Engel's law, when people's income level is still low, the income is mainly used to buy necessities of life; when the income level increases gradually, will increase the income to buy to enjoy more, product development.Building a well-off society of a higher level that will benefit more than one billion people, will undoubtedly bring increased income levels increase and leisure time, this will further expand the development type, enjoy the type of service product demand; the comprehensive construction well-off society at the same time, will further promote China's economic development and the upgrading of the industrial structure optimization, strengthening social, informatization, internationalization of production, so as to drive the production service industry demand growth.The market of service industry development and structure adjustment brings the external driving forces.
2.2 weaknesses and challenges
(3) to accelerate the development of city construction.With the high-speed development of our national economy, our country city continuously improve the level of.Our country city changes rate was only 17.9% in 1978, to 2005, our country city changes rate has risen to 45%.There is a very close contact with the development of city services, city function is often reflected by developing service industry.As the development of traffic, transportation, business to promote the flow of people and goods, in the city within the free flow, has an important role to promote the market connection and diffusion; development of R & D, legal, accounting, training, advertising, design, consulting and other business services can effectively functioning of the market, further reduce transaction cost; good functioning of financial insurance industry is necessary way to optimize the allocation of internal resources city.The main economic radiation of modern metropolis and driving ability is reflected through the production service industry.The development of urban economy and city rate continues to improve for the service industry development and the internal structure of the service industry adjustment and upgrade has a larger role.
(4) to create new services professional needs to raise the production level.Along with the strengthening of market competition and the state-owned enterprise reform, some "big and complete", "small and complete" enterprise will continue the restructuring process, division of labor further refinement, a large number of products and processes independent ask.The pressure of competition will guide enterprises originally built on its service activities to some external, originally belonging to the internal functional departments and business transfer out, turn to use provided by companies outside the more specialized services, such as all kinds of business services, marketing services, technical services.These ask demand is an important part of the productive service industry.Production socialization, informatization, the increase of the degree of marketization, the three major industries of mixed production services that growing to become the new service demand.
(5) the central policy support.In 1992 June the CPC Central Committee and the State Council promulgated the "on accelerating the development of the tertiary industry decision".From then on, accelerate the development of service industry has become an important orientation of Chinese government economic policy.The reform of fiscal system and tax system in 1994, most industrial products of value-added tax and consumption tax are subject to central, and the service industry to tax under the jurisdiction of the local.This is the local government support for the development of service industry has injected a strong driving force.In 2002 the State Council forwarded the State Development Planning Commission on the "fifteen" period to speed up the development of service industry a number of policy measures, for all regions and departments shall, according to the opinion formulation and implementation of specific policies and measures to promote and accelerate the development of service industry.In March 19, 2007, the office of the State Council issued "several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the development of service industry" (Guo Fa (2007) No. 7) is proposed to optimize the development of the service industry structure, to adapt to the new situation of the new industrialization and upgrading of consumption structure, the development of modern service industry focus, for improving the traditional service industry, give full play to the service industry employment function, optimization of industrial structure, promote technological structure, improve the organizational structure, and comprehensively improve the level of service industry development.Report of the Seventeenth Party Congress pointed out, the economic development mode to"
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