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On the professional development of Teacher Education Standards

Author: QiPing WuJinChang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-09 11:23:42 Read:

Abstract: teacher professional development has become the trend of internationalization, but our teacher occupation from the teachers' professional in the real sense still has a long way to go.The gap is that we did not make the teacher professional standards, norms so. Make teacher professional standards and professional autonomy is the key to the professional development of teachers.Based on the characteristics of teacher occupation, we can clear, teacher professional irreplaceable embodied in Teachers' professional spirit and professional ability. Teachers' professional spirit and professional ability is the core elements of teacher professional standards.
Keywords: the teacher professional development; teacher; professional spirit; professional ability of

A, teachers' professional development is the inevitable development of the times and

Differentiation of science and technology progress of knowledge, science makes more and more social occupation than ever need to update more professional knowledge and more skills, more specialized, "judge and laymen cannot challenge the professional technology, the irreplaceable nature of many social occupation development as a" special occupation "requiring advanced education and special training, so the social occupation specialization will become an important trend and characteristics of the times in twenty-first Century.Today's education has become an important way of human resources in the modern society development, "on the one hand to pay attention to every child, let every child to succeed" philosophy of education, requires the teachers to understand students ability, character and personality, to develop their creative potential, to help every child development to realize their dream the teachers, which makes the work more and more full of various creative needs; on the other hand, in promoting the development of modern cognitive science, information science, the teacher's work is becoming more and more complicated, "mind" activity with high content of situation.So the modern teacher's work has its own unique occupation characteristics and irreplaceable, become highly complex and highly creative professional activities, the development trend of teacher professionalization has become the inevitable development of the times.
two, the establishment of teacher professional standards and professional autonomy is the key to the professional development of teachers in
What is the professional occupation, from experts and scholars at home and abroad is discussed, mainly includes the following several points: first, the professional is a sophisticated system, highly specialized knowledge and skills as the basis.Second, can not be replaced, practitioners must system through learning and training long and through strict examination to obtain professional qualifications.Third, a clear, specific, norms of professional standards, monopoly of the social necessary work, enjoy high social status and autonomy.Thinking about our teacher occupation why still did not achieve the teacher in the true sense, the author thinks that the main reason is: the first two conditions have been reached, but the third conditions are not available.China's 1994 January implementation of the "Education Law" stipulates: "the teacher is to fulfill the duty of teaching professionals."Professional legal status of teachers' work was determined, but not on the teachers' professional development standards stipulate.Because the characteristics of teachers' work, implicit education effect and hysteresis, teachers work difficult to measure, the decision of the educational process is a process of slow influence character by environment.In addition to the subjective initiative of the effectiveness of education greatly is inseparable from the students, not like a doctor, lawyer treatment on patient treatment of the case that often to get instant results, therefore to set clear, specific, normative standards for teachers than rules like doctors, engineers and other technical and practical strong professional standards difficult, but it can also understand from opposite side: because teachers than other professional work more complex, more difficult, the process has more uncertainty, so the teacher professional than other professional requirements higher, a higher degree of specialization?
Teachers must establish their own professional standards and professional development of the autonomy, can form the monopoly of the market, obtain higher social status.But now the situation is, the majority of teachers in classroom teaching while possess the necessary professional knowledge and professional skills, but because of their lack of decision-making power in teaching organization, such as the compilation and teaching material option, standard and the evaluation method of evaluation of options, day in and day out to provide only in the education theory of formal teaching technique according to a fixed procedure teaching.They always bustling about, think never relationship to their work objectives and values, education and social background, carries on the standard and the design of their career as a teacher.Failed to reflect and study to arouse the awakening of self-awareness, lack of independent occupation judgment and promote their own professional development attitude and ability, so it is difficult to establish a clear professional consciousness, it is difficult to seize the opportunity to promote their professional development.
In view of the above reasons, there are many issues worthy of research in our country teacher professional road, need to practice and explore further.As soon as possible to formulate the quality standard of teacher professional development in our own country, and in the form of law in its authority, guarantee the implementation, is a pressing matter of the moment to realize the professional development of teachers.
three, the professional spirit of teachers and professional ability is the core elements of professional standards for teachers in the
Teacher professional development is that teachers with their professional spirit, professional theory and practice knowledge, professional skills training, improve and perfect based professional development, professional maturity process, is the process from non professional staff to professional staff.On Teachers' professional development standards related to the aim of teacher education professional development, teachers should meet the professional knowledge, professional ability and professional quality standard, occupation ethics and the professional spirit of teachers etc..Teachers' professional need to double major (i.e. the teaching profession, professional knowledge and ability and education).Subject reflects the academic, university education is also available.While the teacher is different from other students, teachers of special education is the knowledge of education and teaching practice, knowledge, teaching ability and wisdom and self learning, research and reflective consciousness and ability, teachers' professional irreplaceable also set is embodied in this.It has characteristics of teachers professional occupation ability will become the core elements of the standards for the professional development of teachers.The teacher's work is the education theory of knowledge through teaching practice into their application knowledge to students personality development, cultivate the students, and the difference of generative teaching situation and uncertainty, the individuality of the students and the subjective initiative of different stimulating education effect of implicit and lag, the decision of the teachers the selfless and hard work.The ideal into practice, not only need the knowledge and ability, also need to will and belief, teachers should give attention to the education of students in understanding and love.Teachers' pursuit of their lofty mission and its own unique spiritual quality, determines the teacher is not only a technical professional, but also the "ideal type" professional.So in the teacher professional development standards, should be higher than other professional more emphasis on the professional spirit, whether the teachers with professional spirit is an important standard of teacher professional development.As recent research points out "the novice teachers to become excellent teachers, not their knowledge and methods, but teachers hold on, their students, their purpose, intention and the task of teaching beliefs; teacher education is reflected in the educational practice in the wit and his ability of critical reflection.'' so to sum up, the author thinks, professionalism and teacher's education teaching professional teachers' professional ability is irreplaceable and independent existence value key occupation characteristics, basis and direction is the professional development of teachers.So in many standards about the professional development of teachers, this article only on the professional spirit of teachers and teachers' professional competence to do a study.
The professional spirit of teachers is that teachers should possess in engaged in education and teaching of specific ideals and moral quality, as well as the characteristics of the occupation, occupation and occupation attitude with style.It consists of the realization of self-worth, the awakening of self-awareness, devotion dedication sense of responsibility, sense of mission, specific pragmatic, painstaking research attitude, self learning, self thinking, the pursuit of professional development of self-discipline.Cultivation of teacher's professional spirit should track initiative followed by the work of teachers professional interest in positive achievement motivation and a sense of responsibility a devout dedication dedication to pursue professional development this step by step.Want to become a teacher of the first people to interested in the teacher occupation, interest is a person engaged in the work force.With interest will be a positive attitude, to be willing, diligently diligently, to achieve "success education joy".Education must take the interest as the foundation, will be happy.With the success and joy of education, will promote the educational value of work, sense of responsibility will arise spontaneously.A responsible teacher to devout dedication spirit, to work, responsible for the students, on their own, to pursue greater success in career, can take the initiative to the professional development of achievement motivation in driving the machine
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