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Discussion on our country commercial bank risk causes

Author: ChenBaiJun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-09 05:03:53 Read:

Abstract: due to historical reasons, the commercial bank growth period is not too long, guard against the risks of ability and experience is weak.The deep root of commercial bank risk generated, mainly by the property right arrangement decision governance structure, fuzzy principal-agent relationship; external causes of formation, the organization system of "big bank" shall be the administrative style.This paper summarizes the risks of Commercial Bank of our country outstanding performance, and gives the countermeasures.
Keywords thesis: commercial banks, corporate governance, risk analysis
Analysis of , our country commercial bank risk
1, the system is not perfect and
Commercial bank system is not perfect cause legal risk.On the one hand, the laws and regulations are not perfect.With the law of the people's Bank of China "," commercial bank law "," negotiable instruments law "," guarantee law and "general loans such as the" four law '"promulgated, the financial industry has entered a virtuous track management according to law and business.However, a lot of normative documents are still pretty much content did not conform with the international standard, also did not meet the requirements of risk management present situation, unsystematic make commercial bank internal risk of losing soundness.In addition, the lack of reward and punishment provisions of rewards and punishment system, there is no clear penalties for violation of discipline personnel.As for many years to the credit loan risk loss how to deal with no rules, the responsibility, right, Lee gap.On the other hand, low autonomy behavior system implementation and the illegal acts of violation of discipline and fatigue, make the problem spreads, illegal not investigate and a chapter to follow the internal control of commercial banks out of the seriousness and operability.For example, the proportion of assets and liabilities management system and risk management system is the "commercial bank law" repeatedly emphasized and requirements, but as a result of the system in theory too far ahead, from the basic situation of the commercial bank asset quality is not high, unable to operate in the actual implementation process.In addition, the employees, especially the soft constraints on the leadership behavior.A few out of president responsibility system is actually the power but no responsibility, which contributed to a power, also makes the control system become the tools of leadership behavior.
2, property rights system is not scientific
China's commercial banks are mostly by the state investment, property right is the main body of the country, but the risk of the main body is not clear, the dummy, property serious internal control, almost no country status.Due to the current system of property rights and governance structure, China commercial banks has not been effectively implemented the separation of ownership and management, there are still a lot of policy sex business and administrative intervention, so that the top management bank (board of directors) no, can't assume risk responsibility, finally only by the state instead of banks financial risk responsibility.For example, Guangdong International Trust Investment Company because of serious default of 14600000000 yuan, cannot pay the due huge foreign debt, bankruptcy and closure, which not only bring enterprise huge losses, and even bring a heavy burden.
3, human resources management and
In our country, the benefit of the majority of bank stakeholders, especially the stakeholders of state-owned commercial banks, the national credit bank credit with confusion, think bank is the country, the national bank guarantee, there can't be any risk.This explains why the state-owned commercial banks in our country disclosed a severe shortage of capital, there are a lot of bad assets, savings are still growing.In addition, the internal employees of commercial banks is a sense of "economic man", they use and the system work in the implementation of the weak link, regardless of national law, theft of bank funds to meet the desires, causing huge economic losses to the state.While the bank managers of this kind of phenomenon is not found timely treatment, there was no effective countermeasures to prevent, resulting in being serious with business phenomenon of commercial bank personnel management, is not conducive to the development of.
, two countermeasures to perfect the governance mechanism of commercial Banking Company
Good corporate governance structure is the foundation of commercial bank risk, is the basic guarantee of good, harmonious financial ecological environment, is the key to better development space of the commercial bank to win.
1, the commercial bank should clear property rights
Commercial banks should be clear property rights, perfecting the ownership structure, the development of property rights system single to diversified ownership structure.The best way to solve the ownership problem is a share-holding system, and the main task of share-holding system is to solve the shareholding system reform and the "dominance" problem, straighten out property rights relations, fostering ownership subject in various forms, realizing diversification of equity stakes in banks.In addition, to expand and upgrade the members of the supervisory board, the expansion board of supervisors rights, clear the board of supervisors of the key, formulate rules and regulations to ensure that the board of supervisors of the right to know, the supervisor qualification system, corporate governance of China's commercial bank structure fundamentally perfect.
2, commercial banks need to increase the intensity of information disclosure, improve the information disclosure system of
The system of information disclosure is the supervision of the international commercial bank's practice, can reduce systemic risk of banks by the survival of the fittest mode.But the implementation of effective information disclosure, accounting principle must be to Prudential for the premise, to ensure that the statistical data and the statistics of the compliance, accuracy, timeliness, consistency.Therefore, commercial banks should strengthen transparency construction, timely disclosure of information to the stakeholders may have a substantial impact decision-making, ensure timely, accurate, comprehensive disclosure, and accept public supervision.
3, the commercial bank development and cultivation of human resources, enterprise culture and
Construction of the appointment mechanism of scientific, administrative and change the present situation of our manager personnel recruitment, appraisal and incentive and restraint means, exploit the market competition mechanism, establish a diversified, independent, objective and fair manager class evaluation system.In addition, to speed up the construction of external environment, including: strengthen financial legal construction, establish and improve relevant laws and regulations, such as "commercial bank law", allow commercial banks to carry out comprehensive management of joint-stock reform and to some extent, the central bank regulation and supervision norms of behavior of heavy, change the administrative leadership and management mode is based on the market the board of directors appointment, really play the role of board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders; strengthen industry self-discipline supervision, supervision and strengthen the introduction of law firms, accounting firms, rating agencies and other intermediary institutions, and ensure the authenticity of the financial situation of commercial bank.
4, a commercial bank shall establish incentive constraint on the executive efficiency and perfect and balance mechanism of
A sound incentive and restraint mechanisms are the basic characteristics of corporate governance, is the objective needs to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of human resources.Firstly, according to the administration of the selection and appraisal system, commercial banks must establish the selection and appraisal system and performance evaluation system of market, the real pay linked to performance.Secondly, to have a diverse incentive mechanism arrangement.Specific include: economic interest incentive, incentive for capital returns, namely the salary system (post salary ten year-end bonus ten option ten ten post consumer welfare rights and status); incentive; corporate culture incentive, the main task is through employee shareholding, managers share rights, options and other financial instruments portfolio managers and the unification of the long-term interests, performance evaluation to the objective.Thirdly, establishing and perfecting the mechanism of balance of power supervision and restraint mechanisms.In the general meeting of shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors and senior management is established between the separation of powers and checks and balances, interaction and cooperation mechanism, strengthen the board control on manager layer, the accountability of all levels of management and employees, clearly the rights and responsibilities.
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