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Methods -- Based on an analysis of the low carbon economy and upgrading of China's industrial structure

Author: LiangPing HanLi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-09 09:19:16 Read:
[Key words] industrial structure upgrading low carbon economy
[Abstract] based on the analysis of the current situation of China's industrial structure, the upgrading of the industrial structure in the past one one different ideas of developing low carbon economy promotes the upgrading of industrial structure in china.Low carbon economy as a new economic development mode, advocate low consumption, low emission, focusing on energy conservation, optimize the industrial structure, strengthening ecological protection and construction as the focus.These ideas are proposed and applied to China's industrial structure upgrading and transformation provides a good opportunity, based on a comprehensive interpretation based on low-carbon economy, expounds the development of low carbon economy and an effective way to promote the upgrading of industrial structure in china.
, the introduction of
After the rapid development of 3O years of reform and opening up.China's GDP growth every year to run high. Good economic development trend, the national economic strength has been continuously enhanced, has now become the world's third largest economy and third largest export country. Industrialization and city is still in the rapid development, and will be in a longer period of time in the future for this rapid growth.30 years of rapid development so that we not only from the traditional "shortage economy" to the true meaning of the "buyer's market. And basically solved the problem of food and clothing 1300000000 population. In addition to foreign exchange reserves in the world, our steel production, coal production, cement production, power generation, glass production has become the world's first.
But at present, regardless of the mode of economic growth, or in the process of industrialization of the industrial structure and layout, there are excessive dependence on resources, environment, capital investment, fully utilizing but rely on low-cost labor resources and land resources. Independent innovation technology and the role of human capital shortage.Especially in the industrial structure in coastal areas, export-oriented, exogenous in this financial crisis, had hitherto unknown difficulties are full of uncertainty and change.The existing mode of China's economic development is not sustainable.China's rapid growth of energy consumption increase on imported energy (oil, natural gas and coal) dependence.Shortage of water resources, climate change caused by extreme weather has also greatly in crop production.If this trend of climate change not ease. Will seriously affect China's economic and social development.
At present our country "three high" business is more, the unit GDP energy consumption of large sewage. The destruction of the ecological balance is serious, the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions is high.The enterprise has the characteristics of industrial technology innovation ability weak industrial level is low, the enterprise overall quality is not high.China's economy is facing a series of challenges, prominently displays in: the sustainable development ability is not strong. To increase the pressure on resources and the environment, facing the new challenges of climate change: the unreasonable industrial structure, lack of capacity of independent innovation of comparative advantage of low cost of traditional weakened significantly, to form a new advantage.Low carbon economy as a new economic development mode, advocate low consumption, low emission, it is consistent with the scientific outlook on development of economic development and take the road of sustainable development requirements and provides a new and more effective way for China's industrial structure upgrading and transformation.
two, literature review
In a variety of industrial structure adjustment theory. Influence of Hirshman mainly large unbalanced two basic theory of leading sector growth theory, the theory of Rostow and Makotoshinohara Miohira.Herman's theory of unbalanced growth: that due to scarcity of resources of the developing countries, comprehensive investment and development of all department can't almost, to use the limited resources selectively into certain industries, in order to enable the limited resources to maximize the effect of promoting economic growth. This is not balanced growth.Think the leading department Rostow Theory: according to the technical standard to economic growth is divided into stages into the premise to create traditional society, to take off. Take off mature, high mass consumption. The pursuit of quality of life in six stages, and each stage of evolution is the leading industry change characteristics.Two basic theory of Makotoshinohara Miohira refers to the income elastic datum and the productivity rising datum.Income elastic datum required to accumulate on the income elasticity of large industry or sector, because these industries or sectors have broad market demand. Easy to use of economy of scale, rapidly improve profitability; productivity rising datum requirements accumulation to productivity (refers to total factor productivity) the fastest rising industry or sector. Because these industries or sector because of productivity increase quickly. The unit cost of the fastest decline in wages, under certain conditions, the industry or sector profits will rise fastest.
Zhang Junwei noted that the coming period, China will be the development of heavy industry to technology intensive knowledge intensive development stage of industry transition upgrade industries showed the following trends: industry to the high degree of processing, high value-added transformation, environmental protection industry has broad prospects for development, the rapid development of the service industry, industrial organization structure optimization. Speed up, improve the status in international division of labor.The core of Jiang Xuan research suggests the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure is to enhance the ability of innovation of science and technology and master the technology, and to have a national strategy.Jiang Hongliang's research and put forward from the low cost led the traditional industrial system. The transition to high additional value as the leading modern industrial system.
Before our country on the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure. On the first, two and three industry proportion, layout and the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure of local government relies on the local natural resources and labor resources, and the excessive pursuit of contribution to the local GDP industry. Chase related enterprises excessively high return and high profits make investment too concentrated industries. The industrial layout and adjustment when there are many unreasonable.In recent years, China's industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, and the related research on the upgrading of industrial structure in China mostly follow these theories.The previous research did not put the low carbon economy as an important basis for the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, based on the comprehensive analysis of the basis of low-carbon economic development model. As a new way to boost the transformation of China's industrial structure upgrading. To make up for the lack of previous transition upgrade industrial structure
Putting forward and development of three, a low carbon economy
In the background of low carbon economy forward. It is a severe challenge to global warming to human survival and development.In 2003 Britain first proposed the concept of low carbon economy ". Low carbon economy has gradually become the development trend of world economy. After the world economy after industrialization, informatization is to" low carbon ".Low carbon economy is characterized by low consumption, low emission based on the mode of economic development.Its essence is the pursuit of green GDP utilization, clean energy development, energy problem.The core is a fundamental change of energy and emission reduction technology innovation, industrial structure and system innovation and human survival and development, is the low carbon industry, low carbon energy, low carbon technologies and low carbon consumption, it is following the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, the information revolution, the world economy emerging revolution wave, namely low carbon revolution.Low carbon economy has become the main features of the transition from industrial civilization to ecological civilization, to become the mainstream mode of the future social and economic development and improve people's quality of life.Low carbon has two aspects of meaning is a energy consumption and carbon emissions. The declining proportion of energy structure and clean two is the unit of output requires energy consumption declining energy utilization efficiency is increased.Process continuously improve the low carbonization process is carbon productivity.Scientific outlook on development requirements to adhere to the people-oriented, establishing comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable development view "to promote the overall development of economic society and people. The reform and development of various undertakings according to promote urban and rural development, regional development, and economic and social development, the harmonious development between human and nature, and domestic development and opening to the outside world" requirements.The scientific outlook on development and has been written into the party constitution, as the guiding ideology of our party and our country development.The development of low carbon economy in accordance with the requirements of scientific outlook on development and practice of scientific outlook on development and the inevitable requirement.
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