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Analysis of the the embordiment and the countermeasures of the the current commercial the risks of banks

Author: YangZuoZhong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-09 15:30:09 Read:
Commercial banks self-the the from the date of of the birth of, risk on the the accompanying hand in hand. With the the the the diversification of of the commercial banking business and operating the internationalization of, the its risk is also showing a the the characteristics of of the complex and changeable. From the a object point of view, the the risk's grown from a single the development of exposure to credit risk become the the, including credit risk, market phoenix insurance, the operation phoenix & Casualty, the risk of moral hazard, environmental risks, and and so on on,, including the multi-types of risk; from the the the nature of point of view, from the initial the local risk evolved into a global risk. The risk exists in both the commercial banking business of the every a of links among, the its the process of to provision of financial services also is to to fulfill their obligations thereunder and undertake to the the process of of the control risk.
First, the in the the meaning of of the commercial banks risk management and its manifestations
1. The the meaning of of the risk management of the commercial banks
Post the so-called reserves for phoenix insurance, is refers to the to the all age of a for some kind of of the adversely event or losses of the occurring the sum of the possible situations is the possibility of that, is the a event is generated the We can does not the consequences of of the hope of the. Therefore, the the risk can be expressed a function of the for the event the probability of occurrence and its the consequences of: phoenix and casualty insurance R a f (p, c), where P the probability of occurrence for the event, c is the the the consequences of incident occurred at of the.
The risk management is a to refers to the economic units through the risk identification, risk assessment, a our phoenix and casualty insurance evaluation, the implementation of of effective control and the properly handle the the the losses caused by by the phoenix and casualty insurance on the the risk the hope of achieving in order to the the be to obtain at a the smallest cost the maximum safety and security of of the management activities. Risk management is a a continual behavior, rather than a on a regular basis the process of, risk management arise from a a series of of get a related strategy to recognized as of the.
The risk management is a the the one of the the core of of of the of modern commercial banks operation and management. In recent years, the philosophy, system and technical methods of the the of risk management of the commercial banks have been the the great importance to and development of of the an unprecedented level of the, greatly enhancing the the competitiveness of of the commercial banks in the the in the the market of risk is increasingly to increase the.
The of commercial banks risk management is a the refers to the The congregate commercial banks for the realization of its-effective sexual, and are very safe sexual, the fluidity of of the business objectives, coordination and specification the the overall of the commercial banks, various functional departments and internal all levels of staff to Bank Operation and with the the the-China relations with the behavior of the management activities, mutual Contact with the constraints the system of, the organization, measures, methods, and procedures the sum of the, its weight is risk control system. According to the the definition of, the The author thinks, that the the Commercial banks should establish with the to the Bank's nature of their operations and, scale and complexity the degree of-phase adapt to, improve the, and reliable market phoenix insurance management system.
The market phoenix insurance management system should include the the the effective monitoring and control of the the following-a few basic elements: the Board of Directors and the senior management of of the. Perfect market risk management policies and procedures; perfect market risk identification, metering, monitoring and control procedures; perfect internal control and independent external audit system.
2. The of the specific decay of the commercial bank risk the present
(1) Market risk. Mainly refers to the due to the accidents occurrence of to market, so that the enterprises are unable to to commercial banks brought about by for the press the the the originally scheduled sales of products of the plan, while the repayment risk. Generated by, we main reasons are: First, the the mistaken forecast of, and second, is the emergence of new alternatives, thus lead to the sales plan of enterprises come to nothing, the chain of funds fracture.
(2) credit risk. Credit phoenix & Casualty is the the the traditional risk of the commercial banks, ie, borrowings people may differ from one location to another and may change because they can not payment of interest, can not repay the any money so borrowed in arrears in while the payment of loans, resulting in loan loss, thereby to commercial banks pose a risk to loss.
(3) risk management dispersed, and the various business departments their own way, separately management. Due to the the reasons for of the management system, institutional settings and and other aspects, risk management departments have failed to commanding the whole the the work of all the risks management, For the dispersed in the the the risk of management of the various departments did not play a the inspection and supervisory role vis-, can only be to allow of various departments to live on their own, self-contained .
(4) the ex ante risk prevention and the early-warning mechanism has not yet been established, failed to give full play to the risk management department "weather station" the role of. Due to the the reasons for of the management system, technical conditions and, as well as the quality of personnel and and other aspects, commercial banks For ex ante wind, subject to the-Built work of God, seems to be rather is weak, the same time, the early-warning mechanism also has failed to effectively built up, and can not carry out effective control.
(5) phoenix risk management backward means of. Many commercial banks do not maintain are and incorporate specialized risk monitoring and warning systems, "drawing our communities together. On the the the guard against of of the early-stage venture is still is a blank, in particular, that might arise or fraud behavior more is powerless to do anything about, monitoring of the the risk of just stay in the the on the the review of of the on the financial statements.
(6) unfair an interference by the executive in the risk of of the caused by. First, the manifested as is should not have the conduct of of the intervention the intervention of; Second, is ex ante Some people-intervention, and afterwards no one intervention, commercial banks is in the dilemma of of the riding a tiger.
(7) environment phoenix insurance. Of environmental risk refers to the risk that is a commercial bank in the the its activities the whole of nature, the law, regulatory, the political and circumstances of society as to commercial banks caused by the possibility of of the risk.
(8) the risk. Of Conduct for The behavior risk is the risk that the the acetabular of high-rise management personnel of the commercial banks the the management of faced by the challenges of nuclear. Due to make mistakes, the employees will while the to commercial banks cause losses to, representing an dangerous and more difficult to to guard against of the is the the error thereby suffer a pecuniary by the employees out of well-intentioned.
Second, the the the principle of of the risk management of the commercial banks
1. The principle of comprehensiveness. That risk management should be be in the the a comprehensive collection of the on the basis of of related information, the consolidated the all of the information to build management.
2 the. Systemic lupus principles of. Risk management should be carried out on the the in the analysis of of the the basis of of the overall risk and operating conditions of as well as risk development trend of of the commercial banks.
3. Continuing sexual the original Pui of. Risk management can not be intermittent, must be sustained and continue to carry out.
4. The principle of prudence. Should be follow the prudent management of the principle of, in order to a prudent management of the requirements of as the basis, the effective an identified the presence of commercial banks that or potential the risk of.
Third, the commercial bank risk identify and deal with
Commercial banks are the an operational Currency and special enterprises, its risks are limited by to the the constraints of of Economic and larger environment and enterprise risk, Therefore the commercial banks risk management runs through the As at the always of the entire the course of business of the.
1. The risk identification process
Generally speaking, commercial banks risk management process is divided into three stages, namely risk identification, risk assessment, risk treatment. These three stages there are a the intrinsic the logical relationship, people only in the generated of risk type and the on the basis of of the for There are a correct understanding of of the reasons, in order to on the the the size of the risk to to make a more the correct assessment of, and its processing it it good.
2, risk processing method
Regardless of is to identify the risk is still assess the risks, are not the the ultimate goal of of the risk management, you must into the the the stages of processing and of the human risk. The risk processing is for a on the different kinds of, the the risk of of different the probability and scale of, takes a pre-set action accordingly. Of the measures or ways to make the the impact of of the risk loss operates as a on commercial banks in is reduced to the lowest degree. This depends on the the risk identification and the the the accuracy of the of the risk assessment. (1) risk retention, refers to the the the commercial banks in order to the the future of their own financial resources the burden of possible the risk of loss, including bear the the risk of risks and of self-protection.
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