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Some experience about counselors work

Author: LiangXingKai From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-09 16:09:31 Read:
Abstract: put forward higher requirements for the development and change of the times to the new period of counselors.Instructors must keep pace with the times, according to the students' mental model, explore the new student management idea and mode.Based on the basic method of student management.On the student work should not only seriously, need more "heart".From the angle of five hearts, 5 aspects is to do a good job counselors work is discussed, the only intentions can be excellent, only intentions can be rewarded.
Keywords: seriously; heart; conscience; counselor

Some instructors often feeling more and more students now difficult: egoistic more.Understand the important principle thoroughly less; bourgeois.Diligence simple little, it can reflect the status of the part of the students.I now teach students from 2005 one one into the school took over, it has been more than 4 years.Will occur during such conditions, there have been some difficulties, in their emotional fluctuations, but go back and have a look overall is smooth, the students are more complex.Through the years the accumulation of class work, and in Communist Youth League Sub-Committee of the college work and lots of students in different grades of the contact, the students are very lovely, most of the students are very rational, sensible, responsible, can be made of wood.The teacher is very responsible, students also very understand.The relationship between teachers and students sometimes conflicts and misunderstandings where it came from.The author thinks that many problems should also be from the counselor mentality of hands.
Some instructors grumble said, now the students have no conscience, they work so seriously, students also don't understand.For they are so good are not appreciated, it is leucorrhoea.This character not empty, students sometimes really very hard, very stingy, but students would never cheat.To win the hearts of students is not easy, only by "serious" is not enough.The instructor to work should not only seriously, but also to learn "heart", it is only with the heart to have more return.Five hearts counselors work the following about the author summarizes in the work should have "".
The first is "sincere heart".Counselors should be a friend of the students, especially in today's conditions.With the progress of the times, more and more students mature early, the relationship between teachers and students has been quietly changed.The students had not faced with teacher as formal and stuffy, their enthusiasm, open, frank, dare say.So as stiff as the past teach students have won't work.You can't be friends, so that they accept you in heart.Can not fundamentally to manage their.So a good teacher should first of all want to be their friend, when a friend is the most important thing is the sincere.The students are children, have a pure heart.Although the simple but no sand rub, if you deceive them lose their heart, so the teacher treat the student must be sincere, you may not know, also can make mistakes, but not a false.A sincere person to walk to where all have the applause, as long as you have a sincere heart, your cadres natural not hypocrisy, time is the best touchstone, the image you can slowly up the students.
Second hearts is "the heart of tolerance".This is very important, and we need to practice slowly.Tolerance can be divided into two, the first is to treat the students error tolerance, second is to treat the student evaluation of tolerance.First of all, counselors are adults, and their different view of the world, when they encounter problems, analyze problems, problem-solving ideas and their different.Many in our view normal that they may not understand, we may not be able to accept many of them seem normal, which is perhaps the reason many counselors often talk about "this thing won't do".So treat students "wrong" must learn to be tolerant, they have their own understanding and the way to deal with the problem.As for the treatment of students evaluation, the author think that we should treat with indifference.To tell you the truth, one can not catch the instructor is not easy, do a everyone praised the counselor is even more difficult.For no good to evaluate students, should be based on it, the principle of them.Big small, trivial, if yes, do not explain, no need to argue that the right and wrong, since there will be justice, truth always clear.Must not because these things and the students go to war, be furious.So not only damage his image.Also reduced their identity, and hurt feelings, really not worth it, no meaning.As a teacher, as the elderly, in the face of the correct views proposed by the students can be open to accept, can turn a deaf ear to incorrect, this is a good way to own.Third hearts "diligence is the heart".Instructors must carefully observe the life, observe the world.Instructor's responsibility and mission is great.The professional class teacher, basis of the teachers have university teacher give clear attributive.Only instructors lack of attributive, what instructors, counseling? If regardless of learning, work, life; regardless of professional courses or course instructors can that is best coaching, but not in reality.But the counselor is the more comprehensive the better, it needs to learn about life, counselors, on the economy, have a certain understanding and mastery of current affairs, facing the students can freely, do a job with skill and ease.For example, the schools of "situation and policy education", the author of the current economic crisis gave a lecture, about the economic crisis and the employment relationship for the student response is better, this is due to the usual observation and accumulation.At that time, the Ministry of education has not been clearly pointed out the problem of employment of university students is severe, but the author from the news on sensitive are college students, especially graduates may receive a huge impact to the crisis.This is the catch point blank students need, point to their needs.So do the counselors must be carefully considered, problems in the student's angle, think about what they want, to accumulate and collect useful for students, things, so as to better complete the "guidance" work.
Fourth hearts is "youth heart".The counselor is one of the most "young" the world.In the face of the people, the object is the world's most energetic person.So the counselor must keep a young heart.Age can be large, but the heart must be young, energetic.A lack of passion, not creative leadership is definitely not a good team.A lethargy and turning the old heart is not in the young people of the world.Times change quickly, each of the students are in change, if the method to understand students, immutable and frozen with immutable and frozen thought to manage student is clearly not feasible, which requires us to adapt, to learn.Because the type of the object, we can not change the work cannot select students, so have to adapt to them, in addition to the existing or created through various channels to understand them, know what they want, what to do, what to play, such as QQ, "Post Bar" and so on, are very good channel.
Finally, a heart is "good heart".College during the campus Science Festival in "marketing planning contest", this is a student from school to school are very important.The competition is divided into preliminaries and the semi-finals, the theme is local enterprises Gucheng dairy in the present situation of crisis marketing strategy.In the preliminaries in the organizers guest judges, elected into the semi-finals of the team, and then points out the problems, to improve their performance in the final.The guest to make the deep impression, was felt in the major is not deep, not refined, not drill.Although he is the professional background, but after many years a lot of knowledge has been forgotten, no practical experience with, so a lot of comments are not professional enough, in place.So, do the students' work just to understand the daily management is not enough.The best can do learning teacher, can often give them guidance.He has an excellent quality and ability for students, their words and deeds are more.
In fact, in addition to the counselor "five hearts", but also to many hearts.Such as "caring", "seeking truth of the heart", "sense of fairness" and so on, these are you know, of course, more heart is we need to explore and summarize.Like other job, the work of counselors and no end, there is no best, only better.
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