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Problems and Countermeasures of performance appraisal of state-owned enterprises

Author: YaoKunZhen From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-09 14:38:58 Read:
Abstract: in this paper, according to the actual conditions, puts forward the existing problem of the performance evaluation of state-owned enterprises, analyzes the causes of the problem.Research on the countermeasures to solve the problem.
Key words: state-owned enterprises; performance appraisal; problems in a timely manner.

Performance appraisal is for each employee to undertake the enterprise work, method of application of various scientific qualitative and quantitative assessment, actual effect on employee's behavior and its contribution to the enterprise value, is the key content of enterprise's personnel management, is one of the powerful means of enterprise.Its biggest characteristic, is the strategic objective of performance and individual enterprise overall combination, implement the strategy system of enterprises to everyone, many managers regard it as an important means of solving the problem of state-owned enterprise.

1 performance evaluation obtained during the actual operation of state-owned enterprises in the effect is not obvious and

The unit is a large state-owned power construction enterprise, the company's existing staff of 3400 people.The project 10, project 22, the Ministry of room 20.Due to the recession, low income, employment mechanism and incentive is weak, resulting in serious brain drain in state-owned enterprises, the common problem: the staff structure more prominent contradiction.Total staff number.Professional talent less, some management, service post substantial overcrowding.The most difficult area and production line job vacancy, various phenomena cause parts of employees work for any weak, not strong sense of responsibility, work standards are not high, the work initiative is not enough, earnings, safety, quality can not be guaranteed.With the development of power market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the competition by project profit greatly reduced, the survival of the enterprise is facing a huge challenge.In this case, the company introduced the performance evaluation, the goal management as the core, with immediate evaluation method of the performance appraisal system, make the performance management objectives to strengthen the incentive mechanism, established the evaluation results of performance assessment and employee income.The establishment of the responsibility mechanism, formed the basic system of enterprises responsible for the close combination of human performance appraisal and employee performance management, carry out through the implementation of the system, promote the management, the normal operation of construction work, preliminary make the strategic objectives of the company, the annual performance targets and key tasks to each department, project department and professional engineering department.The company operating performance been upgrading, and the accumulation of management experience.

There are 2 performance evaluation problem of

Propaganda and mobilization is not in place in the
Performance appraisal management, ideas guiding people and idea change as the premise, the state-owned enterprises, management concept is relatively backward, on the importance of performance management has a superficial understanding, that performance management is only used to manage employee tool enterprise.The purpose is to carry out the salary distribution, therefore, only to rush, rush, copy method, system and implementation, ignored the evaluation scheme of propaganda, not the purpose and significance of this work is to convey to the workers, the workers think this work is the enterprise to the staff wielding sticks, led to the emergence of some misunderstandings, even.
2.2 assessment system is not complete, not unified
Due to the management of state-owned enterprises staff complex, branch, project department, the production process is different, each made their own assessment methods, moreover the copy of other enterprises assessment mode, no and its own reality, there is no uniform standard, make the evaluation system was dismembered, difficult to integrate, and bring many disadvantages.First.Department of different bring assessment scale, affected the unity of the examination system.Secondly, the management department performance appraisal index too coarse, specific work too generalization and workers engaged in the little relevance.Again, professional engineering department, project Department of the blind pursuit of quantity, only examine quantitative indicators, not quantitative indicators are not as a important indicator is removed.
2.3 assessment methods are not flexible, lack of timeliness of
In the evaluation method is single, attendance fingerprint attendance system, in charge of the leadership of quarterly review system is the main method of performance evaluation, it is difficult to conduct a comprehensive study of the employees in the enterprise operation process, some two units to cope with the higher level examination for the purpose, not really establish incentive mechanism consistent with income and performance, attendance is not output phenomenon meet the eye everywhere, leading to the distortion evaluation.
2.4 examination results due to the lack of stimulation of
The unit's performance appraisal system reduces the usability evaluation results to a great extent, the assessment results are divided into A, B, C, D, E 5 grade; grade proportion is the total number of employees 10%, unit 30%, 40%, 10%, 10%; 1.2, 1.1, standard 1, 0.9, 0.8, assessment method is in the "not because you do not work hard, but because people work harder" than your gentle slogan, results: the first is to encourage the unprincipled "wishy-washy" type of good person creed, everyone out or rotation, so that the performance evaluation becomes a mere formality, hit the enthusiasm high performance employees, contributing to low grade staff not begged aspirant vices, secondly is easy to cause department leader subjective impression and personal likes and dislikes to evaluate subordinates.So that the tension in relations between cadres and the masses, assessment of loss of "justice,".Thus, the "old big, erecting a new rice pot, equalitarianism.Leaders say "and other negative emotions.

3 improve the performance evaluation results of

3.1 to improve the understanding of
employee performance appraisal
State-owned enterprise employees of the previous long-term form of management concept has profound memory, the introduction of a new concept of management needs to have a longer adaptation process, therefore, the state-owned enterprises to make use of the ideological and political work and promote the resources advantage, to change employee ideas.Definition of performance appraisal: performance appraisal is according to a certain standard, adopting the scientific method, fulfillment of the inspection and evaluation organization of employees on their duties, to determine an effective management approach to its work performance.In particular, is the company's strategic target, the annual performance targets and key work is decomposed into various business units, down to every post, layers of implementation of leading cadres, management personnel, professional responsibility, to ensure that the performance management level, not a neutral.The performance evaluation results and employee salary and post adjustment hook.Completely solve the unreasonable distribution of on-the-job, off-duty egalitarianism and mess, solve more or less the same, equalitarianism phenomenon, let the work performance of outstanding employees get more rewards and incentives from the enterprise, the assessment results and performance of the wage distribution to key positions, responsibility, to contribute personnel tilt, and employee occupation career development channel and other aspects of the hook.Form a good environmental performance assessment concern of everyone, everyone pay attention to performance, so that employees win-win and harmonious development.3.2 to improve the performance appraisal system of
Appraisal system is objectively, seek truth from facts to find, appraise each staff's strengths and weaknesses, to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, continuous improvement and the purpose of improving performance.And eventually realize the common development of employees and enterprises.Therefore must sort out the company's Department, engineering department, project department various appraisal system coexist, the establishment of a unified evaluation standard and perfect index system.Firstly, according to the power system, personnel allocation, posts, job requirements, from the organization, staffing, job specification, preparation of job responsibilities and objectives, from every link of the new carding performance appraisal.Solid job foundation.Secondly, the company should be centralized management clear performance appraisal work, each department, engineering department, project department were the development of performance assessment approach unity to the human resources department, using the past congresses of workers and staff in the form of fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of employees, eliminate the difference between different units of different scales, different standards, to further strengthen and improve the original index system.At the same time to improve the examination system and the establishment of should be closely combined with the actual situation of production and operation.The production and business operation is the effective carrier of performance management, from the central work units, performance management has become passive water, air, to seize the unit key work target and key link, quantization, refinement to every employee's performance assessment, a clear distinction between evaluation index weight compared to ask, should also be concise, easy to operate, reduce the workload evaluation organizers.
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