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On the traditional factors of modern stock system in China

Author: ShiNa From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-09 16:16:34 Read:
Keywords: the Chinese modern joint-stock enterprises traditional consciousness of traditional behavior of
The good: to this is a modern joint-stock enterprise in a very advanced form of capital organization, but thousands of years of Chinese feudal habits ingrained.Make more or less era with the modern entrepreneur thought.Reflect on the enterprise, formed a Chinese shares. The enterprise behavior hybridity cultural phenomenon, showing the characteristics of a modern enterprise in China, is also the social development objective conditions.
Share-holding system originates from the West and overseas trade, it is the product of social, technological progress and the improvement of the capital organic constitution, focus on the production of products, and with the development of large-scale socialized production and development.For the modern enterprise system is the main form of joint-stock system, its advantages are obviously, it is modern enterprise system of "clear property right, clear responsibility, separate government functions from enterprise management, management science" and all the basic features.Because of its advanced and adapt to large-scale socialized production requirements and other basic characteristics, has been widely accepted and used by all countries in the world.
I set up the country until the eighteen seventies of China Merchants, have their own joint-stock enterprises.However this is the advanced form of enterprise organization in the hands of Chinese first is Huai orange into trifoliate orange flavor, and many do not meet the requirements or the joint-stock principle factors to before the founding of new China, always and joint-stock enterprise is always accompanied by.Why? This is inseparable with the influence of feudal traditional culture of China for thousands of years.
, entrepreneurs are the traditional sense
Agriculture and restraining commerce policy and feudal society for thousands of years, agriculture, industry, business, for the sequence of the hierarchy, in this period entrepreneur ideology branded deeply, even if a group of later received the western culture businessman also could not escape the ingrained traditional influence.
First of all is to can not get rid of the traditional idea of government-run industry and commerce.Active in the modern economic society has been the official capital.Modern enterprise is from the official start.In China, the Chinese joint-stock enterprises first with the government-supervised and merchant-managed form.Such as China Merchants Steamship Company, Shanghai machine weaving Bureau of China Railway Company, such as a large number of government-supervised and merchant-managed joint-stock enterprises, mainly for the enterprise are directly appointed by the government.Therefore, in this kind of enterprise, government interference in business and operation, make the enterprise internal disadvantages, chaos, finally had to be eliminated.
The second is the patriotic spirit of the industrial salvation consciousness.Foreign scholars generally think, not to profit as the first aim of the people are not entrepreneurs, this is a very good reason.Modern Chinese entrepreneurs, is a large number of people who do not take the profit as the basic or primary purpose.Since the Opium War, China in the powerful external forces of oppression, and the Western powers signed fasten with unequal treaties, from then on, the western countries continuously through the privilege of plundering Chinese wealth.Under such situation, the patriots have produced industrial salvation of the heart, a change in which China was poor and weak, the benefit from foreigners.
Sheng Xuanhuai had countless times and take back the right questions, founder of China Merchants Steamship company he said "rather listen to China the right to outsiders, as barriers.": after the opening lead him to expect this state.To prevent foreigners coveted the heart: "that should be run by the telegraph, not" no to the stop the machine and its gradual du".Xu Runye advocated.The commercial single good benefit, and to recover the "self-owned China, he founded after the success of Renji and company, announced the" rights, benefit a lot".Zheng Guanying was appointed Executive said fabric layout also not the wish, "so don't quit", is it related to the "Li took the" tian.Li Hongzhang also pointed out that the establishment of Shanghai machine weaving Bureau: "middle England muslin people, every years old selling silver Sanqianshubaiwan, is money the big end, already make known to every family, no prohibition, should purchase textile, period gradually recover source."In cases of Chen Jiageng thoughts are "virtuous and much money, loss of Chi, foolish Jiaocai will benefit too" shadow, he do industry but also with the "have to" meaning ", originally for filial inherited Fuzhi business, from the United States of America 1905 persecution of overseas Chinese, his career and patriotic closely in together.He realized that: "the main purpose of the revitalization of industry and Commerce in the country" 16.Later his make painstaking efforts to do industry, as the "from society, the society of" industrial purposes of tired to death behavior, is not in the power of this patriotic spirit and the."The Chinese ship king" said Lu Zuofu in Minsheng company, is the "social services, convenience population, industry development, prosperous country", as the company's purpose, and it is clearly written in the company's articles of association, he also often promote his company "only to maintain a reasonable profit".
Once again, they couldn't get out of "loyalty", "politics" and "follow the beaten track" of consciousness.Sheng Xuanhuai took over the Huasheng textile factory, then promised "yarn package, donated a silver one or two", the Qing government to serve as.He is also in dozens of industrial process, the Qing government continue to go on his dream of.He made no bones about to do official purpose: "leave this one officer, can introduce the current, and can maintain industry."One industrialist Zhang Jian is actively engaged in political activities, as a famous entrepreneur, he is also a very active representatives.Zhou Xuexi group rely on Yuan Shikai's forces to expansion, rapid decline after the fall of the yuan.Industrial salvation ideal entrepreneurs, many people become members of the modern political groups and political parties based on.According to statistics, 48% of the members of the revive China society is the overseas Chinese capitalists.Entrepreneurs in Shanghai, Wang Yiting, Shen Manyun, Li Pingshu, Ye Huijun, Zhu Baosan, Yu Qiaqing are all famous alliance member or members of the kuomintang.
While some entrepreneurs have modern consciousness at the same time, but also to a large extent has retained many of the conservative thought.Xue Nanming's son Xue Shouxuan as Yongtai, nylon factory director tried to reform, but the old generation of old people are complacent, do not plan ahead, even said: "the old law like money, it will only spend money."Eizong Keiya once said: "I can for the body, learning for use, the most suitable."
The old tradition of this follow the beaten track consciousness embodied in the middle of many enterprises in modern times.Like the silk reeling industry, "the plant tissue is still using the old system", even hired a manager, the director, the majority of products workshop management remains and rely on the boss (old Kuai) and a tube car, its management also retain a lot of old traditions and small production management mode and the residual four.Even later in order to the development of enterprises carried out reform, also dare not make snap to dry, and too much emphasis on safe, Rong family enterprises in the reform of the "three factory, because of strong opposition of the foreman, Rong Desheng will take the new and old two separate management way, all administrative and technical work in other two system U.Shen three reform from the beginning of 1924, until after 1927, the three son of Rong Desheng, the wing was son-in-law Tang bear from the United States Lowell Textile University return as deputy director Shen San, to carry out reform, was largely completed the transition from the old to the new.This phenomenon on the one hand is due to resistance caused by the reform experience, on the other hand, is the "old for new body, for reasons of the traditional ideological and ingrained", they also can't completely trust western management system.
The traditional behavior of two, in the enterprise
Since the entrepreneur's mind there are many traditional consciousness, management methods in management enterprise when they inevitably take the old feudal society.Below we from two aspects of enterprise cash flow management system, see the modern joint-stock enterprises in the traditional behavior.
Enterprises in the flow of funds, can be divided into five ways, one is to invest in their own businesses, two other corporate shares, three is to the government to serve, four is usury lending outside, five is to land.Behavior should not at least three kinds of modern enterprises.And the second, some shareholders are due to drag without friends and relatives to share feelings.In Dasheng cotton mill of original capital also has a considerable part of their feelings and to raise, many shares Bei hold "entertainment officialdom, up to the boss" concept, think to share.Until after the Dasheng cotton mill drive for 8 years, "Li said although there have been slightly, slightly, chapter newspaper account, but always know the factory where, what shape, shareholders of almost ten in eight or nine".Some capitalists to other enterprise investment, subject to the Chinese unique safe consciousness, Liu Hongsheng often said, all of his eggs are not put in a basket, if a business losses, the rest can still earn profits.
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