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Analysis of Multi-National Corporation's strategic adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure in Jiangsu Province

Author: QinJianBin ZhaoGuangRui From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-09 16:04:22 Read:
[Keywords] Multi-National Corporation   strategic adjustment of industrial upgrading; Jiangsu
[Abstract] 3O year after reform and opening up, China's economic development has entered a new stage, the Multi-National Corporation's strategy in China will face many adjustments, this also is the opportunity for many areas is a challenge.This paper examines the Multi-National Corporation in China market strategy, regional strategy and value chain system adjustment, analysis of the impact of the adjustment of the industrial structure of Jiangsu.SWOT analysis of various factors and then to Jiangsu industrial structure upgrade, and on this basis, put forward to promote the upgrading of the industrial structure of Jiangsu province policy recommendations.
Multi-National Corporation grow with each passing day in global importance, one of the main reasons is the technical advantage.According to estimates, to the late twentieth Century 9O years, Multi-National Corporation holds more than 85% of global technology development, technology flow in the world, more and more rely on the Multi-National Corporation as carrier, therefore, strategic investment attracting Multi-National Corporation is the inevitable choice to accelerate the economic development and technological progress of each area.
Long-term since, our country has always been one of the largest foreign investment among developing countries, China economist for a lot of research on Multi-National Corporation investment strategy in china.Zhao Jinghua (2007), through the survey found that the Multi-National Corporation in the Hua Zi company's overall strategy and function strategy have undergone significant changes, investment and profit orientation enhancement, merger and acquisition and alliance activities to increase.Liang Junfang (2006), Yu law (2005), of the Multi-National Corporation in China R & D localization is studied, and put forward some relevant policy suggestions.Huang Xiaoling (2003), Cui Xinjian (2003) from the eastern and western regions of China in accordance with the different to analyze the relationship with the Multi-National Corporation direct investment.These scholars recognize the Multi-National Corporation's strategy in the continuous adjustment, and analyzed the macro side many.But few scholars from the industrial structure adjustment of Multi-National Corporation's overall strategy and the eastern region upgrade with perspective, this article will from the angle of the combination of the two to study.
l of Multi-National Corporation in China strategic adjustment of
Since the reform and opening up, has experienced 3 stages of China's utilization of foreign investment, as shown in figure 1.(1) the reform and opening up to the end of 1991; (2) from 1992 to 2001; (3) since 2002.Especially in the third stages, with China's accession to the WTO, China's manufacturing centers in the world's position be established and consolidated.Although the decline of international global foreign direct investment greatly 3 years ago at the beginning of the new century, but China's foreign direct investment is still maintained rapid growth momentum, and strengthen the investment tool related services, development degree, continuously improve the quality of the direct investment of Multi-National Corporation.

From the Multi-National Corporation perspective, the 3 stages of China's utilization of foreign capital can be respectively correspond to the Multi-National Corporation in the learning stage, development stage and the overall optimization stage.Every stage of the Multi-National Corporation to meet task oriented l was different, as shown in figure 2.

Corresponding to the task orientation is different, there are great differences between the Multi-National Corporation operating strategy, the goal is in an increasingly complex environment, from the global market and the distribution of resources, improve the competitive ability, and enhance the competitive position, to achieve the maximum overall interests.The relationship of this paper is to discuss the theme -- Multi-National Corporation strategy adjustment and the host of a regional industrial layout based on, this paper mainly on Multi-National Corporation in China's market strategy, location strategy and value chain of the adjustment system analysis.
1.1 market strategy adjustment
Potter (MichaelE.Porter) in the "competitive strategy" in one book, the enterprise marketing strategy is divided into three kinds: overall cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy and focus strategy.The 3 strategy Potter summed it up is for the medium and small enterprises of all concerned, for Multi-National Corporation, in different stages, and the market will take a different strategy, is the comprehensive use of 3 kinds of strategy.But with the changing economic environment, for every different emphases to the.
In China's reform and opening up the first and two stage, the majority of Multi-National Corporation in China is the pursuit of the overall cost leadership strategy.But with the development of our national economy, especially in 2003, China's per capita GDP of more than $10130 in 2006, and more than $2000, according to the classification standard of World Bank, China has been from the low-income countries into the ranks of middle income countries.So, the Multi-National Corporation marketing strategy to differentiation and designed to strategic change, and is more suitable for our market.Its symbol is more Multi-National Corporation to set up R & D department in China, and enhance the technical content of investment in china.
1.2 regional strategic adjustment
Regional strategy is the Multi-National Corporation from the overall profit own consideration and selection of production, assembly, such as research and development of geographical strategy.Multi-National Corporation's regional strategy from the following 5 aspects to consider: labor costs, raw material supply, market position and market potential, trade barriers, government policy.These 5 factors may exist regional advantages and potential foreign investors form attraction.Conversely, the elimination of its geographical advantage may prompt the investors to withdraw and to other places.
Preferential investment policies, cheap labor resources, huge consumer market, coupled with the eastern part of our country better economic base, abundant resources, so Multi-National Corporation the earliest investment locations are in the eastern region.But as China's economic development, especially in the 2l century, China has successively promulgated the policy of western development strategy, the revitalization of the old industrial base of the rise of central, Eastern, originally Eastern policy advantage has disappeared.At the same time, the eastern coastal especially along the southeast coast of the rising labor costs, many industrial development encounters bottleneck.All this shows that many parts of eastern China has lost attract low levels of Multi-National Corporation investment advantages, many Multi-National Corporation original will also carry out strategic adjustment.
Therefore, when the Multi-National Corporation in China's development of third phase, those who pay attention to cost advantages of enterprises began to "North west".And with the economy of Southeast Asia gradually mature, many labor-intensive enterprises have also begun to enterprises will be moved to Southeast Asia.Jiangsu Province as the eastern coastal provinces, through development of nearly 3O years, the future no longer have the labor-intensive industry advantage, the original some labor-intensive industry will face further regional adjustment challenges.And if the region of interest of the transfer, the pursuit of quantity increase, the best opportunity will only deprive Jiangsu of industrial structure adjustment.On the other hand, the Multi-National Corporation to find a suitable location in China began to develop, service department, this should become the focus of future foreign investment in Jiangsu.
1.3 value chain system adjustment
The so-called value chain system is considered from the nature of an enterprise, the enterprise is a collection of integrated design, production, sales, delivery and management activities, the value creation process can be decomposed into a series of separate but interconnected value-added activities, sum constitutes a "value system".Each management activity is a "value system" in the "value chain": the supplier value chain, enterprise value chain, sales channel value chain, the value chain.
Multi-National Corporation in China in the first, the two stage, mainly for product outsourcing, is the value chain system of the supplier value chain transfer to china.But in the third stage, the Multi-National Corporation began more R & D centers in China, partly because of a large number of high-quality talent in China, can reduce the development cost, on the other hand, is the development of products more suitable for Chinese consumer tastes.So, the Multi-National Corporation based on transfer assembly process in manufacturing value chain to China, began to service links in manufacturing value chain, such as strategic consulting and management, research and development, product design, marketing, financial services to China, which brought into high quality FDI.
Jiangsu Province in the investment, pay attention to attract large international Multi-National Corporation in.Has attracted the attention of many high quality direct investment, but more is still belongs to the product supplier value chain system, to improve the industrial structure of Jiangsu limited.If you want to upgrade the overall industrial structure in Jiangsu, to attract international value chain system of higher level in Jiangsu.It has a strong manufacturing base in Jiangsu will be a good opportunity for development.
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